Sting Lads Spanking Compilation 2: Just Tigger

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Here is the second compilation video, over one hour long and made up of a series of scenes featuring the ever popular and much spanked Sting Lad Tigger:
Below Sting’s Rich O’Shea speaks about Tigger
One afternoon, through the doors of the joint Sting Pictures and Clublads studio, in walked a pair of young lads who we all now know as Tigger and David. With a mischievous look in their eyes, it was clear they would have a great screen presence. During the years they worked for Sting Pictures they gave some brilliant performances from ‘My Borstal Days’ to ‘Tales From St Datchet’s Academy’.


In his model career with Sting Tigger developed a large following of fans This particular compilation features the films that Tigger will always be remembered for.


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Tanning Tigger

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Just a cute picture for you to enjoy!! 🙂

18 year old Tigger was one of Sting’s most popular actors, appearing in My Borstal Days 1, Tales From St Datchet’s Academy, Instruments of Persuasion Parts 1 and 2, Reformatory USA, The Sting Double Bill, Asian Incident and Borstal Correction Part 1 

My Borstal Days 1 – Video trailer

The original My Borstal Days was released a number of years ago, and remains a classic Sting movie, staring a host of the original and most iconic Sting lads, such as Tigger, David, Jay and staring Brett and James as Charlie Fox and Phillip Stevens who are sentenced to eighteen strokes of the birch and two years training at Rainsford Borstal, where bare bottom spankings are dished out to the young inmates with considerable regularity.
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Tanning Tigger – Part Two

One of the cutest Sting lads of all time, Tigger has received many on screen spankings. The hand spanking depicted in part one was just the first of four spanking young Tigger receives in
Tales from St Datchet’s Academy

In a later scene, Tigger still in his striped pajamas, and Coyote get into serious trouble, with the result that our young here receives a severe birching, on his bare bottom, while bent over the gym horse.

In other scenes from Tales from St Datchet’s Academy Tigger gets the cane ……….
…… and the slipper 
Tales From St Datchet’s Academy also stars Jamie, Brett, David, Matt Mills, Barry, Anderson, Coyote, Harry, Mike, JJ, James, Vex, Mark, Lee, Nick
and, of course, Dr. Barton
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Vex’s Turn …..!!

By request, here are some images from the scene where Vex follows Tigger over senior boy Brett’s knee in Tales from St Datchet’s Academy (Gray Shorts 2) 

To be continued …………

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Tanning Tigger – Part 1

In another of an occasional series featuring that most spankable of Sting Actors Tigger, here are some images from some of the various spanking the mischievous young rascal received in Tales from St Datchet’s Academy.Weaver (Brett) one of the school prefects catches Tigger and another popular Sting Lad Vex with contraband and gives them the choice of either being reported, or taking their punishment from him.

“Who’s idea was this?”

“It was his! …honest!!”

To be continued …………
Users in the USA can purchase Sting DVDS from Mans Hand Films  

More images from Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

 At 1 hour 05 minutes  in length, Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 includes at least a dozen scenes and a host of favourite Sting Lads

One of the most well known scenes is the infamous nettle birching staring Jay. more images from this scene can be viewed here.

In the first of two figging scenes a young trooper, played by JJ receives  a birching, with the added discomfort of a burning plug of raw ginger inserted in a sensitive orifice!! 

Tigger receives a taste of the riding crop on his bare behind wile perching on a saddle – more images here.

 David makes the second oif three appearances, this time on the stinging end of a military caning

The formidable Dr. Barton sentences Barry to a judicial birching on the Isle of Guernsey, where the birch continued to be used a method of legal punishment well into the 1960’s.  More images from this scene can be viewed here

 A selection of spanking includes scenes featuring David (more images here) …


 and JJ. who is spanked on a recently caned bottom

 The second figging scene features Matt Mills, who receives a sound over the knee, bare bottom spanking, with a stick of raw ginger inserted deep in his tender pucker!!

These instruments of persuasion leave a lot of young men unable to sit down for a long time!

Trailer For Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

 The Instruments of Persuasion DVD cover was illustrated by Jonathan

Here is the trailer for Sting’s brilliant Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

Whereas the also superb Instruments of Persuasion Part 1 was an examination of the more commonly used implements used to inflict punishment on the Male bottom. Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 looked at more exotic and unusual ones.  
This video includes young Tigger as a young soldier receiving a taste of the riding crop, whilst spread legged over a saddle, Matt Mills being “figged” with a fiery plug of raw peeled ginger up his anus before a hard over the knee spanking, David bending over for a dose of the French Martinet, Vex receiving a triple rodded “Triad”caning, Bary and Mark receiving a Guernsey birching and, of course, the infamous nettle birching scene, where handsome Jay ends up with a well “stung” behind, together with more innovative devices and a bonus selection of spankings.       

Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 was nominated for a GAYVN award in 2009.