School Day Spanking in “Skool Daze”

This March 2017 Spanking Update was originally posted to the old Feel the Sting Blog


Its winter in the college and mock exam time too. Most of the students are buckling down to study but there are always the odd one or two who have other things on their minds. Playing pranks and finding short cuts to success are just two of the offences on offer.

As the Headmaster arrives on a snowy cold morning a cheeky miscreant lies in wait. 


Danny Walker (Robin Palmer) is going to try his luck and lob a snowball at the Headmaster as he enters the building.

Unamused at the boys antics he’s sent off to his Housemaster to be dealt with! Mr Sharpe is not happy either, Walker should have been in class by now, if he needs a wake up call now is the time to give it.


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