(Asian Incident) Brett gets the paddle

As one of Sting’s most spanked stars, Brett has been hand-spanked, slippered and caned, many times each, his handsome bare bottom has been been birched, strapped and belted and received a taste of the tawse, he has also handed out a few spankings himself, memorably in Discipline Down Under one and in Reformatory USA he took his turn paddling a few bare bottoms.

In Asian Incident it was his turn to feel the wooden paddle, and, from his expression, it was not an experience he enjoyed!! (which, of course, makes it all the more fun for us!!)


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Sting Double Bill Part 2 – 1900 House of Correction Part 1

Earlier this week I posted images and clips from Discipline Down Under Part 1, which is the first half of the fantastic Sting Double Bill DVD, this week I am posting pictures from The 1900 House of Correction, which was the Second half of the Double Bill.

Set in the first year of the 20th Century, 1900 House of Corrections explores various forms of Victorian punishment such as the strap, the cane, the birch and, of course the hard palm of a firm Victorian hand. Like the first half of the Double Bill, it stars a galaxy of popular Sting lads, including David, Mark, Vex, Jay, Barry and Matt Mills.

To be continued ………..
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Intermission – Brett and Ryan B

Here is a snippet from the Intermission part of the Sting Double Bill which comes between Discipline Down Under, images from which were posted earlier this week, and the 1900 House of Correction. (Thanks to Roy from Clublads for this video trailer)

Further images from this scene can be viewed here and here


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Sting’s first trip “Down Under” – Part 1

Sting have made a number of episodes of the popular Discipline Down Under series set in Australia in the second half of the 20th Century, howevre in this two part posr we revisit the first ever Discipline Down Under, which was released in 2008 as part of the Sting Double Bill (Which is really a “Triple feature” as it includes “Discipline Down Under” together with “1900 House of Correction” and a rather hot “Intermission” Staring Brett and Ryan – more of which later in the week)

This is the first of two postings focusing on Part One of the Sting Double Bill “Discipline Down Under 1”

Set in an Australian boarding school in the late 1950’s, Discipline Down Under 1 features Matt Mills and Barry discussing the numerous spankings dished out to themselves and various other young Aussie rascals played variously by David, Brett and JJ by the strict school staff.

In an early scene, Vex makes the first of two appearances when he and JJ both receive a sound caning, each boy watching in horror as his fellow miscreant receives his stripes.

In a later scene, David is caught smoking, and gets a sound spanking from Brett, the head of house
Brett seems to be enjoying himself, however, satisfyingly for the viewer, Brett’s own comeuppance will be making itself felt on his own firm round and very bare behind later in the movie

In the first of Matt’s two bare butt spankings, he gets the belt, whilst lying face down on a bench

Barry also takes two spanking, the first is a hand spanking delivered across the master’s knee

In addition to the time he spent over Brett’s knee David gets caned twice, once on the seat of his shorts ….

…and then later on his spectacular bare behind

The following clip, kindly contributed by Roy from Clublads, was released with the permission of Sting and features a few moments from the much longer scene where Brett Spanks David for smoking:

Sting’s first trip “Down Under” – Part 2

Here are the second set of pictures from Discipline Down Under 1 which was releaded in 2008 as the first half of the Sting Double Bill.

For Barry’s second spanking in DDU1 he bends over the desk for a good strapping

Matt’s second spanking is delivered with a stinging gym shoe

Vex goes over Robert’s knee for a hand spanking on top of a recently caned bottom

What goes around comes around, and Brett, who earlier punished David for smoking, is caught smoking himself and, being head of house is severely punished for it

Further images from Brett’s punishment can be viewed by clicking here

Danny Walsh – a caning fantasy

A set of smoking hot pictures featuring the eminently spankable Danny Walsh delightfully positioned across an old style vaulting horse, with his very best feature on display. What an athletic young man Danny turns out to be!!

This is a photoshoot rather than a scene from a movie, however, I assume it was shot during the making of See no Evil  where Danny, in the same attire, gets his cute bare bottom smacked across that very horse, pictures of which were posted here recently (Click here to view them)


Oh Brother!


Oh Brother was the Second Sting Download to be directed by Jonathan Fox, who learnt his skills from working with Rich O’Shea and as Jonathan’s first movie Kingsley it features Rusty in the role of disciplinarian, this time dealing with Sting newcomers Tony Paris and Patrick Hayes, both of whom made a very rosy cheeked debut! 
Story line

Glenn Carry Industrial School has a reputation for being tough. This devout institution is run on a very strict basis. The Brothers stand no nonsense and if any of the trainees fall out of line they are quickly disciplined to ensure they obey the rules.

On a routine inspection of the school the Principle Brother catches two lads (messing around. These two have been cautioned to many times before and now it’s become necessary to make sure the message gets though. Brother Calistus, who happens to be accompanying the Principle Brother on his inspection, is given the task of disciplining the two.

In the gym he sets about his work with real devotion. To say he is a firm believer in the punishment of sinners is an understatement. He sees this as his mission and he clearly enjoys his work. Pray you’re not a young inmate at Glenn Carry Industrial School.

Dr. Barton in “The Headmaster”

The excellent Dr Richard Barton, who gave the likes of Barry, and Brett such memorable and well deserved thrashings in previous Sting Pictures, stars as “The Headmaster” in a 2010 release staring Rusty, Sebastian and Rowan Hunter as the school boys in need of some strict discipline!!



The Headmaster of Halistone college (Dr Richard Barton) has years of experience in ruling the roost. Sometimes surprising then that the students still challenge his authority often leading to the inevitable confrontation.

Simon Philips (Rusty) a sixth former knows he needs to get good results in his mid term exams but he just hasn’t done the work! A quick glance at his friend’s paper might just get him the answers he needs. Unfortunately the watchful eye of the adjudicating master never fails to spot a cheat and Simon is quickly shipped off to see the Headmaster.

On the Rugby pitch things are not to calm either when team rivals but good friends Paul Hennessey (Sebastian) and David Colby (Rowan Hunter) decide to battle it out back in the changing rooms. On hearing the rumpus the passing deputy head is not too pleased at the boorish behaviour and packs the two warring lads off the see Dr Barton.

Needless to say in this continuing episode of college day life the Headmaster certainly hasn’t forgotten how to wield the slipper and cane not to mention laying on a good spanking. The thwipp of the cane and crack of a well used slipper leave the lads with a burning desire to behave better in future!