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Video Preview for

Home Rules

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Sting Special Price Spanking Classic “Home Rules”

The Latest Sting Special Price Spanking Movie is

Home Rules

Starring Travis McKinnon, Adam Black, Kurt Maddix and Marco

HD Version $13.99 Standard Version just $9.99

Taking a look at domestic discipline Home Rules follows the fate of two lads who have turned their back on the founding principle of my house my rules.

First up is party boy Kurt (Kurt Maddox) Taking advantage of his step Uncle’s absence the lad decides to have a party. The end result in the kitchen is total devastation. The boy is later found hungover and sitting on the floor with the kitchen looking more like a rubbish dump.

His step Uncle (played by Marco) is none too pleased and takes this insolent mess maker over his knee for some home-grown discipline. The resulting spanking is well laid on leaving the lad’s bare bottom a burning red.


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Sting Spanking Classic – Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts (Part 2 of 2) including Video Preview

Scenes two and three of the Sting Spanking Classic

Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts

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The trading of illicit goods is a regular feature inside any Borstal. The officers have to be on constant alert to stem these illegal activities. Determined to get the truth out of one boys, Burgess (Kurt Maddox) the governor decides to spank it out of him

aised up over the vaulting horse the spanking is hard and relentless, Burgess bare bottom is quickly red raw. However he won’t divulge the name of his supplier!

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Sting Spanking Classic – Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts (Part 1 of 2)

Borstal Boys The Truth Hurts

Starring Damien Drake, Kurt Maddox and Johnny Jenkins, with Johan Volny and Marco

Strict discipline is still being enforced regularly at Rainsford Borstal. No matter how stiff the regime though some of the lads still think they can get away with very questionable behaviour.

One such boy trainee is Gibson (Damien Drake) His recent spate of bad behaviour has caught the eye of his senior officer (Johan Volny)

Not one to be made a fool of he soon has Gibson over his knee whilst sitting on a bunk bed. As his grips hold of the metal bed rails the stinging smacks soon turn young Gibson’s bare backside a burning red.


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Part Two of The Sting Spanking Classic (Headmaster 9) plus video Preview

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 9

Report to Mr Hiedrick

校长办公室的故事 9

Scene 2

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Two other roughish characters from the student body, Willoughby (Kamyk Walker) and Foster (Kurt Maddix) have finally exhausted the Headmasters patience. He sends them both to to be dealt with by Mr Hiedrick (Dexter) the toned young PE master.

学生中另外两个桀骜不驯的家伙WilloughbyKamyk Walker) Foster (Kurt Maddix)最终耗尽了校长的耐心。他将他们两人交给年轻健壮的体育教师Hiedrick 先生(Dexter)收拾。

The place of execution is the Gym store where both lads received a good hand spanking on their upturned bare bottoms. The young Mark Willougy high over the masters knee and the senior lad Foster, the ringleader in fact, stretched out on the vaulting horse his bare bottom raised.

惩罚在健身房中被执行,两名年轻人高高翘起赤裸的臀部,被狠狠打了一顿屁股。低年级的Mark Willougy趴在体育老师的膝盖上,而高年级的男孩Foster,捣蛋的领头羊,趴伏在鞍马上,高高抬起他的屁股。


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Sting Spanking Classic: Discipline Down Under – Summertime Madness

Another Spanking Classic

Discipline Down Under – Summertime Madness

Staring Jaxon Radoc, Kurt Maddox, Daniel Prince and Marco this time getting his own bottom spanked


Returning down under to Ahorangi College things haven’t changed much discipline wise. Its mid-term and the lads still think they can side step the rules. Take for instance the rugby captain Gary Stewart (Marco) he would rather go surfing than support the team.

The PT teacher is of course annoyed that the team has been let down and intends to give young Gary a lesson in manners he won’t forget!

The gym slipper is laid on with a complaining Stewart bent over the gym horse but it’s not getting the result required. But that’s just the beginning!!


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Hornet Pictures: Spanking with Sex in “Because I Can Too” (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Hornet Release is “Because I Can Too” starring Kurt Maddox and Adam Black

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WARNING: Hornet pictures feature Male on Male sex and Spanking

Hornet Pictures Website

Hornet Blog

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Sting CFNM: “Miss Steel” (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Sting CFNM release is “Miss Steel

starring Robin Palmer, Kurt Maddox and Judy Steel as Miss Steel

The video preview, together with the first half of th pictures can be viewed at the Sting CFNM blog

WARNING : Sting CFNM features young males being disciplined by Strict Females

Sting CFNM Blog

Sting CFNM

Sting Pictures

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Locker Room Spanking in “Sports Report 8”

This March 2017 Spanking update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting blog

Running the College football team has its ups and downs but the coach only has one thing in mind is the team a winning team? If its not then measures have to be taken to make sure it is. Discipline amongst the young players is essential and when that beaks down a tough line is always pursued. The players know it and can expect the worse if they step out of line.


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