Auditions – Sebastian and Martin

As all Sting fans know, Sebastian (with his spectacular bottom) has become one of Sting’s most popular stars, however, here he is in his first ever audition.

The next new boy to Audition is Martin.  Sebastian and Martin later appeared together in the first Sting Plus production The Water Boys.

Auditions – Scott and Taylor

As I think must now be obvious, Rich and Rob who run Sting Pictures were born under two of the luckiest stars ever to appear in the skies above Europe. Is there anyone reading this who would not swap jobs with them in an instant?

Here we see Rich auditioning two new candidates who are applying to become Sting actors, and I am sure that we all admire the dedicated manner in which he sets about the task.

First up is Scott, who certainly seems well qualified for the “position” and self evidently has a bottom just made for spanking.

Next meet Taylor, another more that worthy candidate: I could be wrong, but I think I have seen Taylor before, acting for William Higgins under the name of “Lucky Taylor” – if so. I guess he’s not feeling so lucky now, are you fella?

Both Scott and Taylor did appear in later Sting productions.