Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic – Approved Education Part 2

Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic

Approved Education Part 2

Starring Brett Stevens, Barry, David, Stefanel and Brad

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Approved Education 2

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Title 2257

Sting Spanking Classic: The Headmaster (Part 2 of 2 ) plus Video Preview

The Headmaster


Scene 2

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Simon Philips (Rusty) a sixth former knows he needs to get good results in his mid term exams but he just hasn’t done the work! A quick glance at his friend’s paper might just get him the answers he needs.

Simon Philips (Rusty)是一名六年级学生,他知道他需要在期中考试拿个好成绩,但他却没有努力学习!


Unfortunately the watchful eye of the adjudicating master never fails to spot a cheat and Simon is quickly shipped off to see the Headmaster.


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Sting Spanking Classic: The Headmaster (Part 1 of 2 )

The Headmaster


Starring Rusty, Sebastian, Rowan Hunter and Dr Richard Barton as The Headmaster

The Headmaster of Halistone college (Dr Richard Barton) has years of experience in ruling the roost. Sometimes surprising then that the students still challenge his authority often leading to the inevitable confrontation.

哈利斯通高中的校长(Dr Richard Barton)有着多年管理学校的经验。令人惊讶的是,有时学生仍然试图挑战他的权威,这往往导致不可避免的针锋相对。

On the Rugby pitch things are not to calm either when team rivals but good friends Paul Hennessey (Sebastian) and David Colby (Rowan Hunter) decide to battle it out back in the changing rooms.

橄榄球队同样经历着一场风波,赛场上的宿敌和场下的好友Paul Hennessey (Sebastian)以及 David Colby (Rowan Hunter)决定在更衣室一决胜负。

On hearing the rumpus the passing deputy head is not too pleased at the boorish behaviour and packs the two warring lads off the see Dr Barton.


These two know they will have seriously sore bottoms by the time the Headmaster has finished with them!


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A Christmas Greetings “Mash Up” from Sting and Lots of Others

A Christmas Video Greetings Mash Up (Message) – from Sting and various other studios and Spankers can be downloaded free from Swoopshare or from SendSpace by Clicking on one of the links below:


 A Merry Christmas from:

Dr. Barton  

Bring Back the Birch – # 2

More images from Bring Back the Birch.  Over an hour long, over two years in the making, and featuring a host of Sting lads, some familiar, and some new, this Sting documentary examinec the use of the birch as a fearsome instrument of punishment.

Sting use authentic birch and hazel branches in their scary looking birches, not easy to find in central London, so maybe they send the bad lads out to the Bohemian woods looking for the switches which will later be used on their bottom?
One thing is for certain, those things really *sting!!*
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Video trailer
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Bring Back the Birch – # 1

The July 2011 release Bring Back the Birch is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including favourites such as Danny, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie, Jason Kingsley, and Carlos. This download also featured the debut appearance of the handsome and popular Leonardo.
Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty, Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

More pictures plus a video trailer to follow

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More images from Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

 At 1 hour 05 minutes  in length, Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 includes at least a dozen scenes and a host of favourite Sting Lads

One of the most well known scenes is the infamous nettle birching staring Jay. more images from this scene can be viewed here.

In the first of two figging scenes a young trooper, played by JJ receives  a birching, with the added discomfort of a burning plug of raw ginger inserted in a sensitive orifice!! 

Tigger receives a taste of the riding crop on his bare behind wile perching on a saddle – more images here.

 David makes the second oif three appearances, this time on the stinging end of a military caning

The formidable Dr. Barton sentences Barry to a judicial birching on the Isle of Guernsey, where the birch continued to be used a method of legal punishment well into the 1960’s.  More images from this scene can be viewed here

 A selection of spanking includes scenes featuring David (more images here) …


 and JJ. who is spanked on a recently caned bottom

 The second figging scene features Matt Mills, who receives a sound over the knee, bare bottom spanking, with a stick of raw ginger inserted deep in his tender pucker!!

These instruments of persuasion leave a lot of young men unable to sit down for a long time!

St Datchet’s Academy – the Epilogue

St Datchet’s Academy – The Epilogue” completes the story which started in Tales from St Datchets Academy. In the original story (also on DVD) the final reckoning had come for the lads at Debden Hall, Nick Frazer and Mike Dawson. Frazer receiving a hard birching from his housemaster while his cohort Dawson was made to look on and witness the spectacle. In this new story (The epilogue) the prefects at St Datchets, Christian Weaver (Brett Stevens) and Paul Harrington (James) also get their comeuppance for their own illegal trading activities associated with Frazer and Dawson. Weaver is willing to accept his guilt and takes a hard caning of which he painfully calls and counts out every stroke! Harrington the ringleader doesn’t want to come so easily but is forced by the new housemaster Dr Barton, now transferred from Debden Hall, to take his well deserved punishment a birching with the famed St Datchets brush birch laid on by Mr James the PE head.

The final reckoning had come for Weaver and Harrington but others too where feeling the sting of firm discipline. New PE master Mr Medek (Dexter) was dealing out his own form of punishment to two inseparable offenders Simmons (Sebastian) and Roberts (Rowan Hunter). Good hard over the knee spankings followed by the slipper and a burning touch the toes caning was this fit young PE masters recipe to cure bad behaviour. Another student, Andrew Peterson (Ginger) is keeping Mr Gregory busy with his tuck shop raiding exploits resulting in a night time slippering over the gym horse.

New master Mr Jeffries (Jamie) also crosses swords with young Peterson who soon finds himself across his knee! New prefects are being made up and one Macalister (Barry) is getting his punishment giving skills in order. His spanking of 5th former James Mitchell (Alistair Cole) seems to be a good start but laying on a good caning is another matter! Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) has managed to rub Deputy Head Alan Harrison up the wrong way again and is summoned to the hall for a birching. The padre ever watchful for transgressors deals with both Charlie (Vex) and Chinese student Lee, his heaving pounding hand bringing a sharp sting to the boy’s defenceless bare bottoms. All in all for the wayward Students it’s a red raw and painful run up to the end chapter of St Datchets Academy: The Epilogue.

Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) nervously awaits his birching

Czech Sting lad Alistair tastes the cane

Whilst Rowan and Sebastian make the acquaintance of the new PE Master

Those who remember the scene in St. Datchet’s Academy where Weaver (Brett) and Harrington (James) bully poor little David, will enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance. Here Weaver gets 24 strokes of the cane, all on his bare behind.

In previously unreleased footage shot in the UK Peterson (Ginger) takes a slippering from Mr. Gregory (Rob) and later a hand spanking from one time Sting Lad Jamie playing Mr Jeffries.

Harrington (James) meets Dr. Barton


Paddling Matt – More from Reformatory USA

As promised, here are some images from another scene in Reformatory USA featuring Matt Mills   and Dr Barton as the prison Warden.

After the earlier scene posted last weeek, showing Matt’s lengthy session over the warden’s knee  this time Matt is face down over the gym vaulting horse and on the bruised bottomed end of a good ol’ all American paddling.

THE (cute, red and very sore) END

Sting at Mans Hand Films– For US users
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Matt Mills Upended – Reformatory USA (Part 1)

 Matt Mills is certainly one of Sting’s most popular and spankable young actors. Who among us doesn’t want to throw that bad boy over your lap, pull down his designer pants and spank his cute bare bottom until he begs for mercy ……… and then smack him harder?

In Reformatory USA by Sting Pictures young Matt Mills gets his little butt seriously tanned by the head Warden (played by Dr Barton) in two hot scenes. In the first scene he goes over the Warden’s knee for a long hard hand spanking first on the seat his pants, then on his underpants, and then ………..

………the underpants come down!!!

Sting at Mans Hand Films– For US users

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