Sting Classic Focus – Approved Education (Part 2)

The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

Approved Education 2

Approved schools in Britain first appeared in 1933. Unlike Borstal they were usually open institutions and young offenders sent to them would receive academic tuition as well as work activities. Styled like a school the uniform was usually plain grey.

Many approved schools were known for their strict discipline cumulating in the famous Court Lees affair in the 1960’s where excessive discipline with the cane was cited. In this short feature we go back to those days of discipline and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the slipper, strap, tawes, cane and spanking echo round the walls.

Featuring five strapping Sting lads including Brett, Stefanel, Brad, David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro classic for your collection. Approved Education 2

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Hornet: Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline

The latest Hornet release is Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline


Banged up inside the pent up energy of young reformatory boys often
spills over! In the case of Haig (Kurt Maddox) and Martinez (Brandon
Junior) a fight between the two had broken out.

Sent by the Warden to be
dealt with by their senior officer (Johan Volny) the two lads know
they’ll pay the price for stepping out of line!

Whilst Haig faces the wall the officer get to work in straightening
out Martinez. His smooth little round butt starts to turn a fiery red as
the officers stinging palm smacks down. Soon however its Haig that gets
ordered over to join the action.

Now officer Volny is making sure it’s a
real pleasure to discipline these lads and they in turn are learning to
serve their master. Time to swap around now and its Haig who feels the
scorching sting whilst his young cohort obediently pleasures Mr Volny
some more. If these lads want to play hard then hard it will be.

With the spanking just a precursor the holed reformatory paddle
brought out. Now its Martinez on the receiving end as old hickory woody
cracks home! The young officer is now very much on form and in fact its
both boys who are on the receiving end. Haig has got wood banging in and
Martinez butt is a glowing red raw too from the paddle.

All this hard
disciplinary effort is heading for a climax! The muscular officer is
sweating now and all three are groaning and yelping from the hot
transfer of pain to pleasure! These lad really are being drilled into

Warning:  Hornet movies feature equal levels of sex and Spanking

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Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in 1080p Extra High Definition

Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in 720p High Definition

Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in Standard Definition

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Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts

 Strict discipline is still being enforced regularly at Rainsford
Borstal. No matter how stiff the regime though some of the lads still
think they can get away with very questionable behavior.

One such boy trainee is Gibson (Damien Drake)

Gibson’s recent spate of bad behavior has caught the eye of his senior office
(Johan Volny) Not one to be made a fool of he soon has Gibson over his
knee whilst sitting on a bunk bed. 

As his grips hold of the metal bed rails the stinging smacks soon turn young Gibson’s bare backside a burning red.

 Its just the start though as next up will be a dose of the old leather
strap, just the thing to turn a wayward like Gibson around.

Legs apart and bent over a bench his yelps won’t stop the wicked strap cracking down but behaving better in future just might!

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Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts in 1080p Extra High Definition

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts in 720p High Definition

Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts – in Standard Definition

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Governor’s Choice 3

The Governor’s Choice 3 

Starring Marco, Darren, Toby Haines and Travis McKinnon as The Prison Officer

When a lad is sentenced to time in Wallensea prison he is there not
only to be punished but to gain some insight about how he should behave
in the future. The last thing the Governor wants to see is junior
inmates racking up more offences on their reports whilst inside. To
prevent this a system of home punishment has been adopted meaning a
junior prisoner can opt to be dealt with off the record. In most cases
this is usually the best choice.

This month there have been three cases. The first concerns junior
inmate 6578 Webster (Marco) His report reads like a car crash. 

The only
way to salvage it is for him to sign up for home punishment. It’s going
to start with a bare bottom spanking something he hasn’t had since a
much younger boy.

 After this humiliating long series of stinging slaps
the prison strap and rattan cane will burn their message across the
lad’s already scorched backside too.


Next up (and over) Darren in scene 2

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The Governor’s Choice 3 in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Governor’s Choice 3 in 720 p High Definition

The Governor’s Choice 3 in Standard Definition

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The Sixth Formers – Knaves and Knives

 The Sixth Formers Knaves and Knives

The impudent sixth formers are up to their old tricks again

 but the staff is having none of it!

Garry Edwards (Gerry
Robbins) has got himself in to trouble by sending and underage 4th
former to buy cigarettes for him. He knows that cigarettes are banned in
any case so this is a double whammy in rule breaking.

The Headmaster dispatches
him off to his Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) who quickly gets to
work on some disciplinary guidance, of the type best delivered with the palm of a hard hand at the end of a strong arm

Big lad though his is the
punishment starts with a good over the knee spanking leaving Edwards
firm muscular bare bottom red and scolded. 

Unfortunately for him a
second onslaught with the strap leaves a deep stinging impact that will
surely help to curb his smoking habit!

Paul Robinson (Rudi Vallance) was unlucky enough to have his stash of porn discovered by the cleaner. 

However it’s the presence of two knives in his locker that has really annoyed his​ ​

​H​ousemaster (Rupert Pendragon editor of Corporal Contacts magazine in a guest appearance)

He too gets a good firm spanking 

However, if Robinson thinks that a mere hand spanking is all the punishment he will receive he’s in for a surprise. His tender bare bottom, and the bare bottom of at least one more sixth former will be glowing a lot redder soon ……!!


To Be Continued ……..

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The Sixth Formers Knaves and Knives in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Sixth Formers Knaves and Knives in Standard Definition

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Doubled Up Down Under


Doubled Up Down Under

Two senior students, Walker (Rudi Vallance) and Harper (Adam Ashton)
have been caught yet again with booze in their dormitory. Undeterred by
their last warning this hapless pair decided rather foolishly to
challenge the college rules a second time.

This is something the
Headmaster cannot possibly continue to allow and has called on their
Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) to offer some assistance in a session
of much needed discipline.

Called to their classroom the Headmaster asks Mr Heidrick to lay on a
spanking these boys will not forget, this to be followed by a good
canning on their bare bottoms. He is of course very pleased to comply
with the request.

First to receive his spanking is Walker. This athletic and muscular
young Ruby player is not too happy at having to go across the knee of
the youthful Mr Heidrick

He’s even less happy when his backside is bared and the Housemaster’s
firm hand is continues cracking down on to his rounded and reddening

Walker is ordered to stand up and Harper takes his place

He too receives a sound spanking. Both boys think they are too old for
this but it won’t deter Mr Heidrick from making sure they both go to bed
later with scorched and burning bottoms!

As the​ boys take
their punishment or stand facing the wall their thoughts are trained to
the question of is that it? Are they going to escape with just a

They couldn’t be more wrong! Mr Heidrick is already swishing a crook
handled rattan cane through the air to test its pliability! Both boys
are ordered to bend over side by side.

The painful bare bottom caning to come will leave both lads with very
sore raised red welts as the wicked rattan cuts its raw message home.You
can buck the system some of the time but in the end its wins!

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Doubled Up Down Under in 1080p Extra High Definition

Doubled Up Down Under in 720p High Definition

Doubled Up Down Under in Standard Definition

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Travis 1900

Travis 1900

from the Police court is young tearaway Joseph Carter (Travis
McKinnon) He had committed a number of felonies and now found himself
sentenced to time served in the House Of Correction. Not a good move
as this boy has an attitude that’s not going to go down well with
the no nonsense Governor there.

It was only a matter of time before his insolent behaviour earned him a trip to the punishment room. There to his surprise he is ordered to strip of his beeches and go over the knee of the Governor.

This was all too reminiscent of his younger days when his father would do the same but now much older it seemed more painful and frankly quite embarrassing. As the slaps rained down on his raised and rounded muscular bare bottom he was already thinking perhaps in future he’d better start to behave!

However this was just the start, a few days later he was summoned again to the punishment room where the sentence, as laid down by the judge in the police court, was read out. Young Carter was to receive both the leather strap and willow switch one after the other. The judge had not been at all impressed by his attitude during his appearance at the court.

The wicked strap cracks across the young offender’s bare bottom making him wince and yelp but it was the follow up with the willow switch that really had him howling.

The well raised and perfectly shaped bare buttocks were receiving a punishment at last that they really deserved. Carters burning and scorched bottom would now for some time act as a constant reminder should he think of transgressing again!

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Travis 1900 in 1080P Extra High Definition

Travis 1900 in 720p High Definition

Travis 1900 in Standard Definition

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Adam Army

Adam Army

I​n the days of junior soldier’s regiments the intention was to train
younger lads to become the regular army NCOs and leaders of the future.
Discipline was a very important part of their training and a great deal
of leeway was used to prepare good records for their future careers. To
achieve this off the record punishment was often used and in the long
term would benefit the young trainees.

Trooper Carter (Adam Ashton) was in a junior mounted regiment and
doing fairly well in his training although his addiction for suddenly
going AWOL (absent without leave) had finally got him into deep trouble.

His CO and troop NCO were exasperated! However not wanting to have his
record blemished by a charge Carter had opted for corporal punishment.

As a cavalry regiment one instrument always at hand was the long
training whip. Usually applied to the buttocks of stubborn horses it was
equally successful when used on the bare backsides of insolent young

Carter bore its burning lash well but it was to be followed up
by the boy’s cat, a left over kept and used in the regiment since
Victorian times. The six leather thong’s of this formidable instrument
were scorching and soon had young Trooper Carter yelping.

The punishment over, the CO leaves the gun room however Carters
training NCO is far from satisfied. This hapless cadet had brought shame
on his platoon. Even though his bottom is very sore and burning after
the whipping the NCO quickly takes Carter across his knee like a naughty
boy and spanks his recently whipped bare bottom red raw!

Too big to be
spanked not likely, one way or another this wayward trooper will see the
error of his ways!


Sting Raw – Adam Army in 1080P Extra High Definition

Sting Raw – Adam Army in 720p High Definition

Sting Raw – Adam Army in Standard Definition

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No Police 2 – Broken In!

 No Police 2 – Broken In !

two lads in need of quick cash decide to break in to a local
warehouse they didn’t bargain on getting caught. In some ways they
were lucky as their captors gave them an alternative answer to
calling the police. In others ways their luck had run out as that
alternative was to be corporal punishment with no questions asked.

first boy (New Sting Lad Kevin Ellis) is ordered to face the wall
while his partner in crime (Nicholas Slater) is taken over the knee.
It’s the warehouse Forman who is going to start by giving him a
good spanking just like a naughty boy should receive who’s been
caught red handed. His accomplice can only now stand and glance back
in fear to see his friend’s quickly reddening bare bottom.

now he too is over the knee, this time however it’s the warehouse
owner whose stinging palm is cracking down! 


never been spanked before this is quite a shock and his very rounded
and protruding bare bottom, now scorching from the onslaught, is a
very attractive target indeed!

warehouse owner has a prior appointment but as they have photos of
the lads caught in the act he leaves further and final punishment
safely in the hands of his Forman. The two boys are ordered to stand
side by side, now stripped naked, to bend over the table. 


Forman takes up a thick leather strap kept amongst the many contents
of the warehouse. He then delivers a stinging and burning session of
strapping to the two boy’s bare bottoms.

have to take it there is no choice and although their backsides are
on fire the one consolation is that at least no police will be



No Police 2 – Broken In – in 1080p Extra High Definition

No Police 2 – Broken In – in 720p High Definition

No Police 2 – Broken In – in Standard Definition

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Sting Raw: Flogging


A Sting Raw Production – “Flogging”

Sting Raw gets straight to the action in this short with Young Morrison
(Brad) He plays a sixth former caught yet again by the Housemaster
skylarking in the dormitory after lights out. He’d been warned enough
times before but this seems to have gone in one ear and out the other!
The last time it happened the Housemaster had promised him a flogging
if he ever misbehaved after lights out again. Morrison though it was a
bit of a joke but now he is being dragged in the common room by his
ear, the housemaster intends to make good his threat. No joke then,
these cheeky sixth formers need to realise they don’t rule the roost
like that think they do.

First off Morrison finds himself laid face down on the refectory table
for a good hard bare bottom spanking. As the Housemaster’s hand cracks
down the young sixth former’s bottom quickly turns bright red. He is
squirming and hissing as the angry palm smacks down and really begins to
feels its full sting as the housemaster steps up a gear in to a very
unwelcome rapid fire.

This is just a precursor and now Morrison is bent over the table,
his scorched backside about to feel the stinging rattan school
punishment cane. Cane stripes on top of a spanking are really going to
sting! The housemaster likes to take care of his canes which are oiled
regularly as is the leather strap about to be employed to finish off
this exemplary punishment.

The wicked old leather strap echo’s round the room resounding like a
pistol shot. The Housemaster is pleased to see that Morrison’s burning
and sore bare bottom now shows all the signs of a flogging well laid on.
Maybe Morrison will just get in to bed like the others tomorrow night,
he’ll probably be sleeping face down though on this occasion!



Flogging in 1080p Extra High Definition

Flogging in 720p High Definition

Flogging in Standard Definition

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