Failed Inspection

Failed Inspection: Directed by Jonathan Fox. Back in barracks again this time with Mike Cross as the officer and featuring two hunky cadets, Damien Drake and Randal Pittman. Having both failed inspection their officer decides to administer an on the spot punishment.


Firstly Trooper Richards (Randall Pittman) is taken over the knee in time-honoured fashion and given a heavy handed military boys spanking. His ample rounded bare cheeks begin to glow under the onslaught of this disciplinary attack. 


Looking on Trooper Mitchell (Damien Drake) knows he is next. Again down comes the officers gym trained arm spanking the now squirming young Mitchell’s bare buttocks as he yelps and bucks under the officers stinging palm.


Because his section commander knows he is the main instigator of slackness and indiscipline it’s Richards who had to take a follow strapping. Mitchell can only look on quickly coming to the conclusion that in future he is going to toe the line and get on with some proper soldiering.

The belt comes down delivering crack after crack of burning leather until the young trooper’s backside bares all the reddened marks of well laid on discipline. Next time it’s really for both these troopers not going to be a failed inspection! 

Louie in “Up the Creek With a Paddle”

Up theCreek with a Paddle – directed by Jonathan Fox. Set in a US 60’s College, unruly student Jack McConnighy (Louie Ashby) has finally caused the Principle to take action. Excelling more as a party animal than a diligent student the Principle decides to take some positive action to bring McConnighy round. After a dressing down he leaves him to the tender mercies of faculty head Mr Schwartz who proceeds to administer his polished paddle with relish.

Feeling the punishment has yet to sink in Schwartz now orders McConnighy to take off his jeans and pants off to get another dose other the knee on his bed. His already paddled backsides now begins to buck and twist as it reddens further from the stinging slaps of his determined teacher.
The principle is not so sure that McConnighy won’t reoffend again so he decides that a more ritualistic paddling should follow later in the Gym.
McConnighy arrives late further annoying his teacher. Now ordered to the wall, shorts and pant off, Jack McConnighy will feel the deep biting sting of the holed hickory paddle on his tender bare backside.
Now he’s really up the creek but with the paddle! 

Movie trailer


Pulled Over Pulled Down – Video trailer

Here is the video trailer for the recent Sting release  Pulled Over Pulled Down, directed by Jonathan Fox and staring Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin 
and Dexter as Constable Taylor

Pulled Over Pulled dow is available from Sting by 

Pulled Over Pulled Down

Stings recent release Pulled Over Pulled Down is directed by Jonathan Fox and stars Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin and Dexter as Constable Taylor

When two young guys decide to steal a car they hadn’t planned to run in to the Police quite so quickly. Luke Desmond and new Sting lad Roland Karlin both have a good reason not to get caught, doing so will mean they go straight back inside for breaking the terms of their probation.

Luckily or perhaps unluckily they run in to constable Taylor (Dexter) He seizes the chance and their predicament to lay on a little discipline of his own. Now out of sight and out of mind in a quiet part of the countryside Constable Taylor gets to work.

The two lads one by one are spanked in the back seat of the car. Bare backsides raised and at the mercy of the young constable he begins to spank some common sense in to their reddening young bottoms. They’re not used to this being a pair of pretty lippy guys most of the time

The hand spanking is finished but the punishment isn’t over yet. Constable Taylor finds he is still carrying his uniform clothes brush and this becomes the instrument of punishment for the next stage. Bending over the car bonnet with their jeans round their ankles the two lads now feel the stinging impact of clothes brush on bare skin.

The smooth side of the brush burns in to their bare bottoms landing time and time again in the same spot! Eventually they are told to stand up and walk home but not before they realise that this is just the beginning. They are going to have to report to Constable Taylor again before he’s really satisfied they’ve re learned their lessons. Best not perhaps to get pulled over and pulled down again!


Approved Education – The Runaways

Approved Education: The Runaways is directed by Jonathan Fox and Stars Justin Kingsley and Brandon Junior as The Runaways.


The search parties are out for runaways Alex Thompson (Justin Kingsley) and Tommy Sheridan (Brandon Junior) They are quickly apprehended and the Headmaster at Court Hall is determined to make an example of the escapees. After reporting to his office for a sharp dressing down a well earned spanking is administered to both lads bare bottoms.


However this isn’t the end for the hapless pair. In absconding they have brought shame on their own house and it’s master Mr Coulson (Dexter) now it’s his turn to warm up the proceedings. After reporting back to the heads office in their dressing gowns before lights out it’s time for Alex and Tommy to feel the sharp biting sting of their housemaster’s cane. Sleeping face down later that same night with raw cane stripes on their backsides still burning it will be a long time till they think of becoming runaways again.


Army Cadet

In Army Cadet, a download directed by Jonathan Fox, army Troopers Jones (Jason Kingsley) and Fox (Richie Sachs) decide to have a night out on the town their behaviour and general conduct shocks the locals. On hearing this their troop commander is furious. However in order to maintain B section’s good name the Lieutenant decides the matter can be settled off the record. He instructs the Sgt Major to make sure young troopers, Fox and Jones, receive a good hiding.

Without a do the Sgt Major orders the lads to report to the gym and alerts the Colour Sergeant (Rusty) to administer a hard spanking to the disgraced troopers followed by the cane.

After this as promised to the hapless lads the Sgt Major himself will lay on the birch. After a good long and hard spanking on their firm backsides and 24 cuts of the cane and birch, well laid on, both troopers will now have trouble sitting comfortably in the saddle of their mounts!

 After the punishment they are both dismissed to the sick bay to alleviate the throbbing sting in their bare backsides with a welcoming layer of disinfecting crème. From that day on the young troopers would not forget what true hard military discipline means to an Army Cadet!


Tales Down Under – further images

Some more images from the Jonathan Fox directed download “Tales Down Under”

First Sebastian takes his punishment

The new boy Ryan gets his turn

Ed Williams gets his bare white bottom tanned bright pink

Danny Walsh – spanked straight out of the shower by his Uncle Rob’s friend Dexter


Tales Down Under

Tales Down Under is set down under in Australia and directed by the increasingly impressive Jonathan Fox . This download features the sore bottomed misfortunes of a number of Sting lads including Sebastian, Danny Walsh, Ryan Phillips (pictured above) and Ed Williams at the hands of Rich O’Shea, Dexter and Rusty.
You can be sure there will be some very red and sore tails Down Under


Description: Jason Ripley (Dany Walsh) and Terry Richards (Ed Williams) are two mates who tend to get themselves in to a lot of trouble. Like many of their friends they often, without realising it, take things too far. One afternoon Giles Cook their Headmaster is concerned about the whereabouts of student Jason Ripley and makes a casual enquiry with Terry Richard before administering a long overdue spanking. Unbeknown to anyone young Ripley had bunked off college and was illegally partaking of his Uncle Jacks wine reserve.
Meanwhile back at the college Mr Cook finds Joey Miller (Sebastian) waiting for him. Having no time to deal with this unruly student the Head sent him to be dealt with by Mr Woods (Rusty) in the Gym. Young Joey is going to wish he hadn’t got himself in to so much bother as Mr Woods is known for his harsh treatment of offenders! Jason meanwhile is under the influence of Uncle Jacks wine and is about to be discovered.
He’ll soon regret his unwanted visit to his Uncle’s flat. Back in college another student Jimmy Crawford (Ryan Philips) has an appointment with the Head. He’s in for his first ever spanking and to make sure he understands the error of his ways he is introduced to the strap for future reference. Medicals are taking place in the college and with Jason’s escapades events are now unfolding like an Aussie soap opera. After consulting Mr Cook, the Headmaster, Jason’s uncle takes matters in to his own hands and has his errant nephew dealt with. Spanking the belt and strap all feature in this story and leaves all the lads concerned in no doubt that after their disciplinary sessions are over there will be plenty of red Tales Down Under.


Kingsley By Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox has worked with Sting since they first arrived in Prague, and frequently stands in as director, while Rich and Rob deal with other projects.

The first of the Jonathan Fox series was Kingsley, staring Rusty as The head boy Kingsley who gets to stand in for the headmaster and hand out some strict discipline to two bad boys Ben Richardson (Alistair Cole) and Colin Thompson (Dale Macey).

Jonathan Fox is a very promising young director, who has obviously leaned a lot from Richard O’Shea but also brings his own unique take on Spanking movies. I am sure that once you have seen his work you will agree he has a bright future.


“Borstal Birching”

“Borstal Birching”, was the third in the series directed by Jonathan Fox, and set in a 1950’s Borstal – An institution intended for the correction and discipline of wayward young males – where the Strict House Officer, Mr Hawkins (played by Rusty by then settling comfortably into his role of disciplinarian) knows just how to deal with inmates who misbehave.

Marc Russell plays Inmate 3479 Cassidy whose continued bad behaviour and insolence is very likely to earn him loss of remission meaning more time spent inside – that is unless he accepts the alternative punishment, a hard bare bare bottom spanking followed by a sound birching spread-eagled across the leather vaulting horse.

Cassidy accepts the alternative and soon finds himself regretting that decision.

Meanwhile Inmate 3436 Tanner (Played by James Bruce) attempts to abscond

But he’s out of luck

Tanner’s punishment also involves a firm hand spanking on his bare behind

Followed by THE BIRCH! a number of well deserved swats will remind the unfortunate tanner just who is in charge.