Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 1

Another 2010 download from Sting is “Sixth Formers – the New Term”, following on from the popular “Sixth Formers and Mr Sorrenson” It’s back to historic Coombe Hall College where the Headmaster has a special mandate from the governors to keep discipline in the old way. The old way means that lots of young miscreants “end up” with very red and sore bottoms.

Sixth Formers – the new term is a special length download just over I hour and 10 minutes long with a host of handsome young man being kept in line by regular canings, spankings and birching (frequently one right after the other!!)


This download features Rusty who, in the role of Mr. Klaus, has graduated from a one time bad boy in movies such as “TS Morsus – Before the Mast” and “Woodland Vandals” into a very effective disciplinarian.


For the benefit of North American users, in the UK the term “Sixth Formers” relates to the equivalents of “Seniors” that is to say young men aged eighteen or nineteen in their final school year

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow



Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 3

Rich from Sting has sent me a huge batch of additional pictures from Sting’s new extra length download
“Sixth Formers – the New Term”

I shall post them in two batches first set today and the rest tomorrow.

Sixth Formers – the new term includes scenes from previously unreleased footage of Margusta and Nathan

Some images from wonderful scene featuring a drunken Darren and Robbie being caned by Rob and then birched by Rusty (Mr. Klaus) immediately afterward. The moment where Darren walks. naked, across the room with his cherry red globes juggling as he does so is quite unforgettable!

New disciplinarian Rusty punishes Nick a bully who gets his comeuppance (twice)


Also in this scene Nick receives a firm hand spanking on top of an already well caned behind! OUCH!!


To be continued ……..




Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 4 (Last)

As promised, here are the remaining pictures from Sixth Formers – the New Term by Sting. This download is an excellent mini-epic, at over one hour ten minutes and featuring nine different Sting boys, all on the receiving end of some very painful punishment, in most cases applied to already disciplined bottoms (Those boys certainly suffer for their art!!).

It is classic Sting, but with an extra sting in the tail, I sure Sting fans, and others, will love it.