Adam Army

Adam Army

I​n the days of junior soldier’s regiments the intention was to train
younger lads to become the regular army NCOs and leaders of the future.
Discipline was a very important part of their training and a great deal
of leeway was used to prepare good records for their future careers. To
achieve this off the record punishment was often used and in the long
term would benefit the young trainees.

Trooper Carter (Adam Ashton) was in a junior mounted regiment and
doing fairly well in his training although his addiction for suddenly
going AWOL (absent without leave) had finally got him into deep trouble.

His CO and troop NCO were exasperated! However not wanting to have his
record blemished by a charge Carter had opted for corporal punishment.

As a cavalry regiment one instrument always at hand was the long
training whip. Usually applied to the buttocks of stubborn horses it was
equally successful when used on the bare backsides of insolent young

Carter bore its burning lash well but it was to be followed up
by the boy’s cat, a left over kept and used in the regiment since
Victorian times. The six leather thong’s of this formidable instrument
were scorching and soon had young Trooper Carter yelping.

The punishment over, the CO leaves the gun room however Carters
training NCO is far from satisfied. This hapless cadet had brought shame
on his platoon. Even though his bottom is very sore and burning after
the whipping the NCO quickly takes Carter across his knee like a naughty
boy and spanks his recently whipped bare bottom red raw!

Too big to be
spanked not likely, one way or another this wayward trooper will see the
error of his ways!


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The Punishment Room Part 2 (with Preview trailer)


Fresh from the Police Court two new lads arrive at the Juvenile House Of Correction. Both have been sentenced to corporal punishment alongside their custody sentence.


Arther James Bennett (Brad) was the first to appear that day and had been ordered to receive the switch. Prior to this though his continued insolence had earned him a good hard over the knee spanking, very humiliating for a strapping lad of his age.









He should have minded his manners as now, bent over the punishment frame, the wicked and painful willow switch was about to descend on his already hot, red freshly spanked bare bottom. The pliable switch lashes home biting hard in to Arther’s throbbing backside. Each swish cutting a scorching stripe of fire across the lads rounded bare arse cheeks.





The other new inmate to the House Of Correction is Neville Paul Colville (Johnny Hayward). After sentence he too had displayed a fair amount of insolence, enough to earn him a good spanking to start with.



He should have been grateful really as his sentence was lashes with the boy’s cat, also known as the boy’s pussy in the old navy. This formidable instrument has six tails of leather instead of nine. Nevertheless it can sting and burn a lad’s bare bottom like no other instrument. Even as a more senior lad getting a good spanking before receiving it can only help to endure its scorching bite!




Neville is order to lay face down on the punishment bench his arms through the holes specially cut for the purpose. The warder takes up the cat and the exemplary flogging begins. The lad’s defenceless bare backside raised high on the bench feels the first burning lash from the oil soaked leather thongs. The first of two and a half dozen!




NOTE: The pine punishment bench was specially commissioned by Sting Pictures props dept. and is a copy taken from several featured in British museums. The six tailed cat is an original antique privately purchased and we are assured it was very much used in the past for the purpose for which it was made.