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Please note that Rob, who deals with most customer service matters, is temporarily indisposed. As a result Customer Services may be slower than usual.

Thank you for your patience

This will not impact automated online transactions

The current situation at Sting

The current situation at Sting

The Covid-19 Pandemic which has hit the world in such a devastating manner in the last year has now had an impact on Sting. Unfortunately, both Rich O’Shea and Jonathan Fox have caught Covid, and have been quite ill.

Both Rich and Jonathan are now recovering but, as you will understand full recovery can be a slow process.

Naturally, this situation will have a significant impact on Sting’s output and services for a while.

However, I am sure you will all understand and bear with them.

Meanwhile, Rob and other members of the Sting crew are working to get service back to normal as soon as possible.

Update, the Sting Studio move

This week, Sting are completing the move into their new permanent studio, which means the whole Sting crew are occupied moving equipment and building new sets etc. As a result production will be limited in the next few days. Apart from a previously completed CFNM video, which will be released shortly, there will be no new MM videos released this week.

Hopefully full production will recommence towards the middle or end of next week, and the benefits of the new and improved location will be obvious to all viewers.

Sting is grateful for their customer’s for their patience

A Short Message from STG Pictures

A Short Message from STG Pictures

A new studio for STG. During the early part of this year we intend to make some significant changes to the way we operate and make our films. However, the short term affect is likely be a slowing down of output. It will also mean both costumes, props and backgrounds may not be as diverse as they usually are. Some scenarios that require a lot of presentation will be put on hold until our new studio is fully open and in normal operation with new sets as we would like.

The long term effect will mean that all our studio titles from Sting, CFNM and Hornet will be in a far better position to create the sort of material we would like to make.

Thanks to all our valued customers and friends in the business for their understanding during this, for us, exiting new venture.

UK Age Verification

The age verification provisions of the UK Digital Economy Act 2017 come into effect in April of this year, and will have significant ramifications on adult internet usage for UK citizens.

As from April, UK users will be required to provide proof of age before they are able to access adult web sites. How they will go about this has not yet been fully confirmed, but as we understand it UK users should be able to obtain an age verification certificate (or similar) from a government approved source. However, the details of this are not yet very clear, and we will provide more information regarding how verification can be obtained in due course.

Adult websites will be required to set up a verification process so that only those UK users who have verified their ages can access their content.

After initially indicating that blogs and free sites like JockSpank and Feel the Sting would be exempt, it now appears that we will be impacted after all.

We are looking at various age verification options, but at present everything seems to be quite expensive, which is a problem, as JockSpank and Feel the Sting do not generate income. However, I am confident we will find a solution.

This legislation will not effect, users outside the UK. However, as it will effect UK users visiting all international adult sites, UK users may wish to explore the possibility of obtaining a VPN.

As stated, the final details are not yet clear, and we will provide further information in due course.

Announcement From Sting Pictures

Announcement From Sting Pictures.

A number of people have noticed the changes in the last week affecting STG Pictures websites. This was due mainly to a site overhaul, the purpose of which was to alter certain references and content to become compliant under new rules in the ever changing adult film production business.

The alterations were mainly in stories depicting domestic life and the videos are being re worked to comply with the processors and card associations AUP. One popular series will be available again soon retitled Angry Step Dads, the episode numbers being the same as before.

Other films of this nature are also being re worked and re titled. On re issue, if you are unsure whether you already have the film before purchasing please feel free to write to Sting at


Although there are currently difficulties with the comments facility on the new JockSpank blog, you can leave comments here at Feel the Sting, and it would be great to hear from you.

The comment system is slightly different here than at the Blogger sites. The differences are as follows:

* The Comment link is at the top of each posting, beneath the title, rather than at the bottom as it was with Blogger.

* The option of leaving “Anonymous” comments is not available, and you will need to give a name. However, it does not have to be your real name, King Kong or Elvis should be fine.

* You will need to enter an e-mail address, however, this will not be visible to other visitors

* There is an option to quote a website, but that is not essential.

Unfortunately, as with Blogger, comments will continue to be moderated to prevent spam and abuse. However, we will seek to moderate comments as quickly as possible.

I hope that some of you will make use of the comment option going forward, and let us know what you think.