Two boys spanked with a rice paddle (From Discipline Downunder 3)

Two boys spanked with a rice paddle (From Discipline Downunder 3



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Discipline Down Under 3 was released in 2010 and is 1 hour 6 minutes long 

Featuring 20 Stinglads including:

Robbie Estivez, Darren, Jame Bruce, Stefanel, Sebastian, Rowan Hunter, 
Sean Ronson, Joshua Black, Andreas and Alex Granger

Set in an Australian School at a time when they knew just how to deal with naughty boys!

Discipline Down Under Part 3

Let the Cane Take the Strain # 2

Here are some more pictures from the special length download (47.5 minutes) “Let the cane take the strain”

Storyline: The rattan cane is probably the most famous of all the punishment instruments. In part one of this drama documentary Sting Pictures takes a look back at the early years of its use and follows through to the 50s and 60s.

The film opens in a 1900 House Of Correction where inmate Johnson (Carlos Fernandez) is summoned to be punished by his Warden. First a good bare bottom spanking followed by a caning face down on the pine scrub top table. He yelps his way through the punishment as different canes are selected. The idea for this sequence is based on an old photo of the period.

Next Robbie features as Naval Training Ship cadet boy seaman Heath up on a charge and sentenced to receive traditional ‘cuts’ of the cane both in tight white naval ducks and on the bare breech. Stoically, like most young cadets, he takes his punishment well.

Moving on in time and down under senior student Hargreaves (Dexter) reports to his house master for late night bullying in the dormitory. Dressed in his pyjamas he gets a long hard spanking and is then told to report back the next day in sports kit for the cane. He has been warned many times but perhaps further 24 strokes of this stinging rod with help him to behave.

Next featuring a 1950s public school environment David McCullock (Matt Mills) reports to his house master for a caning. McCullock’s smooth backside bucks and twists as the biting cane connects with his blemish free bare bottom. After this and to make sure the lad fully understands the master delivers a firm hand spanking!

Now it’s a visit to a 60s Borstal where inmate 43567 Simmonds (Andreas) is receiving a punishment caning from gross misbehavior. His house officer (Margusta) makes sure the strokes are carefully and well laid on!

In a junior soldiers battalion young junior leader (Sebastian) reports to receive punishment from the Physical Training Instructor (Dexter) in typical army style he is commanded by the PTI to strip, mount the horse and receive 24 cuts of the cane. Legs well apart and bend right over this muscular young squaddie will think again before being brought up on a charge! This feature is part one of a series and will be followed by other stories of masters who much prefer to let the cane take the strain!


Let the Cane Take the Strain #1

Let the Cane take the Strain” is an examination of the use of the rattan cane in institutions of reform and education. It stars Matt Mills, Robbie, Sebastian, Andreas, Carlos Fernandez and Dexter, with a appearance by a cane wielding Margusta. At over 47 minutes in length, it is a “must have” movie for those who enjoy seeing handsome guys getting their young bottoms caned.  More details (and pictures) to follow …..


The Brothers – The Three Absconders

This 14 minute long scene, comes towards comes towards the end of the full length download movie The Brotherswhich is set in an Irish religious institution for wayward young men.
Discipline is so strict that it’s not long before some of the lads Darren, Robbie and Andreas decide to abscond. They are hauled back and to save them from hell fire and damnation a stiff session of discipline is imposed.


The reverend brothers assemble to administer the punishment

The three miscreants don’t know what they are facing, but they know it will hurt!

The punishment starts with a blistering bare bottom spanking

But its not over yet …..

After the spanking the inmates in the rest of the building soon begin to hear thick leathers straps descending on to the now bright red and burning bare bottoms of the three sinners.

The Brothers is 1 hour 06 minutes long and features nine hot sting lads

The Brothers – Part 2

As promised, here are some more images from Sting’s incredible special length (1 hour 6 minute) download “The Brothers”. I am a fan of everything Sting makes, however, they really excelled themselves with “The Brothers, which is one of the best made and most erotic spanking movies I have ever seen.

To be continued…….. More stills from The Brothers will be posted tomorrow


The Brothers (Download)

The Brothers – Part 1

The Brothers is in my view one of the hottest Sting downloads in quite a while, set in a religious institution and featuring a host of well known Sting Lads such as Darren, Barry, Robbie, Andreas, Scott and Marc and also some new faces, including Matt Steele, Max McKenzie and Lukas Leyton.

Over one hours and six minutes of hot Sting action, this one Sting fans won’t want to miss.

The Brothers includes some footage shot in the UK prior to the move to Prague

To Be Continued
More images from “The Brothers” will be posted over the weekend
The Brothers (Download)

Downloads on DVD 2 – The Discipline Chronicles

The second batch of downloads available on DVD are all on
“The Discipline Chronicles”

A 1 hour 45 minute disc in DVD quality format

The downloads now available on this DVD are:

African Academy Stars Barry as African schoolboy Zachariah who with his friend Ezekiel learn the price of disobedience at a strict place of education one of the far flung corners of the old Empire

More images from African Academy will be posted here shortly 


Approved Education Part 2 is a smoking hot mixture of British and Czech Sting Lads stars Brett, Barry David, Brad and Stefanal who go back to the days when discipline meant a sore bottom and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the sound of slipper, strap, tawes, cane and hand spanking echo round the walls

(Fans of Brett should note that he is on the sore bottomed receiving end of three of the above options in this one story)

More images from Approved Education 2 can be viewed here 

In Three For the Gym, Clifton Heath College students Wheeler, Sanderson and Bailey soon learn how to behave after facing the deputy head Mr Hewitson.

More images from Three for the Gym can be viewed here


The fourth feature on The Discipline Chronicles is “The Making of a Gentleman” which stars Darren as the son of an Edwardian family who is sent to the Carnfield Institute run by the venerable Colonel James Templeton Lee. He has a legendary reputation for putting the wayward sons of gentlefolk back on to the straight and narrow. The movie also features James B.

More images from The Making of a Gentleman can be viewed here


In “Discipline for Joe” it is handsome young Danny’s bare behind which is in the firing line. Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is set on other things rather than preparing for Exams. Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes strict Uncle. As a result Danny gets his tail tanned in three separate session and (as we see in the scene below) learns that slippers can have other functions in addition to keeping your toes warm. In other scenes Danny finds himself over the vaulting horse in the gym, and, of course over uncle’s knee

More images from Discipline for Joe will be posted here shortly 

Bonus scene: As with the earlier Downloads on DVD – Discipline Chronicles – Vol 1 disc, The Discipline Chronicles” also includes a bonus 1900 scene “Whipped into Shape”

Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers

Sting Returns to the House of Correction in “Discipline Diary 1900”

In Discipline Diary 1900 Sting paid another visit to the 1900 House of Correction for wayward young men, where the strict disciplinarian Colonel Templeton Lee is experimenting with various inspired means of inflicting heightened degrees of discomfort to the young male behind. This involves various potions and ointments designed to intensify the “Sting” of any bottom related punishment, and in case you are interested those birches are soaking in in sea salt, as would have been the case on the original naval training ships.

Sting certainly added an extra *STING* to the tail in this download! I doubt any of the young lads involved could sit down comfortably for some time to come!

Set in the first decade of the last century, Discipline Diary 1900 is a medium length (37.12 min) download staring James Bruce, Sebastian, Dexter, Andreas and new Sting Lad Jared as various wayward young men, all sent to the strict Carnfield Institute. The unfortunate young rascals discover that the consequences of misbehavior can be very painful. Especially when it is doled out by the strict Colonel Templeton Lee and the firm handed Mr. Steerforth

In this scene James and Sebastian are punished which certainly must have made their behinds STING, first essence of ginger is inserted into their tight young rectums, after which they are soundly spanked before their bare behinds are washed with a saline solution and then birched! A punishment they will not forget for some time!!


Discipline Diary 1900 download

More images from Discipline Diary 1900 (Part2)

Some screen grabs from Sting’s latest download set in Edwardian England at the Carnfield Institute for wayward youths
Discipline Diary 1900“.

First Andreas goes over the Colonel’s knee for a good hand spanking followed by a taste of the bath brush!

Adding a bit of spice to warm things up!  First Sebastian and James B are subjected to a humiliating “figging” with some essence or ginger, before a good hand spanking followed by a sponging down and then the birch!! OUCH!