A Good Spanking for Two Bad Lads in “Bad Lads 3”

Bad Lads 3

This February 2017 update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting

The Denisa brothers (Robin Palmer as Ross and Eric Franke as Jamie) are at it again with there bad behaviour, only this time its in college looking at things they shouldn’t look at on a computer in Mr Sharpe’s office!




Clearly not impressed Mr Sharpe pulls out to chairs on which they should kneel. He quickly starts of the punishment with his well know and feared heavy hand spanking knowing that both their knees and bums are starting to feel unhappy.



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Two Naughty Boys both get a sound Spanking in “Bad Lads Part 2”

The Pictures and preview video for this October 2016 release were originally posted to the old Feel the Sting


Bad Lads Part 2

The Denisa brothers are to say the least a handful. Their long suffering Landlord (Johann Volny) has his work cut out to maintain some sort of discipline in the household. However, when enough is enough he certainly knows how to put his foot down!


Jamie (New StingLad Eric Franke) decides it would be great fun to pelt the next door neighbour with water bombs. The neighbour thinks it is Ross, Jamie’s brother (Robin Palmer) 



Furious that one of the boys is blackening the family name the Landlord decides to put Ross over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking, never mind he is protesting his innocence! The Landlord has heard it all before!


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