Shore Based Discipline (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

The young trainee cadet (Robin Palmer) may have enjoyed spying on the NCO, Mt Wyatt’s punishment. However, he wasn’t discreet enough.

Therefore, some days later when it was his misfortune to annoy the said young training NCO and find himself on the receiving end.

Caught in the division dorm he has to submit to a session of corporal punishment .


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Shore Based Discipline (Part 1 of 2)

Shore Based Discipline

Firm discipline at any naval training college has historically always been as very important when training young men to serve at sea. Traditionally some punishments were often laid on to the bare posteriors, especially for younger seaman and has been part of naval life going back many years. The birch, cane and cat o nine tails or boys pussy, as it was known, were all instruments used in various navies for centuries.

One NCO Mr Wyatt (James Holt) a younger member of the training team has got himself in to a spot of bother. Its after sea trials so the Captain wants to keep it of the record and sentences the young NCO to lashes of the cat o nine tails, administered in the manner of a boy seaman.

As there is no cannon to be secured over (kissing the gunners daughter) the gym vaulting horse will have to suffice, as in the case of birching in the early days at T.S Ganges.



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Spanking all at Sea in Naval Story 4

The pictures and preview video from this December 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting blog

The Cadets and Jnr Leading Seaman of T.S Morsus are used to strict discipline. Training is an important part of preparing them for senior service. Maintaining good records and reports of course go hand in hand. However, if there is trouble on horizon there is always the possibility of keeping your service record clean.


The Captain is not above sending a wayward cadet to the CPO for off the record corrective training!




This was in fact the case for Leading Cadet Daniels (Joshua Clarke) he had been slacking in his approach to general duties and found himself ordered to report to to his Training CPO (Chief Petty Officer) Mr Sharpe (Marco).


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Naval Story 5 (Part 2 of 2)

Naval Story 5

The second boy on a charge is Cadet Jackson (Bob Stone) This particular Boy seaman had been breaking one rule after another, with one foolish incident nearly causing loss of life during a boat drill.


He needed bringing up sharply if he was to ever make the grade He too is sentenced to kiss the gunners daughter and soon found himself bent over the end of the vaulting horse.


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Naval Story 5 (Part 1 of 2)

Naval Story 5

Discipline is always well maintained at T.S Morsus with the view of preparing and training boy Seamen for future service. After sea trials two lads had got themselves in to deep trouble. In both their cases the Captain was going to have to take some direct and severe action.


The first lad, Boy Seaman Verney (Leonardo King) had seen fit to stab one of his shipmates with a work knife. He had not been able to control his temper but luckily for him the other cadet was not to seriously injured. The Captain had allowed the incident to be kept off record but cited a similar case from 1813 when a certain Boy Seaman Woods had be ordered 60 lashes ‘on his bare posteriors’ for stabbing another boy seaman.



In this case the gym horse would suffice as the gun and Boy Seaman Verney would kiss the gunners daughter to receive his punishment.


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Naval Story Part 3

The training of first class Boy Seaman continues at T.S Morsus a land based Naval establishment charged with turning out Naval personnel for the future. Discipline of course is very important and the Chief Petty Officers in change of training make sure that the orders of the day are precisely carried out.



Getting put on a charge for rule violation is not the best way to build up a good report, essential for a lads on going career. 2435 Boy Seaman Wilson (Joey Whyte) has got himself put on a charge and is up before his training officer CPO Sharpe (Marco) Luckily for him he is given a choice of punishment. He opts sensibly for corporal punishment to keep his misdemeanour’s off the record.



Sent to shower first he must report back to receive his comeuppance. Tough boy sailor or not he’ll be given a cheeky young brats stinging over the knee spanking. Something a much younger lad might expect but it’ll certainly take him down a peg or two. 







Facing the wall after, his rounded bare bottom red, scolded and raw Wilson is now get a dose of the CPOs leather strap.





Made from an old thick WW1 leather naval belt this burning punisher will set the boy on the right course









Sitting on a mess deck bench at supper might be uncomfortable but he’ll still have a well walloped and throbbing stern to show his mates before lights out! 



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Naval Story – Part 2

Naval Story Part 2


At the cadet training ship T.S Morsus
sea trials for final year cadets have finished and the lads are back in
their land base. The Captain however has had some bad reports about two
particular cadets.


Boy Seaman Morrison (Mark Lewis) is up
on a charge, his record of service while at sea has been far less than
needed to make the grade. 


Not wanting to spoil a young cadet’s report
the Captain sends him to receive corporal punishment from his Chief
Petty Officer. 



And it gets worse!!

Naval Training One

Discipline is maintained at TS Morsus in much the same way as other naval training ship establishments. The cadets know that a traditional approach, much favoured by the Captain Headmaster, keeps their all important training records clean before moving to the senior service.


Boy Seaman Ray Harris (Johnny Hayward) has over stepped the mark and got himself hauled up before the Captain. His disciplinary record is very poor and his constant returning from leave late has reached breaking point. He needs a swift taste of the ropes end, the modern version of that being cuts. This is the naval term for a good caning.


Sentenced by the Captain young Harris is stripping of his shorts and being ordered to mount the horse. Caning is usually done in the gym or gym store with the miscreant bent over a vaulting horse, bare breach. Breach being the naval term for bottom.



The well oiled and pliable naval rattan canes deliver burning stripes which the CPO (Marco) lays on with well-timed accuracy. Bent right over the horse Harris can only count through the punishment in his mind, bearing the scorching strokes till the end. He tries not to squirm or cry out; this sort of courage is expected of a young naval trainee on his way to adulthood and service with the navy proper.





Later that evening Harris receives an unexpected visit from his training NCO. Still annoyed that one of his cadets let the Division down he now intends to administer his own form of justice


The boy is ordered to remove his pyjamas. Now naked, he is taken over the knee. This strapping young boy seaman is to be given a good bare bottom spanking. This over the cane cuts received earlier is going to burn like hell fire!







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TS Morsus – Before the Mast Part 2 – scenes two and three

The second scene in TS Morsus Before the Mast stars Rudi Vallance


Leading Boy Seaman Miller (Rudi Vallance) up before the captain for fighting with local youths in the town. As he was in uniform a very dim view is taken of such behaviour. This time the Captain will deal with it directly assisted by the lads Divisional Officer.


Now changed in to gym kit the young trainee seaman embarrassingly finds himself over the knee of his Captain, for a firm spanking.

 Even more embarrassing when his tight white briefs come down and the spanking continues on his bare bottom.


This he takes with the firm shapely round curves of his bare buttocks glowing redder with each slap.


However it’s not over, the captain has left and Miller’s Divisional Officer (Marco) now has his favourite punishment instrument in hand. Face down on a bench, bare bottom raised high, the lethal leather riding crop cracks home on to Millers backside. Discipline is being administered and it’s off the record, better this than a problem later on.


The boy Seaman PTI (Simon Lee) might be able to lay it on but now he too finds himself up before the Captain on a charge. He’s been drunk and disorderly. This is not the first time and the Captain has had enough! He is ordered to be punished with corporal punishment.


In the backroom of the gym the gym horse has been raised up old style to resemble a canon. For this repeated offence the young boy seaman will kiss the gunners daughter but not before a good hard spanking is laid on to his bare bottom.


His bottom, now already stinging and raw from the spanking is now a venerable target as he lays face down on the vaulting horse. Behind him stands the Captain holding a boys pussy (the naval term given to a cat for boys but with six tails of leather)


As its thwips through the air cutting sharply in to the lads bare bottom thoughts of being sober in future rush through his mind as does the pain from this historic and formidable instrument!


Note: The cat used in the film is an original antique purchased by Sting. We are told It was used before in an East European boys reformatory years ago.

Running Time 00:29:07