Dexter in Office Agony

Dexter frequently plays a disciplinarian in Sting Movies, however, in this December 2011 release it’s Dexter who is on the receiving end of the discipline. Office Agony is also a departure for Sting as it is a modern day, office based story rather the mid 20th Century storyline Sting are best known for.
Anthony Parker (Dexter) works as a junior with Peacocks Accountcy firm. In need of some extra cash temptation gets the better of him and he dips in to the petty cash tin kept in his bose’s office. Unfortunately for him Anthony is not aware that his boss has recently fitted a covert security camera and his every move is being picked up. 
Later when challenged as to his activities he finally admits to pinching the cash. For his boss perhaps this is just petty cash and a petty crime has been committed but it has to be punished! 
Back in the old days the firm’s founder Major Peacock had his own way of disciplining young employees, by offering them the option of taking a caning rather than being sacked or reported to the police and Anthony’s boss decides to do the same for Anthony

 The lad quickly makes up his mind to take his punishment and move on! The police and a court room were not really an attractive alternative at this stage in his career!…………..

 Firstly he is ordered to bend over the desk and is given a good whacking over his tight grey trousers. 

 These then come down and more stinging cuts are laid over his thin white pants.

 Now it’s time for young Anthony to bare his red and sore bottom for a final set of painful biting cuts from the old school cane……….

 If he thinks it’s the end he’s got another think coming! Mr Braithwaite has his own methods too and young Anthony’s raw bare bottom is soon feeling the stinging licks of his boss’s brown leather belt.

 Now things really are hotting up and for good measure the young employee is taken over his boss’s knee for a final humiliating spanking on his already caned and strapped red bare bottom.

Its unlikely Anthony will pilfer from the cash tin again for if he does he knows full well that it’s going to be another and even harder dose of office Agony! 



Tales From the Headmaster’s Study – (Episode 7) “Scorched Down Under”


Featuring three of Stings top stars the latest episode in the Headmaster seriesgoes down under. Smoking is of course strictly forbidden. Two pupil’s, played by Aaron Alton and Pavel Novy, decide to go for a quick puff in the caretaker’s room. After getting disturbed they flee, flicking the cigarette buts in to a bin. Unfortunately in turn the bin catches fire ensuring that the two lads now appear before the Headmaster to explain themselves.

For their gross stupidity the rattan cane is brought out and applied to the tight seat of their short grey trousers. These are then ordered down for some more stinging stripes applied to the boy’s bare bottoms.

However during the punishment the Head is interrupted. He instructs a senior prefect, Hunter (Luke Radley) who is also attending the session, to continue the lad’s punishment. He wastes no time in putting them both over his knee and laying on a good spanking.

This soon has them bucking and yelling as his heavy palm descends down on the boys already caned and burning bare cheeks.
After this it’s the gym slipper to make sure they understand that a reckless act like setting fire to a waste bin could have been catastrophic.

While Hunter is a good prefect he too has his weak side especially where smoking the odd joint is concerned. It was inevitable that one day he’d get caught and as fate would have it today is that day. Sent to the headmaster he is punished in the back of the common room so all the other boys will know it’s happened. He’s a big lad and a good spanking in two different positions starts off his punishment. 

This is followed by the cane and gym slipper too, almost a repeat of the earlier punishment he dished out to the hapless fire starters.
For hunter he hates getting his bare backside so painfully attacked and he especially dislikes the cane. His yells and protestations bare witness to this fact. He can dish it out but can he take it? Now he knows what it feels like to get Scorched Down Under! 


Sting Raw – “Hetherington, the ink ball incident”

This Sting Raw release stars Nick in “Hetherington, the ink ball incident”


The Head Boy’s job is to set an example and maintain discipline amongst the other students. He is supposed to be the standing example of what the others should be able to attain.

Young Hetherington’s case he is not always successful at living up to that standard and flicking blue ink paint balls with a ruler on to the clean white shirts of fellow sixth formers is not a good example………..

 The Head is understandably furious. Hetherington is summoned to his office and given a good caning for his misdemeanour! He’ll now have some stinging bright red stripes to show off in the showers.
 The Head though is not too sure the message is getting through to his most senior pupil or indeed the rest of the college. So to make sure everyone is aware that the Head Boy is being firmly disciplined he arranges that Hetherington to return at nine o’clock for further treatment!
Just before lights out the Head Boy waits outside the Headmasters study again. This time, although he is one of the older boys, he’s going to get a long hard humiliating spanking and will return to his dorm with a burning red backside to remind him he is the Head Boy and therefore an example to the rest.


The Headmaster through his exemplary punishment will make sure that it stays that way for Hetherington.



Oh Brother – The Movie (Video trailer)


Here are some more images and the trailer for the latest Sting download
 “Oh Brother – the Movie”


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Video trailer
Message from Sting


Sting Pictures have announced that for the foreseeable future Oh Brother is the last of the feature film style productions. Future stories are now more likely to be series based to then be released as a DVD length movie. Additionally all stories on a particular theme from past productions will be made available and pressed in the DVD format. More news about this soon…


Here are a selection of comments from people who have viewed this download

I have watched this twice already and I really want to say that Sting have been very generous to their fans, and fools to themselves. They could easily have released this as four or even five different 15 to 20 minute stories and charged three to  four times as much as they have done. the sections featuring first Dexter and Darren and later with Mike Cross and various boys would make two very satisfying downloads on their own.  The scenes with Aaron and Luke Radley would be at least a long Sting Raw, and the scenes with Marco, Pavel, Damien Drake and Jay Faith would make two average sized downloads. Not only is it a great movie but its a great bargain!

You will love the bathbrush scene with Jimmy Evans, especially the ending, but I won’t give that away <Evil Grin>

After looking at the pics (thank you Bruce) I bought the movie this morning. All I can say is OMG! The amount of effort (and the amount of boys) that went into this production is incredible. This is an epic spanking film and no doubt will be a classic which will be talked about for years to come. Everything is about as perfect as can be. Do not even attempt to watch this brilliant video if you don’t have enough Kleenex at home. You may drown! “Oh Brother” pushed buttons I didn’t even know I had. I have to go and lie down now, I’m exhausted. Simply an awesome effort and well worth every penny.
My long term favorite, Darren, looks incredible, as usual.  There is a mesmerising section where Dexter spanks Darren then beats him with a belt before forcing him to give him a blow job, while still spanking his butt. Mike Cross does something the same with two other boys, before gettingwell spanked himself. One of Sting’s best, which is saying something    (Buy lots of Kleenex before watching)
I agree with everyone. This is one of the best Sting releases ever. There’s something for everyone; big beefy guys getting and giving spankings and cute, younger looking guys getting it, too. The quality is amazing. Great photography, lighting, sets, etc. But most important; a bunch of super hot models. Highly, highly recommended.
Oh brother is incredible, multiple hard spankings and some sex scenes which even the purists will approve of.  I highly recommend it. Darren looks fantastic, and there is Aaron for the twink lovers and Mike Cross for those who like to see a hunk getting it.


A Richard O’Shea film

Oh Brother The Movie



Oh Brother – The Movie. This Sting mega movie follows the trials and tribulations of two lads sentenced to re training at an industrial school.

Brendan McCarthy (Damien Drake) and Jimmy McGuire (Pavel Novy) are sent to Innesfial institution which is run by a sect of strict religious Brothers. In their time there they encounter other boys sent inside for various criminal offences but all of whom now face the severe discipline dished out by the staff.

One such lad is Leroy Malone (Jay faith) who never seems to turn up to morning assembly on time. This has not gone unnoticed by Brother Matthias who takes a strap to the hapless boy’s bare backside.

 Sean Riley (Darren) another inmate steals some of the sacrificial wine and ends up being chastised in time honoured fashion by Bother Lonigan (Dexter) a spanking then a dose of the heavy black leather strap lashing down across the boys raised bare bottom as he lays face down on a bunk. Even then it’s not over as Brother Lonigan has other wishes he needs fulfilled.


Later however he too will face severe monastic discipline for breaking his vows. Brother Jacob (Mike Cross) is a stickler for keeping order but also finds himself on the wrong end of the Principle Brothers strap for not adhering to the compulsory pious way of living.


Casey MacDermott (Aaron Alton) is in trouble with Brother James (Luke Radley) for drinking alcohol and soon finds himself over the youthful Brothers knee getting his smooth white little butt spanked red raw. But as with Brother Lonigan a spanking is often not enough!


At 1 hour and 17 minutes long, the action in Oh brother is really too vast to list here but the rattan cane, strap, bath brush and spanking are just part of the butt blistering storyline not to mention the strict approach of the Brother towards their charges. Other members of the cast include, Brandon Junior, new Sting lad Daniel Friesh, Marco, Jimmy Evans and the brothers themselves.



Brother Jacob (Mike Cross)  also gets a well overdue comeuppance

In true Sting Pictures style the attention to setting, detail and costumes are superb.

A Richard O’Shea film


Coming Soon!!

There is a reason he looks so sad, he knows he won’t be sitting that comfortably again for quite a while! Aaron Alton is back making his second Sting movie, together with twelve other Sting lads in Richard O’Shea’s new feature length film
 “Oh Brother 2 – The Movie”.


The Runner – Staring Damien Drake

Another 2011 download from Sting, was “The Runner” staring Damien Drake 

Student Simon Peterson (Damien Drake) makes a huge mistake when he steals a mobile phone from the counter of a local shop. The bad news is the deputy head happens to be passing at the time. Caught red handed and hauled back in to school he’s now really in deep trouble.

  The Deputy Head is furious that Simon had dared to conduct this act of villainy dressed in his school uniform. Luckily for him the threat of being expelled is turned in to a session of harsh discipline.
 The master orders Simon to strip off his trousers and underwear to receive an over the knee spanking.

This humiliating act for a senior boy is swiftly followed by strokes of the swishy rattan cane all laid on for good measure to the naughty young villain’s bare bottom. 

It’s only the first stage of Simon’s learning curve, behave or face the consequences! On this note the Deputy Head issues him with a letter that must be delivered to his father.

Realising he must make sure this never happens again Simon’s father decides to administer a punishment that he perhaps should have done long ago! Simon is sent to shower then to report back to his room for a further & Dad’s spanking

The slaps come down hard and Simon is soon feeling his father’s hand reddening his youthful bare backside.
However for Mr Peterson it’s not quite enough and very soon the lads own carpet slipper is being brought down on an already well spanked bare bottom.

Simon certainly learns in a painful way that it doesn’t pay to be a Runner!

The Runner Download

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence – Video Trailer

Scroll down to view the trailer for the latest Take from the Head Master’s Study – Repeat Offence

The full download is available from Sting Pictures at the following link:

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence