In Production- Coming Soon from Sting “Oh Brother” – with a new star

New  boy Daniel Fliesh will make his debut in “Oh Brother 2”
The sequel to “Oh Brother” is currently in production at Sting and will be released soon.  Oh Brother 2 is set in a Catholic institution and includes stars such as Darren, Brandon Junior, Damien Drake, Dexter, Mike Cross and new actor Daniel Fliesh 

 Dexter and Darren

 Not sure how comfortable Damien will feel sitting on that bike!! …


 Brandon and Mike Cross

Brandon’s bottom really reddens up!

Daniel feels the sting

Downloads on DVD 1

In 2009 Sting produced the first Downloads on DVD – tHe Discipline Chronicles – Vol 1featuring the first six of their internet downloads all on one 104 minute disc in high quality DVD format.  These include:
Paul’s Bad Report featuring Sting superstar Paul, who appeared in many of the original Sting films including ‘Grey Shorts’. In this short story he plays Davies,  a young miscreant recalls his scrapes with discipline both at college and afterwards having been sentenced to a spell in a reformatory. As he sits once again in police custody the arresting officer reads through his past records and the punishments received for continually breaking the rules. This short story has been put together with much unseen material never brought to the screen due to irreparable damage of a master tape. Now restored by the editor for viewing this is some of the last footage available of Paul in action. (images from on of the scenes in  Paul’s Bad Report can be viewed here)
Borstal Correction takes us back several decades in time to see Brett, Tigger and other Borstal reformatory inmates feel the sting of the cane, strap and of course a good spanking.
Delivered By Hand lives up to its title with a hot session of spanking punishments laid on to both handsome model Matt Mills and the rest of the cast. For those who love hot OTK sessions and hand delivered spankings this is a must. (Images from one of the scenes in Delivered by hand “Shooting the Messenger” staring Matt Mills can be viewed here) This is followed by…
The Bully. Student David runs foul of the college bully played with vigour here by Sting model Nasher. After getting young David in to trouble and a hard spanking Nasher himself is discovered and given a stinging caning with the heavy senior cane across his firm bare backside.
Approved Education takes a look at the now famous Approved Schools. Sentenced to time inside Harry and Ginger come face to face with the harsh realities of correctional discipline. Spanking, tough caning and strapping are just some of the methods used at this harsh institution. Inflamed action from beginning to end. (Images from Approved Education 1 can be viewed here)
Stick And Stones follows the fortunes of students Anderson and Ginger two college lads on the look out for trouble. After a window smashing debacle both lads have to face Dr Barton the college’s intolerant principle. He and the deputy head waste no time to instil some much needed disciple in to the lads. The crack of the cane and slipper not to mention the firm spankings are all featured here.
In addition this DVD includes a previously unreleased  bonus scenes featuring James B, Damon, David and a rather scary looking birch in a scene set in the 1900 House of Correction

Here are some images from the bonus scene

Sting Premium on Download

Sting decided to close down the original  Premium area in December 2009. However, the various videos which were previously only available for download b Premium members can be purchased as a single download from the Sting PPV area:

The download, which is over 1 hour 48 minutes long includes:


“Home not so Sweet Home” – staring Louie
“Sore times for Sebastian”
Damon in “Not So PC”
“Woodland Vandals” with Rusty, Sebastian and Dexter
“Woodland Spanking” staring Margusta and two unlucky lads
“A Selection of Showers”

A Selection of Showers (screen grabs below) includes various Showering and bathing scenes from Sting videos together with clips from the spankings which preceded or followed them.


JockSpanks postings regarding the Sting Premium content can be viewed by clicking here

Premium content download

James and Damon get birched

Sting recently released the first batch of Downloads on DVD – the Discipline Chronicles – Vol 1 including  “Paul’s Bad Report Card”, “Borstal Correction 1”, “Delivered by Hand”, “The Bully”, “Approved Education 1” and “Sticks and Stones” However, they have also added to bonus scenes featuring James B, Damon, David as Victorian boys receiving rather scary looking birch in the 1900 house of Correction. Here are some images from those downloads