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A Merry Christmas from Sting 

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways – Part Two

Continuing the series of smoldering hot images from


Later that week the Headmaster sends Barratt (Jaxon Radoc) the cricket captain to his Housemaster for throwing a cricket ball at another boy in anger, causing injury.
His Housemaster delivers retribution in the form of an over the knee spanking. 


This turns young Barrett’s curvaceous bare bottom as red as the ball he had thrown.


However, the India rubber sole of the Housemaster’s gym slipper really finishes the job and has the young cricket captain yelping in pain.


Sixth former Guy Richardson (Rudi Vallance) has reached that ‘too old to be punished’ youthful insolent stage which doesn’t impress the Headmaster one little bit.


Deciding this senior boy needs taking down a peg or too, before lights out, he takes him over his knee in his pyjamas and spanks his muscular and rounded bare bottom.


This though is just a precursor; he has offended far too often and a freshly made birch has been ordered from the Bursar. Richardson will feel its burning angry twigs biting in to his defenceless bare bottom the very next day.

Time perhaps for the teenaged tearaways to think again.


Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways – Part One

In college again and not much has changed discipline wise with the student body continuing to flaunt the rule book.



Prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) is hot on the trail of Watson (Xander Hollister) who he suspects has crept in to the storeroom for a quick smoke. He’s right of course and catches him red handed.


Now Watson’s bottom will be red handed too as Harpers stinging palm descends on Watson’s bare bottom!







This quickly followed up with a whacking on Watson re positioned and well raised backside with a wooden rule.




Sixth former Beaumont (Brad) has been swinging his fists again and sits waiting outside the Headmasters study. 
Called in to explain himself he knows he’s going to get that promised spanking and severe caning spoken of the last time he was caught fighting.




 The spanking is scorching enough but now Beaumont waits for the first cut of the Heads well-oiled rattan punishment cane.



The burning stripes are laid and one sixth former, his backside on fire, now wishes he hadn’t been so reckless.



Tomorrow two more boys get the Sting treatment



Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 1080p Extra High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in 720p High Definition

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 12) – End of Term Tearaways in Standard Definition

Approved Education Part 6 (Part 2 of 2)

A further scene from Approved Education Part 6 features Darren and new Sting actor Simon Lee

For two seniors, Colin Knightley (new Stinglad Simon Lee) and Toby Travers (Darren) it’s time to report to the Headmaster. This of course is not for the best of reasons as both boys have managed to chalk up really bad monthly reports. Their names appear in the red book and it’s a fact that Travers has been led astray by Knightly in getting such appalling results.
Both in line for punishment they are told to strip and first Knightly goes straight over the heads knee. Big lads or not they are going to feel the burning sting of discipline and very quickly knightly is squirming and hissing as the heads punishing palm collides again and again with his bare bottom. 

Next it’s Travers and he too has his bottom scolded red by the flat of the heads hand, his arched and well-rounded backside feeling the full force.

The Headmasters rattan canes are well cared for receiving a wipe over with linseed oil each week. The perfect instrument to finish off any session of displinary punishment with both Knightly and Travers now bent over thrusting out their well spanked bottoms waiting for the first cut. 

The painful swish and crack of the cane repeats over with both youths yelping their way through the punishment wishing the end would come.

It will but only when a good number of stripes have been burned on to their well-rounded senior backsides.


Approved Education Part 6 (Part 1 of 2)

Approved School is a term formerly used in the United Kingdom for a residential institution to which young people could be sent by a court, usually for committing offences but sometimes because they were deemed to be beyond parental control. The Approved Education series is set in just such a residential institution.

 Aaron Alton stars as Alan Clarkson in Approved Education Part 6
together with Darren, Marco and new sting lad Simon Lee

Always up to new tricks or getting badly rated in the monthly reports the young inmates at Bishopsfield are still getting themselves in to trouble! and young Alan Clarkson (Aaron Alton) is no exception.

Now reporting to his Housemaster (Marco) he is told that he’s had enough of the boy’s bad behaviour. Ordering the Alan to strip off his shorts the young master takes this badly behaved brat high over his knee and delivers a long sound spanking to his protruding bare backside. 

Young Clarkson can only howl but he’s going to howl even more when he’s let down and ordered to touch his toes for the next part of the correction.

On his travels the Housemaster has spied a new instrument to bring the lads in to line, a mat and rug beater, made of bent rattan and dishing out a sting far more painful that the masters hand.

The woven rattan beater does a good job and has young Alan yelling, turning his poor pre spanked bottom a deep blushing red with the lad red eyed and close to tears. We would certainly agree that the boys at Bishopsfield are getting an approved education.
In an earlier scene (images from which will be posted tomorrow) Darren returns with new Sting actor Simon Lee – and they are in BIG trouble …..

In a contest between a naughty boy’s bare bottom, and a carpet beater, which do you think is going to win? Find out in Approved Education 6 by String