Another Medicinal Spanking in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 2 of 2)

 Who’s next for a spanking?


The second visit takes the doctor to the home of young Terry (Robin Palmer). This boy should be in school but is playing a dangerous game of trying to fool both his parents and now the doctor. His lazy attitude is about to meet it’s match!


The doctor soon discovers what he’s up too and decides to lay on some treatment this boy really deserves.


After confirming his diagnosis with a suitably, and embarrassingly,  placed thermometer, the Doctor knows exactly what to do with young Terry.



Terry is put across the doctors knee, pyjamas down, for a good hard bare bottom spanking.






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Spanking Prescriptions in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 1 of 2)

A Spanking Cure for two naughty boys in

A Doctor Calls

The video preview will also be posted to Spanking Tube shortly


A Doctor Calls

Story and pictures:


Busy on his rounds the last thing the local doctor needs is for his valuable time to be wasted by naughty boys who want to take advantage of his good nature.


His first visit is to see James (Jirka Mendez) His mother called to say her son seems to be very under the weather and has not gone to College as usual. Actually James in not feeling bad at all and is shirking.


During the doctors visit James unfortunately gets tempted and tries to steal some money from his wallet. Of course he gets caught .


This boy is going to have to be dealt with! Some stronger medicine is needed.

Perhaps a good spanking on his bare bottom with be therapeutic.


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Locker Room Spanking in “Sports Report 8”

This March 2017 Spanking update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting blog

Running the College football team has its ups and downs but the coach only has one thing in mind is the team a winning team? If its not then measures have to be taken to make sure it is. Discipline amongst the young players is essential and when that beaks down a tough line is always pursued. The players know it and can expect the worse if they step out of line.


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Sting CFNM (MF/m Spanking) video Preview:

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WARNING: Being Sting CFNM the unlucky young man receives a spanking from both his Father and his Mother.


NOTE: Sting CFNM feature female spankers,

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Hornet Special Price (Sex and Spanking) Download: What The Eyes Don’t See

The latest Hornet Special is “What The Eyes Don’t see” starring Johan Volny, Kurt Maddox, Jason, Shaw, Tyler Mason, David Black, Daniel Prince and Dexter.

Pictures and details have been posted to the Hornet Pictures Blog

WARNING Hornet Movies feature spanking and gay sex


Hornet Pictures Blog

Hornet Pictures website



Note regarding Sting

Please note that although the Hornet site is live, due to technical reasons the Sting and Sting CFNM sites will be closed for the next few hours

I will let you know when it is back up

Just Matt Mills: Spanking Compilation


A Very Spankable (and Much Spanked) Sting Star

Video preview

This update was first posted to the Old Feel The Sting blog

Matt Mills gained a huge following during his time with Sting Pictures. From first performance in ‘Sting Double Bill’ to his last performance in ‘Banged Up My Borstal Days 2’. The highlights of which are all included in Sting’s compilation.

This special length (I hour 11 min) Compilation video includes a series of scenes featuring the popular Sting actor, In various different stories handsome young stud Matt endures OTK hand spanking, slippering, caning, strapping, birching, belting and in one scene from the infamous Sting Documentary “Instruments of Persuasion 2” suffers a ginger figging before a bare bottom spanking.

Lots of spanking fun and variety featuring an exceptionally good looking actor.


With a very Spankable bottom!!




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A Good Spanking for Two Bad Lads in “Bad Lads 3”

Bad Lads 3

This February 2017 update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting

The Denisa brothers (Robin Palmer as Ross and Eric Franke as Jamie) are at it again with there bad behaviour, only this time its in college looking at things they shouldn’t look at on a computer in Mr Sharpe’s office!




Clearly not impressed Mr Sharpe pulls out to chairs on which they should kneel. He quickly starts of the punishment with his well know and feared heavy hand spanking knowing that both their knees and bums are starting to feel unhappy.



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The Down Under Spanking Continues: “Kiwi College 10” (Part 2 of 2)

 Kiwi College Part 10

(part 2)

Second in line for a spanking (and more)is Tommy Edmonds (new StingLad Jason Smith) a well built Maori boy and the college teams main asset on the rugby pitch. However, he’s prone to using bad language and has been warned many times. This time the Headmaster has had enough. He’s been given many chances and now must be disciplined as threatened.



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