Sting Spanking Classic – “Sports Report 5”

Another Sting Spanking Classic is

Sports Report 5

Starring Richy Casey, Jerome Fisher and Marco

Being trusted to complete a cross country run has been a long standing tradition in the PE department of most colleges. Boys are given a start time to do the run and have to compete the course as instructed. Unfortunately its also a great time to skip off for a while and do other things.

Other things for Rigby (Richy Casey) and Collins (Jerome Fisher) were to include a sneaky smoke break. This was fine until their PE Master, Mr Sharpe, caught up with them along the way.

Not one to appreciate the illicit use of cigarettes during a supposed healthy training run, he swiftly orders the lads back to the gym.

Without a doubt both boys are going to get their bare bottoms well and truly spanked!


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Sting CFNM Discipline “Blow Back” (Part 2 of 2) plus Spanking Video Preview

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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by strict women.

Sting CFNM Discipline “Blow Back” (part 1 of 2)

The latest Sting CFNM Discipline release is “Blow back” starring Jaydee Black and Judy Steel

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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

Sting Spanking Classic “See No Evil”

Another Sting Spanking classic was the 2010 release “See No Evil” starring Danny, Darren, Ed Williams and Danny Walsh

Sting Spanking Classic: See No Evil

The quiet of the night is broken with the sound of crunching glass and scrapping metal. The Geography master Harry Rawlins car is involved in an accident only he wasn’t driving it! Now an investigation is launched by the headmaster.

High on the list of suspects are two sixth form borders Brian Markham and Richard Hawkins (Darren and Danny) but so far nobody will snitch on these two rascals!

First up for interrogation is young Zac Hastings (Danny Walsh) already in trouble with the head and due for a good spanking. However if he can give some information useful leading to the discovery of the take and drive miscreants things might go a little easier for him. It’s not long before names are being named.


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Discipline Down Under – Bound To Be Trouble (Part 1 of 3)

Discipline Down Under Bound To be Trouble.

So its back down under to see what the scallywag students are up to at St Justin’s. They’re up to no good of course and the payback starts when one lad tries to extract revenge on his friend for an early incident that had got him in to trouble.

Finding his mate having a quick smoke in the changing room, David (Richard Hicks) decides to play a game with him. Its to get him back so grabbing some rope he quietly approaches the boy. Gerry (New StingLad Nathan Russell) doesn’t suspect anything and thinks David is just fooling around. Having now secured him over the vaulting horse David reaches for the Housemaster’s cane. He wants to teach Garry a lesson.

However, before he can really start in walks his Housemaster.


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Roundabout Bedtime

 Sting’s latest download is Roundabout Bedtime starring Karl Frazer 

and introducing three new Sting Lads


Usually when its lights out at any well disciplined college the seniors should be heading straight to sleep. Not so for the past few nights in Stratford House dormitory. The boys have been pushing their luck and both their Housemaster and Headmaster have has enough. Firm action will have to be taken!


Four sixth formers Bailey (Karl Frazer) Smith (New StingLad Phil Stone) Robinson (New Stinglad Billy Gray) and Graham (New StingLad Tony Masters) are all in big trouble and quickly dispatched to the common room. An example has to be made.


Two at a time the lads are given a good over the knee bare bottom spanking while their mates look on.
















Hornet: Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline

The latest Hornet release is Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline


Banged up inside the pent up energy of young reformatory boys often
spills over! In the case of Haig (Kurt Maddox) and Martinez (Brandon
Junior) a fight between the two had broken out.

Sent by the Warden to be
dealt with by their senior officer (Johan Volny) the two lads know
they’ll pay the price for stepping out of line!

Whilst Haig faces the wall the officer get to work in straightening
out Martinez. His smooth little round butt starts to turn a fiery red as
the officers stinging palm smacks down. Soon however its Haig that gets
ordered over to join the action.

Now officer Volny is making sure it’s a
real pleasure to discipline these lads and they in turn are learning to
serve their master. Time to swap around now and its Haig who feels the
scorching sting whilst his young cohort obediently pleasures Mr Volny
some more. If these lads want to play hard then hard it will be.

With the spanking just a precursor the holed reformatory paddle
brought out. Now its Martinez on the receiving end as old hickory woody
cracks home! The young officer is now very much on form and in fact its
both boys who are on the receiving end. Haig has got wood banging in and
Martinez butt is a glowing red raw too from the paddle.

All this hard
disciplinary effort is heading for a climax! The muscular officer is
sweating now and all three are groaning and yelping from the hot
transfer of pain to pleasure! These lad really are being drilled into

Warning:  Hornet movies feature equal levels of sex and Spanking

Video preview trailer


Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in 1080p Extra High Definition

Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in 720p High Definition

Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in Standard Definition

Sting Pictures

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts

 Strict discipline is still being enforced regularly at Rainsford
Borstal. No matter how stiff the regime though some of the lads still
think they can get away with very questionable behavior.

One such boy trainee is Gibson (Damien Drake)

Gibson’s recent spate of bad behavior has caught the eye of his senior office
(Johan Volny) Not one to be made a fool of he soon has Gibson over his
knee whilst sitting on a bunk bed. 

As his grips hold of the metal bed rails the stinging smacks soon turn young Gibson’s bare backside a burning red.

 Its just the start though as next up will be a dose of the old leather
strap, just the thing to turn a wayward like Gibson around.

Legs apart and bent over a bench his yelps won’t stop the wicked strap cracking down but behaving better in future just might!

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Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts in 1080p Extra High Definition

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts in 720p High Definition

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts – in Standard Definition

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The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects (Part 2)

 The Second set of pictures from The Sixth Formers – Imperfect Prefects

In Scene three, Mark Jackson (Oscar Hart) is a youthful sixth former who always seems to be causing an upset after lights out in the dormitory. Tired of this his Housemaster, Mr Volny (Johan Volny) decides to take direct action!


This cheeky pup is going over the knee to have his bare bottom spanked raw, that way he might see some sense next time he wants to lark around.


Mr Volny’s scorching palm has made a good effect on young Mark’s backside but it’s the India rubber gym slipper that will finally burn some manners in to this badly behaved youth. Grabbing his ankles his rounded little backside thrust out all the lad can do now is yelp and the Housemasters slipper crack’s firmly home.


Mr Graves is on his late night dormitory check and unfortunately for one lad Crowley (Rudi Vallance) he is caught puffing on a cigar almost certainly purloined from the staff room. Mr Graves, a total non-smoker, is not amused and gives Crowley a hiding there and then.


Crowley is also a member of the football team, a respected sports boy and should know better. His muscular and well-rounded bare bottom is turned a scorching red by the master but now he dispatches Crowley off to bring back the cane.


Once more the lad’s backside is thrust out and the cane thwipps home! The stinging biting stripes from the wicked rattan instantly give Crowley something to think about, giving up casual smoking is certainly high on the list!


Unfortunately Robert Barclay didn’t take his cue to behave the first time after a spanking from Mr Graves. Now thoroughly tired of this senior boy’s antics the Head orders the birch to be laid on.


Straddling the gym horse like the cannon on a warship Barclay grits his teeth and the well soaked birch cuts down. Its supple twigs, like red hot wires, burning painful waves of much needed discipline in to this insolent sixth former’s defenceless bare bottom. Maybe in time these imperfect prefects will become perfect after all!

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Hornet – What the Eyes Don’t See (Part 3)


Introducing Justin Maher in a Hornet Production 


After a workout in the college gym two lads (Justin Conway and new StingLad Justin Maher) head to the showers to clean up. After that, in the changing rooms, things start to heat up but unfortunately whilst engaged in an amorous liaison the two are caught by the junior PT master (coach) (New StingLads top Lloyd Franke)


Ordered to the PT office the two are going to be dealt with! A good spanking for the pair of them is the of course the order of the day and soon their smooth blemish free backsides are turning a bright red. 


As it seems these two want to engage in pleasures of the flesh the young muscular coach himself, always driven horny when administering punishment, decides to get something out of it too. What’s good for the goose as they say!


Besides with Mr Volny, the senior coach, he knows he too has his ways. The boys are in trouble, there a time and place for everything and now they have to pay. Right place, right time!


The spanking is getting just too much for the fit young coach and now the lads must serve their rampant master. His rock hard rod becomes the focus of attention with a sound spanking being laid on at the same time. Both boys must attend to the coach and after the spanking the stingy rubber faced wooden ping pong bat is brought to bare.


With their backside now red a scorching a dose of the India rubber gym slipper is laid on too for good measure and things begin to reach a climax. The fit young coach is finished in more ways than one and leaves the two hapless and well punished rule breakers to their own ends!


The spanking has had a very good effect disciplinary wise but now the after effects are causing another perhaps no so unwelcome sensation. One that in these circumstances must be urgently dealt with. A relief from their stinging bare bottom is needed and now it looks like their own aching rods will get some attention.