Angry Step Dads 13 – 16 (Compilation)

Angry Step Dads 13 – 16 (Compilation)

In this next compilation we have the Angry Step Dad’s Episodes 13 to 16. Featuring Johannes Lars, Lukas Pryde, Joey White, Mike Alvez, Robin Palmer, Karl Frazer, Corey Law and David Hines. Over one hour of high quality footage! With 7 great stories.

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Angry Step-Dad’s 13 -16


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Sting Lads – Only Fans

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Sting Special Price Spanking Classic Howard Hall Hash Up (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview

More from the new Sting Special Price Classic “Howard Hall Hash Up” and the young drug supplier’s well deserved punishment continues. All of it to be inflicted on his already spanked bare bottom

Next day the Headmaster gives him a chance to redeem himself and get on with his education, record unblemished. Hussein will receive a Howard Hall official punishment caarried historically for serious offences which includes the cane and the birch all after appropriate and humiliating preparation in the Sanatorium.

Yousef Hussein’s freshly shaved bare bottom is going to burn like hell fire and all because of a badly executed plan, a real Howard Hall hash up.


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Approved Education 10 – “Senior Boys Suffering” (Part 2)

The second  set of pictures from Sting’s latest release 


You could say Mr Volny is getting to the bottom of things with his older boys! He now deals with another boy in his house, Richards ( New Stinglad Dan Dickinson) 
His cheeky and insolent
attitude just lately has now rightly gained him a good spanking. With
his pyjama bottoms dropped down his pale little bare backside quickly
turns a burning red!



However it’s the housemaster’s belt that really hits the mark. His freshly spanked bottom now becomes painfully raw as the angry strap cracks home.



To close the case of bullying and blackmail by senior boys the Headmaster confronts McDonald (Travis McKinnon) He’s been in league with Williams and now his actions have come home to roost! – and landing where they will do the most good


These senior boys, even up to twenty one, are still made to wear shorts similar to their Borstal equivalents. 
As he’s also seen as the ring leader to further humiliate this boy and to enhance to effectiveness of the punishment to come, he is first shaved by the barber. McDonald doesn’t do spanking pain easily and bucks about wildly as he’s punished across Mr Sharpe’s knee.







However when this warders favourite instrument come in to play, the switch, he really starts to complain! Its biting strokes whip across his muscular bare bottom now blazing and sore from the previous spanking! 



McDonald certainly sets the bench mark for senior boys suffering. 


Flogging 2 – Bound for Borstal




Justin’s Uncle had vowed to look after him while his parents were abroad. However things weren’t really going to plan as the head strong Justin (Johnny Hayward) wasn’t having any of this towing the line and being a good boy malarkey



Finally shoplifting got him is to real trouble and his exasperated Uncle saw corporal punishment as perhaps the only way out! For Justin there was now no way out and he received a very hard, butt throbbing, bare bottom spanking.




Unfortunately while it left the boy with a very sore behind the impact of this first punishment was to slowly wear off. He’d been warned several times that if he didn’t listen to reason he was on a collision course for Borstal!


As often happens the prophecy came true! After breaking the law again a local juvenile court sentenced Justin to time served in a Borstal and added strokes of the birch to be part of the punishment.
 After being appropriately prepared …





At the time this didn’t particularly faze this cocky lad but on the day the birch was to be administered to his bare bottom it would be a revelation.


The officer charged with laying it on had seen it all before….

 By fair means or foul he would make sure Justin’s bottom burned so badly he’d never ever want to come back for more.





Justin does not remain stoic for long!



Johnny Hayward plays Justin



Sting Plus: Oh Brother – Epilogue: The Sex Files

 Following on from the popular Borstal Days 2: The Sex Files, Sting now present The Brothers Epilogue: The Sex Files. (Available with or without the sexual content) 

It’s all action back at Innesfial Industrial School with fire and brimstone discipline still being handed out.

Sting actors Jimmy Evans and Mike Cross, who plays the pious Brother Linus, are well paired again when Jimmy playing Aiden Conley is caught drinking alcohol with his pal Patrick (Dale Brady) 

Dale Brady as Patrick Rourke is given a good hard spanking by the Principle Brother and later a butt burning hard flogging with the martinet from the Principle Brothers deputy Brother Michael

For fans of Jason Shaw he’s back too coupled with new Sting lad Jason Roberts. They play two lads who are caught in the bathhouse doing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be doing.

And pay for it with two very sore bottoms …

Kyle Wilkinson is ordered to report for a spanking to young Brother Martin played by Nick Carter
In what may be an all-time first in the spanking fetish film genre Sting actors Lloyd Adams and Riley Smith are caught engaged in some sinful dormitory romping and reported to the Principle Brother. During their punishment session a young inmate played by Riley smith succumbs to the situation leaving a messy calling card on the parquet floor of the main office.
Needless the say the Principle Brother in none too pleased! As with The Brothers movie this epilogue has a storyline full of stinging raw butt burning action.

Dale Brady’s further punishment

The detail and costumes set in the dark dank surrounding of the Industrial School make this another hot film for your Sting collection.
As usual with Sting Plus, there are two versions of this movie, a 36 minute all spanking version or a 50:33 minute epic featuring sex and spanking. You chose which you prefer!

Preview trailer to follow:


Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary – Part 2

 Continuing with the images from Sting’s March 2012 release


Officer Carter’s first encounter with laying on discipline is to one of his own lads, Trainee Pratt (Sebastian) He had ‘done a runner’ in Borstal terms and being absent without leave deserved a swift disciplinary response.



To add to the humiliation and punishment Carter orders Pratt’s backside area to be shaved by the barber to prepare for an exemplary bare bottom spanking.





 This being done Pratt now is ordered over the bench to receive both the junior then senior heavy leather straps. Pratt’s recently shaved backside is literally roasted by the cruel biting leather. He will not be so keen to abscond again.




Another incident occurs where fellow officer Mr Labowski (Margusta) is required to deal with a badly behaved young lad called Collins (Toby)



It’s the strap again but this time with the delinquent youth hugging the vaulting horse and taking the stinging leather lashes across his bare bottom wishing for sure now he’d behaved better.




At the end of the day it becomes another successful entry in Officer Carters Borstal Dairy.


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Carlos and Rico in “Howard Hall Hash Up”

In March 2011 sting released Howard Hall Hash Up staring Carlos Fernandez as Yousef Hussein and Rico Jones as David Matthews.

When the boys are caught with drugs the staff take them in hand and deliver some painful and humiliating treatment applied to their young bare behinds, with special attention reserved for Yousef (Carlos) the naughty boy who brought the drugs back from his Holiday!

Young Carlos may have escaped a spanking in the Brothers but this time he’a not so lucky and will be very sore and sorry after his bottom has been shaved, spanked, birched and then caned!


Carlos Fernandez