The Governor’s Choice (Part 2) # 2

 More images from Sting’s latest release The Governor’s Choice (Part 2)
The second inmate 2498 Carrington (new StingLad Eddie Barlow) has managed to rack up a very bad monthly report with ‘insolent behaviour’ standing out amongst other offences. He is also a youngster and as with Crawley opts for corporal punishment. 


The Governor is certainly no fan of insolent and cocky young inmates. This unfortunate condition of youth can be easily beaten out with right approach. 


Carrington is a repeat offender so the stinging bare bottom spanking is merely the prelude….
to a good strapping and a burning dose of the birch rod.


For these off the record punishment sessions the old Edwardian flogging stand has been retrieved from the prison cellar and is now back in good use for The Governors Choice!


The Governor’s Choice (Part 2) # 1

  Introducing Adam Ashton and Eddie Barlow in 

Back at Wallensea Prison two more junior inmates have fallen foul of the rule book and are up on a charge before the Governor. There is as ever good news and bad news. The bad news is that they will earn a loss of remission meaning that their stay inside Wallensea will be a lot longer. 
The good news is, if it can be described as good news, that they are both young enough and eligible to opt for home punishment. This in fact is the given name in prison and Borstal for corporal punishment. In short they can take the governors choice and it’s all off the record.



First up is 2487 Crawley (new StingLad Adam Ashton) This young man has been caught with a shank, a sort of homemade knife. Its intended use was unknown but it’s a very serious offence to be caught with one. Given the choice Crawley opts for home punishment. 


For a young inmate this will mean a good hard spanking which is indeed what happens to Crawley.First on his underpants …..
 And then on his bare bottom


After this both the strap and rattan cane are used to good measure. 


This scorching application on to an already well spanked and raw bare bottom is intended to ensure that Crawley doesn’t forget quickly who rules the roost at Wallesea prison.
Of course, young Crawley is only the first boy to be punished ….

To be continued….