Video Preview for “Bedtime 2 Pack”

The Video Preview for the Sting special Price Spanking Compilation

Bedtime 2 Pack

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Bedtime 2 Pack


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Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “Bedtime 2 Pack”

The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic Compilation is

Bedtime 2 Pack

Only $19.99 (Usual combined coast $47.90)

The films in this Two video compilation are


After lights out in any college means its time for bed. Unfortunately it’s also a time many of the more unruly boys see fit to misbehave. The Masters keep a beady eye on them of course and sometimes, if they are misbehaving, they will get caught.

This was the case with Atkins (new StingLad Jay Sheen) he was relaxing back on his bunk bed smoking when his Housemaster happened to be doing his rounds.

He knows the rules and although shocked to get caught wasn’t surprised to learn that now he was going to get a good spanking,

Pyjamas down on the bare bottom. As yet young Atkins hadn’t been spanked at college and had been fairly lucky in avoiding it.

Now though it would be not only the stinging spanking he’d have to endure but also a few scolding swats of his own bedroom slipper across his already sore backside.


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Roundabout Bedtime

 Sting’s latest download is Roundabout Bedtime starring Karl Frazer 

and introducing three new Sting Lads


Usually when its lights out at any well disciplined college the seniors should be heading straight to sleep. Not so for the past few nights in Stratford House dormitory. The boys have been pushing their luck and both their Housemaster and Headmaster have has enough. Firm action will have to be taken!


Four sixth formers Bailey (Karl Frazer) Smith (New StingLad Phil Stone) Robinson (New Stinglad Billy Gray) and Graham (New StingLad Tony Masters) are all in big trouble and quickly dispatched to the common room. An example has to be made.


Two at a time the lads are given a good over the knee bare bottom spanking while their mates look on.