Army Hotshots


Life in the 12th Field cavalry regiment goes on as does the strict discipline, imposed to mould future efficient soldiers out of the young cadets.
One or two still push their luck though, the case of Trooper Henderson (Adam Ashton) being one of them. He thought that if he was careful taking a rifle out of the barracks to show his girlfriend would go unnoticed. He couldn’t have been more wrong!



His commander was furious at such a foolish thing to do, however it was decided to deal with him off the record. Now for this reckless young cadet a hard military style spanking would take place scolding his firm rounded bare bottom to perfection. 



With his backside still burning Trooper Henderson is ordered to lie across the ammunition boxes, his bare buttocks raised.


It will be the training whips that will conclude the punishment. Used to train the finest cavalry stallions, should it not be the same with this petulant young cadet. The biting sting of the whips lash fiery stripes across Henderson’s bare bottom. Oh yes, today  lessons will be learned!







Another cadet, Trooper Hall (Oscar Hart) has finally lost the patience of his training officer (Travis McKinnon – above) His conduct of late has become most un soldierly. He’s letting the platoon down and his youthful fit muscular officer is determined to put a stop to it.
  As with Henderson he’s going to be spanked army style.
Hauled up over the young officer’s knee Hall can only squirm and yelp
as he receives a good hard stinging bare bottom spanking.



 His backside is red raw but for the training officer it’s not enough!
He reaches for his riding crop and with trooper Hall kneeling on an ammunition box, bottom raised and splayed, lays on a good lashing. The woven leather whip, more used to training the officer’s horse, now delivers a series of burning hot shots to the howling young cadets dangerously exposed bare bottom.




 Travis gets into a military mood before filming
Ready …aim …