Discipline Down Under – Part 5 “Summer Time Maddness”

Introducing Jaxson Radoc in 

Delving back down under to Ahorangi College things haven’t changed much discipline wise. Its mid-term and the lads still think they can side step the rules. 
Take for instance the rugby captain Gary Stewart (Marco) he would rather go surfing than support the team. The PT teacher is of course annoyed that the team has been let down and intends to give young Gary a lesson in manners he won’t forget!

The gym slipper is laid on with a complaining Stewart bent over the gym horse but it’s not getting the result required.


Not to be outdone the PE head goes in to the showers leaving Stewart waiting over the horse and retrieves the heavy wooden bath brush.


This he brings down with relish on to Stewart’s ample reddened and rounded bare backed. The returning growls and yelps are more than music to the ears of this hard pressed sports master.

Two friends Jackson (Kurt Maddox) and Craven (Daniel Prince) who always hang about together are caught smoking. As it’s the Headmaster himself who catches them they are in for some hard punishment. Now waiting in the Heads study both boys know that a spanking on their bare bottoms is probably just a start.

They are right and the Head follows it up with a caning for Jackson the oldest and a first taste of the leather strap for Craven. As he looks back at Jackson’s raised bare backside, kneeling in the old leather chair, Craven can’t help notice the deep red welts left by the rattan cane. 


The thick leather strap is going to bring a strong red tinge to his own backside but at least he dodged the cane, maybe not so lucky next time.

The Headmaster has been looking after his young nephew Derek (New Sting Lad Jaxson Radoc) while his folks are working abroad. He attends another college nearby but seems to think he can get away with anything. Finally on bringing home a school report that frankly is a total disgrace he finds himself grounded. Derek complains bitterly and wants to be out with his mates. Given an alternative he decides to accept his uncle’s proposed punishment. 

He’s never ever been spanked let alone given the strap
Now this well-toned fit youngster is feeling the sharp sting of a good spanking and after that the scorching lick of the leather strap across his very shapely bare bottom. Perhaps now for these lads no more summer madness for a while

Running Time 00:33:41

Preview Trailer for Approved Education 5 – The Red Book

Scroll down to view the preview trailer for  the recent Sting release “Approved Education Part 5 – the Red Book” staring Rudi Valance, Nicholas Salter, Jayce Martin and Jonathon

Preview Trailer

You can either watch the trailer online, or alternatively, for the next month, the full sized trailer can be downloaded from Swoopshare and Sendspace at the following links:   

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Video Length 00:27:27

T​ales from the Headmaster’s Study 11 – ​ Wheals of Misfortune

staring Xander Holister, Toby Haines and Jonathon



Well in to the term and prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) has gotten himself in to detention again. How he keeps his badge is anyone’s guess!

Elsewhere for his clinic appointment is Taylor Crosby (Jonathon) He has plans for later and that doesn’t include going back to school. He’s going to meet up with Watson (Xander Hollister) who we last saw being punished by the Headmaster for misappropriating another master’s funds, in other words nicking cash!

It’s the Headmaster who finds Harper sitting in detention. Unluckily for this hapless senior it’s the very classroom the Head is to take a lesson in. Annoyed that Harper is there in the first place he decides to mete out a faster and of course more painful reminder to behave. The senior perfect soon finds his bottom bared and a hail of stinging hand slaps connecting with his well-rounded cheeks.
The now reddened orbs of young Harper are repositioned to meet the cruel leather strap conveniently left in the desk draw by Mr Roberts, whose classroom this normally is. The Headmaster wastes no time in putting this well used instrument to good use, the pale cheeks of this petulant prefect now burning with each lash.



Crosby and Watson didn’t get back to school that day and spent most of it in an amusement arcade. Their luck ran out however when they were spotted and this information was quickly passed back to the College. Unsurprisingly the Headmaster is furious. These two rascals are going to be severely dealt with and a good spanking for each of them is just a start!


Watson is first over the Headmasters lap





 Next the first stage of Crosby’s punishment begins






 If they think their ordeal is over they are very much mistaken


Being out of college without the knowledge of a master is a serious issue, one that needs firm correction. For this the cane is the only option. Both boys are ordered over the Heads study desk and a burning set of stripes is applied to both lads protruding and twitching backsides.





For young Crosby however this is just a start. His Housemaster Mr Eisenburg also the German teacher will be none too happy to hear of this episode. His method of punishment will no doubt be a very long and firm spanking.


Certainly these lads have turned an unlucky Wheal of Misfortune.
(Jonathon a appears courtesy of the Magic Spanking Factory)




Running Time: 00:30:32


Trailer for Discipline for Joe – staring Danny

Produced shortly after Sting’s arrival in Prague and Staring the extremely handsome Danny, Discipline for Joe has become a classic Sting Download
Danny plays Joe Harrison a wayward young lad who only ever seems to learn a lesson when it is enforced with a firm hand or a stinging slipper applied with force to his tender bare bottom.  Hence it has to be applied frequently



The story starts with Joe taking a shower before retiring to bed  


Meanwhile Joe’s form master is on the phone reporting his bad behaviour.  Joe’s mentor decides that a firm hand is required.


and he knows just where that hand should be applied



Which he does with gusto
Unfortunately, as soon as the sting in his bottom begins to fade, Joe returns to his old ways, and his backside soon requires further attention


This time his form master lays into him with a stinging, India rubber soled gym shoe on the seat of his skimpy shorts ….




…..and then on his bare bottom


When he later reports to Joe’s Mentor that, despite his best efforts Joe’s behaviour is still unacceptable, it is clear that further firm action is required.


Joe is left in no doubt that he is in serious trouble …


and he is about to be the owner of a very sore bottom indeed
The slipper is firmly aimed where it be most effective!!
The first whack takes Joe by surprise
And is swiftly followed by another stinging WHACK! and then another ….


..and a lot more!

  Poor Joe… how unlucky for a naughty boy…
  To live with a mentor with such a strong right arm …
..and, even worse, one who is so skilled with a slipper!!


Joe won’t be sitting down any time soon

and, as his Mentor reminds him, that trusty slipper will be ready and waiting to spring into action the next time Joe requires discipline

Which won’t be long I’m sure


Three minute preview trailer


You can watch the trailer online, however, Blogger has compressed it a bit and slightly spoint the quality.  For the next month higher quality versions can be downloaded from Swoopshare and Sendspace at the following links:   



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A Message from M_Spank_M

This message is very late in coming, since it has been a very difficult decision to make. 
After Google deactivated m_spank_m because of an alleged conflict with their TOS, we found a way to send in a protest, which resulted in the group being put back on the list of groups, but only visible to members, who could then read the entries in the archives, which have working links (assuming the links are still valid) but do not show pictures or clips. There are buttons to push by members who go to the group online, one stating that they want to see the content and then another stating that the material is not spam and finally another box where they can click, stating that it is not abuse and requesting Google to review the matter. Unfortunately there is no other visible way to contact Google further about this matter, and as we all know since that point in time nothing further has happened regarding the restoration of the group.  I do not know how many members clicked on these buttons, nor if there would have been any effect on Google had all 4,000+ members done so, so we are indeed stymied.
Although both SirCPUK and I would be willing to continue moderating m_spank_m should it be resurrected, we have after much deliberation and soul searching decided that we will not try to create a new group to replace it.  As I said, this has not been an easy decision, and time has not made it any easier.
Several members have written to us indicating that they would be willing to give a new group a start and there are others who have offered financial help in order to pay for a group domain.  The major problem remains finding sufficient men willing to do the moderation, as there were more who were ready to offer financial or technical assistance than those willing to tackle the job itself.
If those of you who are interested in doing such would like to write to us, we can forward your mails to the others who have written so that you can get in touch with each other.  We remain available should you have any questions that we can answer and will be more than happy to share our experience with anyone who gets a new group going.
Onkel Ben

Off the Wrist

Off the Wrist

After a vigorous basketball practice young Dean Hadley (New StingLad Johnny Jenkins) is back at his locker. On opening the door he is reminded about the very horny porn mag he acquired only that morning from a friend. Perhaps he should just take a peek while there no one around.

This would have been OK but for his Housemaster making a delivery of equipment to the gym store. Astounded that Dean is performing such an act in a public place he decides to administer instant discipline. It’s not the act itself this is expected of growing lads but the venue is of course totally unsuitable.


Getting a spanking on the bare bottom is not what senior boys are used to and this is going to be Deans’ first time. His little pert backside soon turns a fiery red and so does his face in pained embarrassment.



It’s the gym shoe though, now cracking on to his already spanked bare bottom as he lies over the pommel horse that is causing more distress. The raw burning sting of rubber applied to both cheek’s in unison is creating a scorching result to the basketball players protruding little rump.


Better find somewhere more private next time to take one off the wrist.  
Johnny Jenkins



Detention – Staring Damien Drake

  That most mischievous of Sting Lads – Damien Drake stars in “Detention”, the latest addition to the Sting Members’ Area

School Football captain Stephen Calder (Damien Drake) loves playing the beautiful game but like so many fans gets too excited during the game. Twice now he’s lashed out at a rival player and this time has found himself sitting in detention. He’d rather be back out on the field but the only way to do that is to get Mr Collins, his House Master to punish him another way.


This time he’s lucky or rather unlucky. The only way he getting out of it is with a good spanking and a dose of the empire rubber gym shoe. The red card will have to equal a red backside too. He’s only wearing his PT kit and the spanking quickly tales effect over his tight shorts.

The shorts of course quickly come down and the hand slaps reign down like tongues of fire turning his muscular bare backside now as red as his shorts. .

Mr Collins orders young Calder over the desk; he won’t be escaping without feeling the burning sting of his well-used gym slipper

Crack after crack and Stephens exposed bottom is scolding hot, the sole of the gym shoe burning its way in to the lad’s defenceless bare cheeks.

Stephen knows his temper may not hold but nevertheless its best perhaps to try to avoid this sort of Detention!

Hornet Pictures – What The Eyes Don’t See

New Sting Lad David Black plays Paul Kemp in What the Eyes Don’t See

Released as a debut download under Sting’s Hornet label “What The Eyes Don’t See” combines Sting’s trademark spanking with lashing of hot sex action in equal measure. Like The Secrets Of College Life, this 42.53 minute movie is set back in college where the spanking is hot and the action is sexy.

Paul Kemp (New Sting lad David Black) likes to smuggle the odd drink in to his dormitory however it’s not long before he’s caught and his House Master (Dexter) is asked to deal with him.
In the dormitory laid across the bed his pyjamas are pulled down and a hail of slaps collide with his bare bottom.  Being a senior now the strap is cracking angrily across the lad’s ample backside. 

Exhausting work for the master but now young Paul must rise to the occasion; the youthful housemaster will expect to be pleasured after watching such a round raised backside turn so red.

Two other lads Denton (Tyler Mason) and Crosby (Jason Shaw) are in big trouble for smoking in the wash room.
Ordered to report to the Heads classroom both are soundly spanked and left to think about what they’ve done. 

Unfortunately with their firm little bottoms now red and burning their minds swiftly go to other things, a relief from the sting becomes overwhelming. Well, what the eyes don’t see… 

As with most colleges truancy is strictly forbidden. Two boys Peters (Kurt Maddox) and Patrick (New Sting Lad Daniel Prince) can’t seem to get this through their heads and very soon they are in front of their Housemaster (Johan Volny) who unfortunately for them is also the PT master.  

It’s a two strikes and you’re out rule with him and he gives both boys a good spanking.

Secretly all the lads know what’ll happen with this young PT master if you are caught more than once. When giving punishment he will expect pleasure and as the stinging rubber gym slipper cracks home that just what’s going to happen.


Member Update – Trouble for Jack

 The latest update to the Member’s area is Trouble for Jack  Staring Rudi

Jack (Rudi Vallance) seems to keep getting himself in to a load of trouble. He can’t control his temper and again has stuck another lad whilst training in the gym.

Tired of this behaviour his guardian decides to take action. Maybe if the lad feels a bit of pain himself he won’t be so ready to dish it out to others.



Still wearing his gym kit Jack is immediately taken over the knee and a sound spanking begins, firstly over his blue running shorts ….
…and then on his rounded and muscular bare bottom.
A bit of a shock for a lad who’s not used to this type of humiliation usually reserved for younger boys.


In true form the punishment doesn’t end there though and out comes the supple leather riding whip. Now ordered over then end of the sofa Jack’s reddened curvy cheeks are awaiting the whippy sting of the riding crop.


The burning leather tongue at the end of this painful equestrian instrument soon has Jack yelping.
Now he’s thinking that perhaps in the future causing pain to others is not a good idea.