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What is the Team Captain saying to Johnny in this picture? Alternatively, what is Johnny thinking as he pulls down his underpants?







What is the Team Captain saying to Johnny in this picture? alternatively, what is Johnny thinking as his bottom gets spanked?
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The pictures are from Sting Rugby Club 3
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Video Preview for Sting Rugby Club 3

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Sting Rugby Club 3


When cute young rugby player Johnny is caught Stealing …


He gets what he deserves, which just happens to be what the handsome Team Captain always wanted to give him!!

















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The Team Captain has the Perfect Excuse to give a young player a good Bare Bottom Spanking and beat his bottom with a switch in “Sting Rugby Club 3”

Rugby Club 3

One of the newest young lads to join the club is Johnny (Don Diego) He got in much easier on the say so of the new team captain (new StingLad Joel Vargas) who on sight of the boy thought he certainly had the right fitness qualifications.


However Johnny was a little bit prone to temptation and while sifting through the players jackets hanging in the changing room got caught by the Captain. It was his jacket! This couldn’t be tolerated especially from a boy who had just got through the tests on the nod of this particular Team Captain.


What Johnny didn’t know deep down the Team Capitan was just a little bit happy for this chance arrest. He liked nothing more than hauling a boy like Johnny over his knee and teaching him a lesson.




Now happily he would get the chance to punish this new lads pert smooth rounded bare bottom, just as he had wanted to all along. Johnny wasn’t going to argue, much, he knew he’d now have to take his punishment if he wanted to stay in the club.


The Captain was going to enjoy this!! (Johnny not so much!!)


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Sting Rugby Club – Episode 2

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New players joining the club will sign a contact. In it the conditions are that they must fully accept corporal punishment as part of the training strategy. Its become a tried and tested method to keep discipline and the Senior Coach intends to keep it as part of the clubs winning formula.
ne of the clubs new signers is Peter (New StingLad Lukas Cerny) he’s look like he’s going to be a real asset to the team. Unfortunately Peter is far too inquisitive and decides to unofficially borrow some cash from Jerry, the Team Captain’s wallet (Kris Walker) Understandably he is very annoyed and invokes his right to punish Peter as per the contract.
The new lad is told to strip and is taken over the Captain’s knee.
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