Pants on Fire (Part 1 of 2)

Pants On Fire

The cautionary tale continues with a well deserved comeuppance …


The two boys, Jack (David Hines) and Michael (Joey White) think that sitting around and playing games is far preferable to working. The are both caught shirking by one of their two the bosses.


Michael blames his younger colleague for leading him astray. For this young Jack gets a good bare bottom whacking with a wooden spoon ..


all in front of his laughing work mate


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Reformatory USA – Video Trailer

 Set in Pine Valley Reformatory a penal institution for wayward youths, somewhere in America in the middle of the last century, Reformatory USA is where a huge cast of handsome young guys discover that when they fight against the system they end up on the sore bottomed end of a hard hand, an even harder paddle, or the Wardens stinging hickory switch!!
Staring David White as Danny Carver, David, Matt Mills, Barry, Vex, CJ Jacks, Anderson, Tigger, Brett and various other Sting actors together with Dr. Barton as Captain Willard T. Morteton and Zack Price as Officer Joe Deatvine

Review by JockSpank: You will have to go a long way to find anything of this quality and professionalism in the adult film industry this is without equal and one of the best spanking movies ever made.I cannot praise this DVD highly enough, it is superb

Available as a download and on DVD


Reformatory USA Download


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Reformatory USA – Part 1

Reformatory USA – a film by Richard O’Shea was released by Sting Pictures in March 2010, and was, at that time, one of their most ambitious projects. Set in an American reformatory for bad boys it has an all star cast, including Brett, David White (as Danny Carver), Robbie, Matt Mills, David, Vex, Tigger, Anderson and C.J Jacks.

Over a year in the making and at extra length, this is a Sting spectacular which I can not recommend too highly

Reformatory USA – Part 3

Some more images from Sting’s epic DVD
Reformatory USA
Featuring Brett (for once in the role of disciplinarian) David, Vex, Barry, Matt Mills, CJ Jacks with David White as Danny Carver and Zack Price as Officer Joe Duetvine

Reformatory US DVD
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Two sides of Dexter

Those of you who have been paying attention will recognise Czech (Sting) actor Dexter in the pictures above, showing off his muscular physique

Dexter is fact becoming a regular spanking top for Sting Pictures. In the first set of pictures below, Dexter puts new Sting actor David White through his paces in the soon to be released Sting Download, Bad Education.


David White – not just a pretty face

In the pictures below however, we see a different and bare bottomed side of Dexter, when he found himself on the stinging end of Rich O’Shea’s firm hand and cane, when he underwent the traditional Sting audition.