Video Preview for the Hornet Special Price sex and Spanking video Hornet: Seeing Red

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Hornet Special Price Sex and Spanking video: Seeing Red

The latest Special Price Hornet Sex and Spanking Video is

Hornet: Seeing Red

Starring Gerry Robbins and George Wright

HD Only $15.99

Standard only $10.99

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Sting Special Price Spanking Classic “Colonial College 3”

The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

Colonial College 3

The discipline at Branderburg college is very much based on that of the old British public school system, in many cases much tougher. Boys are sent to be educated and set up for life. The prefect hierarchy are encouraged to lead and set standards, it’s their responsibility to maintain a happy and healthy attitude in college. Sometimes however this just doesn’t work out.

The Headmaster is congratulating one of his seniors, Erik DeVilliers (Joey Whyte) for doing his job properly. He had dealt with a fourth former, Danny Miles (Daniel Friesh) the day before.

Miles had been caught smoking in the dormitory which was strictly forbidden. As it was a repeat of a repeat offense De Villiers decided to make sure the boy learned a real lesson this time.


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Weight For It! (Part 2 of 2) with Video preview

Weight For It!

More pictures and a video preview from Sting’s latest release

The two students have been soundly spanked, but their instructor hasn’t finished with them yet..

Made to kneel on an exercise bench, its time for a taste of the nearest item suitable to administer further punishment …. a rubber sided Ping Pong bat!


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F####D UP! (Part 2 of 2)

F####D UP!

The shenanigans continue down at the gym

Later that day another boy (new StingLad Axel Green) after receiving a tip off has ‘borrowed’ the key to the locker where he knows the confiscated supplements have been put. He opens the door but is caught red handed by the other coach (Mr Volny).

The angry coach knows exactly to cure this young rascal!

In his efforts to stem this recent spate of misbehaviour the coach takes the boy over his knee and gives him a sound Spanking.


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F####D UP! (Part 1 of 2)

F####d Up!

Getting fit in the college Gym is one thing but its recently becoming an area for the dealing of illicit drugs and body building supplements is another. The boys think its a quick way to a muscular physique but the coach’s are already on to their game.

The first boy to get caught (Evan Ryker)

The young fitness enthusiast is slightly unlucky, his accomplice gets away but no doubt he’ll be caught later.

Mr Sharpe will accept no excuses!

The lad is hauled of to the Gym by the senior coach (Marco) who will show him the error of his ways. That will almost certainly mean a goods spanking of course.


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Preview Trailer for Hornet Pictures – Approved Education “Serving Two Masters”

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Please note: Sting’s Hornet brand movies feature equal amounts of gay sex and spanking 

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(Hornet) – Approved Education “Serving Two Masters”

Approved educational intuitions were originally set up to turn badly behaved young lads towards a more productive and crime free lifestyle. This certainly sometimes worked but the road to success meant the boys having to learn to accept orders and do as they were told.

Two runaways recently picked up and brought back were Tony Brookes (Xander Hollister) and Robert Shaw (Johnny Jenkins) They were swiftly dispatched for punishment to their housemaster Mr Huntley (Lloyd Franke) He’d been put to a lot of trouble by them before and was in no mood to hear their excuses. They would have to pay and pay they will

The ring leader Brookes is order to bend over for the cane. His grey shorts pull tightly across his protruding backside. Mr Huntley swishing the cane begins the punishment while Jenkins can only look on. The wicked rattan cracks down and this appears to interest young Jenkins more than it should. He gazes at his friends well rounded arse recoiling again and again as the cane cuts down.

The cane is then followed by a stinging spanking with a ping pong paddle




Something is stirring and Mr Huntley has noticed. Well if they want to play that game then if anyone he should be the person to benefit. Now the two of them must attend to the young master’s wishes. Both boys’ bare backsides are sore and glowing as in turn they are spanked, paddled and slippered whilst actively pleasuring the young master.



Another student Harry Stanford (Milo Mills) has also been summoned to the housemaster’s office. Mr Harcross (Johan Volny) is not pleased about the lads very unsatisfactory discipline record. He will have to be taught a lesson and learn to obey. 

A good stinging bare bottom spanking is a starting point but as this puppy needs real training a ginger impregnated butt tail is inserted to keep his backside raised high. The spanking turns his bare bottom a bright shade of red and Mr Harcross’s growing bulge will now need to be dealt with by the yelping boy.


Something in his mouth to stop the noise is the order of the day! Stanford’s butt tail is in motion swinging from side to side as he pleasures the master, the stinging palm now replaced by the scorching unwelcome switches of a short birch.

Young Stanford’s bare bottom is on fire and the tail is removed but now it is to be replaced by something else far bigger and more demanding!

These wayward lads are quickly moving on to the straight and narrow will soon realise that it is possible to serve two masters!
Please note: Sting’s Hornet brand movies feature equal amounts of gay sex and spanking 


Hornet – What the Eyes Don’t See (Part 3)


Introducing Justin Maher in a Hornet Production 


After a workout in the college gym two lads (Justin Conway and new StingLad Justin Maher) head to the showers to clean up. After that, in the changing rooms, things start to heat up but unfortunately whilst engaged in an amorous liaison the two are caught by the junior PT master (coach) (New StingLads top Lloyd Franke)


Ordered to the PT office the two are going to be dealt with! A good spanking for the pair of them is the of course the order of the day and soon their smooth blemish free backsides are turning a bright red. 


As it seems these two want to engage in pleasures of the flesh the young muscular coach himself, always driven horny when administering punishment, decides to get something out of it too. What’s good for the goose as they say!


Besides with Mr Volny, the senior coach, he knows he too has his ways. The boys are in trouble, there a time and place for everything and now they have to pay. Right place, right time!


The spanking is getting just too much for the fit young coach and now the lads must serve their rampant master. His rock hard rod becomes the focus of attention with a sound spanking being laid on at the same time. Both boys must attend to the coach and after the spanking the stingy rubber faced wooden ping pong bat is brought to bare.


With their backside now red a scorching a dose of the India rubber gym slipper is laid on too for good measure and things begin to reach a climax. The fit young coach is finished in more ways than one and leaves the two hapless and well punished rule breakers to their own ends!


The spanking has had a very good effect disciplinary wise but now the after effects are causing another perhaps no so unwelcome sensation. One that in these circumstances must be urgently dealt with. A relief from their stinging bare bottom is needed and now it looks like their own aching rods will get some attention.


Damien Drake in “Scott Listen and Learn”

“Scott Listen and learn” is modern day story staring the popular and likable Damien Drake as Scott


Young Scott (Damien Drake) is a lad with much potential until it comes to sport that is. Yet again he has failed to take his sports kit to school and now his PE Teacher has had enough!

None too happy he sends him off to get the Rugby ball for the afternoon practice. Scott however has other ideas and decides to take a nap in the changing room only later to be rudely woken by a whistle and an angry PE Teacher …………..


Totally fed up by his laziness he is given a good spanking
First on his red shorts…
Then on his reddening bare bottom!



  .. quickly followed by a dose of the plimsoll on his sore spanked bottom …..





Finally the punishment ends with a lecture


 But Scott’s bad day is not over yet as Scott’s Mentor is waiting for him to arrive home……….


Trying to sneak in doesn’t work and soon his Mentor makes good use of Scott’s unused ping pong bat! With his butt now burning from that his undies are ordered off!  ……



Finally he gets a humiliating spanking which ends in tears, much shame and a very sore backside with an early night in bed!