Paddling Matt – More from Reformatory USA

As promised, here are some images from another scene in Reformatory USA featuring Matt Mills   and Dr Barton as the prison Warden.

After the earlier scene posted last weeek, showing Matt’s lengthy session over the warden’s knee  this time Matt is face down over the gym vaulting horse and on the bruised bottomed end of a good ol’ all American paddling.

THE (cute, red and very sore) END

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Matt Mills Upended – Reformatory USA (Part 1)

 Matt Mills is certainly one of Sting’s most popular and spankable young actors. Who among us doesn’t want to throw that bad boy over your lap, pull down his designer pants and spank his cute bare bottom until he begs for mercy ……… and then smack him harder?

In Reformatory USA by Sting Pictures young Matt Mills gets his little butt seriously tanned by the head Warden (played by Dr Barton) in two hot scenes. In the first scene he goes over the Warden’s knee for a long hard hand spanking first on the seat his pants, then on his underpants, and then ………..

………the underpants come down!!!

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Matt Mills Upended – Reformatory USA (Part 2)

Some more images from Sting’s Reformatory USA featuring Matt Mills of the Warden’s knee

Matt’s pants are now down

And his bare unprotected butt is getting a real toasting

Matt vainly attempts to protect his burning backside

But to no avail

The Warden will not stop until he’s ready

If poor Matt thinks his butt is sore now, wait until the next time he misbehaves
and the Warder reaches for his paddle….

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Reformatory USA – Video Trailer

 Set in Pine Valley Reformatory a penal institution for wayward youths, somewhere in America in the middle of the last century, Reformatory USA is where a huge cast of handsome young guys discover that when they fight against the system they end up on the sore bottomed end of a hard hand, an even harder paddle, or the Wardens stinging hickory switch!!
Staring David White as Danny Carver, David, Matt Mills, Barry, Vex, CJ Jacks, Anderson, Tigger, Brett and various other Sting actors together with Dr. Barton as Captain Willard T. Morteton and Zack Price as Officer Joe Deatvine

Review by JockSpank: You will have to go a long way to find anything of this quality and professionalism in the adult film industry this is without equal and one of the best spanking movies ever made.I cannot praise this DVD highly enough, it is superb

Available as a download and on DVD


Reformatory USA Download


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Reformatory USA – Part 1

Reformatory USA – a film by Richard O’Shea was released by Sting Pictures in March 2010, and was, at that time, one of their most ambitious projects. Set in an American reformatory for bad boys it has an all star cast, including Brett, David White (as Danny Carver), Robbie, Matt Mills, David, Vex, Tigger, Anderson and C.J Jacks.

Over a year in the making and at extra length, this is a Sting spectacular which I can not recommend too highly

Reformatory USA – Part 2

More hot images from the Sting Pictures epic “Reformatory USA” a film by the one and only Richard O’Shea, classic Sting, but set stateside this is a spanking movie you don’t want to miss.

Captain Willard T. Morteton runs Pine Valley Reformatory in the best possible way. An ex military man who believes in the firm smack of discipline and the boy inmates sure know it ! Joe Deatvine (Zack Price) is a new young warder, he’s learning the ropes and equipped with his regulation paddle begins his duties with relish. Danny Carver a petulant young inmate soon crosses swords with this new greenhorn officer and sparks begin to fly. Whilst on cleaning duties Danny finds the unofficial punishment record and on reading it gets an insight in to the punishments meted out at Pine Valley. Hard spankings, the leather strap, the paddle and hickory switch are all well employed to maintain discipline. On most days somewhere an officer or the governor is laying on a good hiding to some badly misbehaved Reformatory brat ! Red hot stripes from the switch, red blazing butts after the paddle and worst of all for escaping the heaving leather strap. One boy, Scott Marconi knows it only too well after getting a double strapping from two officers for escaping. Reformatory USA features over fourteen horny Sting stars including David White, Matt Mills, David, Tigger, Robbie, Barry Vex, CJ Jacks and Brett Stevens as Officer Mike Hathaway


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Reformatory USA – Part 3

Some more images from Sting’s epic DVD
Reformatory USA
Featuring Brett (for once in the role of disciplinarian) David, Vex, Barry, Matt Mills, CJ Jacks with David White as Danny Carver and Zack Price as Officer Joe Duetvine

Reformatory US DVD
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