Borstal Boys On Governor’s Report

 Borstal Boys On Governor’s Report

The monthly reports are in at Rainsford Borstal and its not looking good
for two young inmates. The governor prefers not to have black marks
all over the lads long term report sheet so often settles the matter
with corporal punishment. For the boys too is often a preferred
method as no time will be added to their sentence for misbehaviour.


One particular entry that stands out on young Fishers report (Jerome
Fisher) is fighting with other lads. 



This is enough to get him punished by his senior officer, Mr Volny. A
cheeky boy like Fisher will find himself hauled up high over the
muscular officers knee and soundly spanked on his bare bottom.











The punishment is usually carried out in the gym store. The boy later
discovers that Mr Volny will be following up the spanking using his
old brown leather strap.



Over an already spanked backside this is going to really sting! Bent right
over the gym horse Fisher’s smooth well rounded bare bottom juts out
perfectly to receive the burning licks that the wicked strap can








The other rule breaker up before the Governor is Collier (New StingLad
Mickey Rush) His report too is a disaster and the feeling is the boy
needs pulling up sharply.


Without delay he is taken off by his senior officer Mr Sharpe for some
disciplinary enforcement. Collier thinks he’s a little toughy but the
spanking he receives from Mr Sharpe quickly begins to change his mind. 




Mr Sharpe has a talent for turning a naughty lad’s bare bottom a
scorching bright red and he doesn’t disappoint, well apart from young
Collier that is.



Next he’s up on the desk feeling the fiery lick of the belt and biting
sting of the leather riding whip, a firm favourite of the officer to
get results from insolent boys and it surely does!












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Sports Report 5 – Off Track

 Sports Report 5: Off Track

Being trusted to complete a cross country run has been a long standing tradition in the PE department of most colleges. Boys are given a start time to do the run and have to compete the course as instructed. Unfortunately its also a great time to skip off for a while and do other things.




Other things for Rigby (Richy Casey) and Collins (New Sting Lad Jerome Fisher) were to include a sneaky smoke break. This was fine until their PE Master, Mr Sharpe, caught up with them along the way.


Not one to appreciate the illicit use of cigarettes during a supposed healthy training run, he swiftly orders the lads back to the gym.



Without a doubt both boys are going to get their bare bottoms well and truly spanked! With Mr Sharpe sitting on a low gym horse one after the other each lad is drawn over the knee. With the flat of Mr Sharpe’s wicked hand slapping down on to the boys well raised and rounded bare backsides, their smooth youthful cheeks are quickly turned a  fiery red.! 













However it was an offence committed together so its only right that they should be punished together. Mr Sharpe reaches for his leather strap. To the boys this is known as a real bottom scorcher! 



Now ordered to bend over over each end of the pommel horse they reluctantly obey. A stinging strapping on their well spanked bare
bottoms should be a good reminder to follow the rules and of course the correct route in future. 








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