Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation The Borstal Parts 5, 6 and 7

Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation

The Borstal Parts 5, 6 and 7

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The storylines for the three videos in this57.27 minute compilation are as follows


Discipline at Rainsford Borstal is strictly maintained and bullying of any sort will not be tolerated. However there are some young inmates who need reminding of this fact and it wasn’t long before Granger (Darren) was one of them. He was in bad mood having been put on cleaning duties and decided to take it out on anther boy doing craft work in the workshop.

His senior officer, Mr Sharpe, never took kindly to bullies and sent Granger off to fetch his willow birch. With the boy he assaulted looking on Mr Sharpe orders Granger to strip off his shorts and pants and bend over the Worksop stool. He’s going to get a good stinging whipping with his victim looking on. The willow birch is a painful deliverer of discipline, its combined whippy switches are very effective. Granger can only hiss through his teeth as the instrument cuts painfully in to his well rounded muscular bare bottom. That’s just the first part, an example need making here that other would be bullies will take note of.

Granger is ordered to kneel on the stool. Now on top of the burning willow birch stripes a good spanking will now be laid on. This strapping young lad feels humiliated enough with his victim looking on but now he must push out his bare backside in full view for more punishment. He’s certainly not having the last laugh this time.

Junior boy Kelly (Justin Maher) is a cheeky thorn in the side of his officer (Johann Volny) He is perpetually in trouble and Mr Volny had decided its time to teach him a lesson. This naughty little boy is going to get a bare bottom spanking mounted high up over his officers knee.
The spanking stings well enough and soon has Kelly growling and squirming about. This time however his officer won’t let the various misdemeanour’s go without a good dose of the strap. Mr Volny is well prepared for this and orders the boy to lie face down on the bench. He lays on a few licks with the strap but the boy just doesn’t keep his bare bottom raised properly. A ginger feage is needed and its already to hand. Kelly soon feels the burning sensation of fresh ginger as the juice makes contact with his sensitive anus. Now the boy is much more attentive. The scorching strap and burning ginger combine to make the punishment a far more exquisite experience.


Discipline is being steadily maintained as it always has at Rainsford Borstal. The Assistant Governor and his warders always know when it is time not to spare the rod. Today two lads have got themselves on the wrong side of their superiors and they’re going to feel the firm hand of authority, right where it hurts most.

Trainee Chase (new StingLad Clyde Walton) is reporting to his section officer (James Holt) This muscular young officer can be pushed just so far but young Chase has crossed the line. He is firmly ordered to drop his shorts down, the boy is then taken up high on the offers leg. The stinging spanking begins and will continue through to the boys bottom being bared and then finally taken over the knee.

Standing facing the wall furiously rubbing his red scorched cheeks young Chase is hoping it’ll end there. No such luck the officer has already picked up his brown leather belt! Now the boy must go over the back of a chair and feel those fiery bands lash in to his already well spanked red rear!

Entering the Assistant Governors office is trainee Garrick (new StingLad Bob Stone) he too has crossed the line and now will face the music. The tune will be conducted by the Assistant Governors whippy cane and the boy is told to bare his bottom and touch his toes.

The biting rattan leaves its mark on young Garrick’s perfectly rounded and smooth bare bottom but what now? Well we are talking about the Assistant Governor here, so the boy won’t be leaving until a good spanking has been well laid on to that pre striped and throbbing globular bare backside.


The Governor and his assistant Officer Sharpe have been aware for sometime that an increase of bulling has been going on. They have their suspicions and when a well built young inmate, Ward (Luke Adams) is caught threatening another boy their suspicions are confirmed.

After a dressing down the Governor sends Ward to his house officer, Mr Sharpe. Ward will bend over in his tight brown shorts for a caning. Unfortunately for Ward after the punishment he uses some foul language back chat to the Officer. This is something Mr Sharpe can’t abide in a young man, supposedly inside for re training. The furious officer orders Ward to take down his regulation shorts and Y fronts. Big muscular senior boy or not he’s going over the officers knee, like a junior, for a good hard spanking on his well rounded bare bottom.

The lad Ward was threatening, Bromley (Allesandro Katz) had now got himself in to trouble. He too now finds himself knocking on the Governors door, this time carrying a note. The note contains a list of all the miss behaving he has been getting in to just lately. He’s a very cheeky lad, younger than Ward, so the Governor decides to deal with him there and then. It’ll be a taste of his leather strap which is well known for burning and reddening many a badly behaved boys bare bottom. Then, to reduce his comic attitude some what, Bromley can go over the Governors knee for a good stinging spanking. Well deserved and perfect guidance for such a cheeky young inmate.



The Borstal Parts 5, 6 and 7

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