Tales from The Headmaster’s Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence


The latest installment of tales from the headmaster’s Study is “A Repeat offence”
History teaches us nothing so they say and that certainly seems to be the case with young Rory Hendrick (Kai Alexander) Already punished for cheating in a mock exam he’s now back up before the Head for doing it again!


However before his fresh encounter with discipline the Headmaster has to deal with Brian Harper (Toby Haines) a fifth former who now stands before him note in hand from an exasperated geography teacher. Harper was due for promotion to Prefect but now having misbehaved that’ll have to wait. The Head is disappointed in the boy’s attitude and decides that if he wants to behave like a first year he’ll treat him like one.


Getting spanked when you’re a senior in the fifth form is really degrading but getting a good strapping after, bare backside in the air growing redder after each burning crack of the leather is no joke! Red face and red backside Harper needs to improve. 

Toby Haines

Rory Hendrick stands next to Matthew Crowley (Pavel Novy) the Headmaster glaring at both of them. In the background viewing the proceedings with interest is Mr Heidrick (Dexter)

The Headmaster has other things to attend to but not before he delivers a promised caning to Rory Hendricks bare bottom.


He was warned and now the supple oiled rattan thwips its fiery message on to the boys pale nicely curved cheeks. Crowley looks back thankful it’s not him receiving those angry stripes but they will both have to face the hard stinging hand of their Form Master when the Head departs.


So it begins and Mr Heidrick soon has the two pert young backsides hot and red. 

 For poor Rory is a double dose as the cane stripes are quickly bought back to life! To finish off Heidrick has his eyes on a new instrument of punishment and brings a long flat oriental bamboo shoe horn in to play. It’s certainly has an effect, both lads now bent over the desk, sore bare bottoms jutting out, yelping and swearing that there will not be a Repeat Offence.

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence

Rooftop Rebels

Up to no good!!

Rooftop Rebels: Where only Pigeons dare to tread, two students, Hutchinson (Sebastian) and Monroe (Tom Nuttall in his début performance) decide to head to the College attic and get down to some very personal studies. Unfortunately its reported to the Head of House that there are strange noises coming from the rooftop. Thinking it’s probably pigeons getting in through the wire he dispatches Mr Konrad the caretaker to investigate.

Now caught red handed and out of bounds the two lads sit outside their Housemasters study to await sentence. For Hutchinson he’s been there before but for his young companion Monroe this is going to be the first time he has had to face such discipline. Their Housemaster is a fairly liberated man of the world and is not annoyed at the attic antics that had taken place. He is more concerned that the two of them should have been in class and had been missed and unaccounted for.


Determined at least to teach Hutchinson a lesson the boys jackets and trousers are ordered to be taken off. Hutchinson soon finds himself face down across the master’s knee getting his insolent and very rounded bottom soundly spanked.

Now it’s Monroe’s turn and his friend can only look on as, for the first time, his pants are yanked down and the master’s heavy hand is coming down hard on his fast reddening bare bottom.

This is not the end Hutchinson has been warned in the past and now he takes the consequences kneeling in the armchair bare backside raised high as the leather tawse makes its mark. Crack after crack and his bare backside is glowing! 

For Monroe he’s just a little bit luckier, it’s a first time for him and a warning but the sharp sting of the strap is going to be a real wake up call. With tears in his eyes he rises from the armchair his bare buttocks now radiating the hot red glow of the tawse. 

The two of them really need to find somewhere to finish what they started. For some reason more now than before! Fired up both on their backsides and in their minds they get dressed. It’ll be sometime before they decide to be Rooftop Rebels again!

Rooftop Rebels, released in November 2011, is a “Sting Plus” release combining spanking with sex scenes.


Video trailer for “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 5) Cheats and Cheers”

Scroll down for the trailer to the new Sting Download Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 5) Cheats and Cheers starring new sting actor Kai Alexander together with Jimmy Evans and Luke Desmond, plus a gym slipper wielding Dexter.

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A Christmas Greetings “Mash Up” from Sting and Lots of Others

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Dr. Barton  

Name those Bottoms – The Answers

Congratulations to both alferbee and Sonyakumo for correctly identifying all five Sting actors’ bottoms in the recent Name those Sore Red Bottoms Quiz

The correct answers were
Bottom (1) Darren in TS Morsus – Before the Mast

 Bottom (2) Toby also in TS Morsus – Before the Mast 


Bottom (3) Matt Steel in The Brothers
Bottom (4) Carlos Fernandez in Let The Cane Take the Strain

Bottom (5) Richie Sachs in The Sixth Formers – The New Term

Jason Shaw in Magazine Misery

Magazine Misery was a “Sting Raw” production released in November 2011 – with new Sting twink model Jason Shaw as Jamesin his debut short story.



Bobs stash of Porn mags in not to be touched! However while he is at work young James decides to seize the opportunity for a bit of fun. Taking the magazines to his bedroom he is soon aroused by the salacious content. Unfortunately Bob arrives back early from work and catches him right at the wrong moment. Annoyed that James has seen fit to go in to his room uninvited and what’s more take his collection of porn for his own use, he decides to teach him a lesson. 


Like lightning Jason is dragged across Bob’s knee and a first time spanking is given. This really is the first time as James has not ever experienced discipline like this before. The boy bucks and twists as the smacks rain down. That’s not the only thing going down either as his ardour soon begins to cool as well! 





Bob is still annoyed and leaves the room only to return with his heavy old brown leather belt, Now James is on his knees and sobbing as a good belting is laid on to his already sore bare bottom! Like tongues of fire the belt falls time after times till young Jason is in tears







James’s lily white bottom now testament to Bob’s wrath. For young Jason this really is Magazine Misery.
18 year old Jason Shaw has now appeared in a number of Sting Movies such as Banged Up – My Borstal Days 3 and Approved Education 3



Introducing Kai Alexander in Tales from the HeadMaster’s study (Episode 5) – Cheats and Cheers

 The Stars

 Kai Alexander stars in the latest Tale from the Headmaster’s study 
Also staring Jimmy Evans and Luke Desmond

Keeping goods discipline in a busy college is a formidable task. A constant flow of miscreants regularly attend the Headmaster’s office, all with the best excuse in the world for their bad behaviour. The lads think they are sharp but they are no match for the vigilant faculty who are a lot sharper.
Mock exam time has arrived but Rory Hendrick (new Stinglad Kai Alexander) hasn’t done any revising. That’s Ok all he needs to do is get a little help from his friend Robby Turner at the next desk. He’s caught pretty quickly of course and sent off to the Heads Study.
Already in front of the Head are two other students, Huntley (Jimmy Evans) and Richards (Luke Desmond) they’ve been truanting or ‘bunking off’, in student terms. Having too much on his hands to deal with them they are sent off to a detention class with their housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter)

 Meanwhile Hendrick is now knocking on the door of the Heads study too. His head hung low he has to face the consequences of his cheating in the exam. The Headmaster is not at all amused by his actions and certainly does intend to find the time to deal with him right there and then. He’s a senior lad but is going to get an OTK junior spanking for his dishonourable action. Hendrick’s pale well rounded bare backside soon begins to turn bright red as the Heads stinging palm cracks down.


As usual the session will be rounded off with the Gym slipper. The boy is ordered to strip and the smooth rubber surface of the sole is soon biting the lad’s already spanked bottom like an angry wasp. 

The two lads attending Mr Heidrick’s detention class are both in the college swimming team. It’s the final practice before an important competition. So they can get away early a deal is stuck, they will both receive a hiding from their Housemaster and call it a day. One after another the two lads are taken across Mr Heidrick’s knee and are spanked red raw. Now though out comes the Housemaster’s own gym shoe and down it comes across the defenceless bare backsides of Huntley and Richards


At the end their red burning rumps are testament to a punishment well laid on. Mr Heidrick hadn’t lost his style and two formerly badly behaved students are made to think again. No cheats and no cheer for these lads! 


Tales from the HeadMaster‘s study (Episode 5) – Cheats and Cheers

Name those Sore Red Bottoms

Another challenge to Sting Fans to name some bare spanked bottoms from various of Sting’s movies.

Can you name the Sting Actors who’s bare bottoms appear in the pictures below?



I hope that, for once I have presented you will a bit of a challenge

Please leave your answers in the Comments section below

UPDATE:  The answers will be announced at the weekend


Damien Drake and Sebastian in “Doctor Doctor!”

Stings October 2011 release in Doctor Doctor featured Damien Drake and Sebastian as two sporty young lads who visit the doctor with sporting injuries in the “lumbar” area and get more than they expected.
Doctor Rouse runs a clinic. It’s mainly attended by students from the local college who have strained an sustained an injury while engaged on one sporting activity or another.


The first patient of the week is Carl Jennings (Damien Drake) who has twisted his lower back in rugby training. During the examination Dr Rouse is called away leaving the student to await his return. Looking around the empty surgery Carl’s eyes fall on the Doctors wallet. Temptation taking the better of him he quickly slips a wad of fivers in to his jockstrap.



Unfortunately luck is not with him and on discovering the theft Dr Rouse provides Carl with some preventative disciplinary treatment. After a good spanking and a couple of Vitamin jabs from a cruel looking hypodermic, it’s out with the wooden medical ferula to finish the job.




Poor Carl has to take his medicine and suddenly the back pain is gone only to be replaced by a greater burning sensation in his athletic rounded backside!



The next session in the surgery brings in Rory Parker (Sebastian) who’s suffering from a muscular complaint. After stripping off his clothes the Doctor takes a look at the problem.



A rectal examination is needed but during this he is again called away. Like Carl, Rory takes the opportunity to see what treasures the clinic holds. This time it’s the pills on the shelf that get raided.



On his return Dr Rouse is more that displeased with the lads antics. Preventive disciplinary medicine is clearly needed and Rory soon finds himself across the good doctor’s knee, bottom high in the air, being slapped hard and getting redder by the second. Now its face down on the couch for a stinging session with the lads own PT shoe.


This then is quickly followed by a whippy oriental massage birch laid on for good measure.



Rory’s butt is raw and burning from this on onslaught of medical justice! Without a doubt Rouse has got the condition licked! With these young miscreants he certainly administers the treatment to initiate an immediate cure! Now they have a real reason to cry Doctor Doctor!


Doctor Doctor – 25 minute Download