Sting Spanking Classic “Cop It!” (Part 2 of 2)

Scene Two if the Sting Spanking Classic

Cop It!

Another arrogant young chancer who works the drug trade alongside Chico, is Eddie (Travis McKinnon) He’s been hauled in too and of course is brimming over with attitude towards authority, and clearly deserves his comeuppance.

He has the same choice, get it dealt with there and then or go to the court and on to Juvenile detention for several years. This time it’s Officer Eastwood (Marco) who’s going to lay on the discipline and he’s in no mood to compromise!

Eddie might think he’s a big man on the streets but he he about to find out that he’s not so big!

Far from being a tough guy he’s just a boy again when it comes to taking a spanking.


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Sting Spanking Classic: “Cop It!” (Part 1 of 2)

Cop It!

Starring Travis McKinnon, Oscar Hart, Johan Volny and Marco

Chico (Oscar Hart) thinks he’s a lil gangster but he isn’t so tough and what’s more he’s lucky he lives in the same precinct as Detective Hogan. He believes in old fashioned discipline and giving some of the younger juveniles a second chance. They don’t get of lightly though and a good whuppin is often the order of the day!

He might be an insolent pup but when Chico is handed over to Officer Novak (Johan Volny) to be punished he starts to change his tune.


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Cop It! 2


Law enforcement is always looking for new ways to deal with Juvenile crime. The Police Captain at the local precinct has decided to try the old methods to see they’ll work on the current cocky generation!


One local boy, Robbie Benitez (New StingLad Jason Ward) has been dealing in drugs and now faces a choice given him by the Captain. End up in juvenile hall or take a good whuppin from Officer Foley (Johann Volny) He’s lucky to get a choice at all but decides to to take a hiding and get it over with.


Officer Foley, knows how to take down a kid like this, gives him what he deserves a good spanking across his knee, pants off and bare arsed.


Robbie soon feels the burning sting of the officers pounding palm but that’s not all! 



The old paddle kept for years in a back cupboard has been dusted down and made ready again to burn some arrogant teenage butt. With his spanked bare backside still throbbing Robbie assumes the position for another dose of scolding discipline. The paddle cracks down! 


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