Video Preview Trailer for “In the Frame”

The video Preview for

In the Frame

With James Holt and Marco

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Title 2257

In The Frame

In The Frame

When Peter (James Holt) visits Marco he finds that he’s not at home. He decides to wait but curiosity sets in and he takes an uninvited look around Marco’s room. This of course is not what guests are expected to do and he is caught in the act. Ordered to wait back in the kitchen for Marco’s arrival he has a good idea of what fate now may bring. This is Marco after all!

Marco discovering that Peter, in his absence, has been riffling through his stuff takes the matter in hand. Peter needs to learn a lesson and no better way to teach a hunky young gentleman manners than a good caning. Ordered to stand in the door frame Peter waits and its not long before the sound of a swishy stinging rattan doing its job can be heard.




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