More From The Sting Spanking Classic : Discipline DownUnder Part 3

Further scenes from the Sting Spanking Classic

Discipline Down Under Part 3

The bad boys’ bad day contininues

(You can view Part I here)

Still sulking following his earlier, well deserved, punishment, our young Football captain Paul Cooper (Darren) takes a shower.

The unlucky lad is unaware of what further misfortune is about to befall his still tender, recently caned, bottom… However, more of that later!

Meanwhile, good friends Corey Miller (Sebastian) and Sam Johnston (Rowan Hunter) enjoy their late night prowls round the college. Their latest mission however ends up with them having to report to no nonsense P.E teacher Mr Williams for stealing a bottle of Champagne from the Deputy Heads office.

Young as he is, Mr Williams know just how to deal with a pair like Miller and Johnson


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Sting Spanking Classic : Discipline DownUnder Part 3

Discipline Down Under Part 3

Featuring ten handsome Sting lads including Darren, Sebastian, James Bruce and Robbie Estavez

Part 1 of 2

The new term is in full swing and so are the antics of the unruly students. Two lads, John Craven (Robbie Estivez) and Fraser Becket have found a new side line business in cigarette trading which will lead them eventually to a clash with Headmaster Mr Crieghton. This will have widespread and painful consequences.

However First The Football Captain Paul Cooper Has to report to the Housemaster

where a record of bad behaviour is dealt with by means of a very hard caning.

Starting on the seat of his shorts

then his tight white underpants

before consentrating on the main target – his tender bare bottom


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Two boys spanked with a rice paddle (From Discipline Downunder 3)

Two boys spanked with a rice paddle (From Discipline Downunder 3



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Discipline Down Under 3 was released in 2010 and is 1 hour 6 minutes long 

Featuring 20 Stinglads including:

Robbie Estivez, Darren, Jame Bruce, Stefanel, Sebastian, Rowan Hunter, 
Sean Ronson, Joshua Black, Andreas and Alex Granger

Set in an Australian School at a time when they knew just how to deal with naughty boys!

Discipline Down Under Part 3

“Discipline Down Under Part 3” # 1

Over an hour long and staring nine different different Sting lads, all upended and red bottomed, Sting’s 2010  download “Discipline DownUnder Part 3” is another Sting masterpiece and a really enjoyable romp, as well as being really sexy!!

Set in an Australian school, where cigarette trading, illicit drinking and general misbehaviour by the handsome young lads are rewarded with nine well, spanked, strapped, caned, slippered and belted bare behinds presented in the unique and excellent Sting style.

The cast includes popular Czech and Estonian lads, such as Darren, Robbie, Sebastian, Stephenal, James B, and Rowan Hunter, together with newcomers such as Joshua Black , Sean Ronson and Alex Granger playing playing strict disciplinarian Mr Williams the Hunky PE teacher. (Links are at the bottom of this post)


To be continued: ………………………!!

“Discipline Down Under Part 3” # 2

More scenes from Sting’s latest smokin’ Download “Discipline Down Under Part 3” . This movie is crammed with scenes which will certainly become Sting classics. The unlucky lads discovering that there is an entirely different use for a Japanese rice spoon, (that certainly brings the colour to Darren’s cheeks) the two lads, Sean and Stephanel, side by side across the vaulting horse, poor little Robbie getting caned and then spanked just after receiving his vitamin shot from the Doctor (in the butt! – OUCH!)

Pure sting magic in a download

There are few who can full out a pair of “tighty whities” quite as well as Darren

To be continued ……………………….!!!

“Discipline Down Under Part 3” # 4

The final set of pictures from Sting’s Antipodean Epic “Discipline Down Under Part 3” shows for of the nine strong Sting Lad cast on the receiving end of some very firm DISCIPLINE, all delivered “DOWN UNDER”

Caught up to no good Rowan and Sebastian are firmly dealt with by Mr Williams, the PE teacher (the “Coach” in American) played by the hunky Alex Granger.

James B may look angelic, but nothing could be further from the truth, repeated misbehaviour means this baby faced bad boy receives two well deserved bare butt spankings

Introducing a new Sting lad Joshua Black playing Johnnny McKenzie who learns the penalty for fighting