High Quality Images from “Caught in the Act”

Last month I posted an update featuring screen shots from a recent Sting release entitled Caught in the Act  staring Jesse Magowen and Mike Cross.  Screen Shots were posted instead of the usual HQ images because of a problem with the stills camera. However, Sting have now retrieved a number of images, and here they are!!  Enjoy!



New Sting Actor – Jesse Magowen in “Caught in the Act”

The Stars 
Jesse Magowen

Mike Cross

In this short clip new Sting model Jesse Magowen plays a college junior, who sneaks in to a senior’s dorm to check out his porn magazine collection.



On being discovered by the older student (Mike Cross) the unlucky lad is made to pay for his unwarranted intrusion. 


Annoyed with the younger students impudent attitude the muscular senior picks him up off the bed and throws him across his knee. Suddenly this hapless youngster feels what it’s like to get spanked, and spanked till his very rounded butt cheeks are glowing red.

Not satisfied with just a spanking the senior student grabs the boy again and marches him up to the bunk beds. The senior then whips the black leather belt from his jeans and making sure the youngster’s backside is well pushed out, begins to administer good strapping. 

The building sting soon begins to reach a climax on the youths jutting out bare backside. The leather belt burns and the redness from the spanking is now getting even deeper. Feeling just a little regretful now it will be sometime before this junior student gets caught in the act again.