Video Preview for Back Stroke

The Video Preview for

Back Stroke

Starring Ryan Conway, Alessandro Katz and James Holt

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Back Stroke – in Standard Definition


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Sting Lads – Only Fans

Title 2257

Back Stroke

Back Stroke

Two lads (Ryan Conway & Allessandro Katz) are supposed to clean up and keep order at the local leisure facility. However its a really hot day today and that pool looks inviting.

Why wait till later, the boss is out lets go for a dip now!

Well the plan should have worked but unluckily the boss Mr Stone (James Holt) returned early and just in time to catch the two work shy sharks floundering in the water.

They are getting just a little bit too pushy lately, so time to nip it in the bud. The boss orders the two boys to the edge of the pool and over it.


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Scouting for More Trouble (Part 1 of 2)

Scouting For More Trouble

Trying to be a good scout isn’t always easy, we all get tempted, so it was for two scouts from the STG pack. They both knew that to go fishing in the local river you had to have a licence. Even after being told, it wasn’t long before their leader found out they hadn’t got one and he knew exactly how to deal with them.

The two intrepid hunters are played by Gary Barclay (seen above) and Robin Palmer with their strict leader plated by Marco. As punishment for not having a licence he sends the first boy to cut his own switch. A few stinging stripes with this and a good spanking by the river will make him remember to get a licence in future.



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Pulled Over Pulled Down – Video trailer

Here is the video trailer for the recent Sting release  Pulled Over Pulled Down, directed by Jonathan Fox and staring Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin 
and Dexter as Constable Taylor

Pulled Over Pulled dow is available from Sting by 

Pulled Over Pulled Down

Stings recent release Pulled Over Pulled Down is directed by Jonathan Fox and stars Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin and Dexter as Constable Taylor

When two young guys decide to steal a car they hadn’t planned to run in to the Police quite so quickly. Luke Desmond and new Sting lad Roland Karlin both have a good reason not to get caught, doing so will mean they go straight back inside for breaking the terms of their probation.

Luckily or perhaps unluckily they run in to constable Taylor (Dexter) He seizes the chance and their predicament to lay on a little discipline of his own. Now out of sight and out of mind in a quiet part of the countryside Constable Taylor gets to work.

The two lads one by one are spanked in the back seat of the car. Bare backsides raised and at the mercy of the young constable he begins to spank some common sense in to their reddening young bottoms. They’re not used to this being a pair of pretty lippy guys most of the time

The hand spanking is finished but the punishment isn’t over yet. Constable Taylor finds he is still carrying his uniform clothes brush and this becomes the instrument of punishment for the next stage. Bending over the car bonnet with their jeans round their ankles the two lads now feel the stinging impact of clothes brush on bare skin.

The smooth side of the brush burns in to their bare bottoms landing time and time again in the same spot! Eventually they are told to stand up and walk home but not before they realise that this is just the beginning. They are going to have to report to Constable Taylor again before he’s really satisfied they’ve re learned their lessons. Best not perhaps to get pulled over and pulled down again!


“Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves)


In the latest download“Les Voleurs de Vin” Sting returns to a theme they featured quite a few years ago. This new Gallic story set in the French countryside during summer follows the fortunes of Francois and his friend Nicholas. François (Damien Drake) has been pilfering from a local wine colector’s beloved collection of wines. Having obtained the odd bottle he often enjoyed the looted hooch with his friend Nicolas (New Sting model Karl Frazer) 


Having been quickly found out and caught red handed by the river Francois is sent home to wait for his Uncles punishment, while Nicolas is to be dealt with by his own very cross Collector (Rusty) Nicolas is marched off in to the forest and is soon over his uncles knee getting a firm spanking.





Back at his home young François is getting the same from his own Uncle.




Pierre is a stickler for discipline and after spanking Nicholas decides to lay on a dose of the switch. This freshly cut instrument quickly produces some burning stripes on the lad’s bare bottom with him yelling in sorrow as a result.




Back with Francois and his partner the legendary Martinet is now out of the draw and swishing down on naughty François well raised bare backside. The leather thongs cut painfully in to the boy’s bare cheeks as he bucks and twists across the end of the bed.






In the forest the stern Pierre has prepared the finale to Nicolas punishment. As the freshly cut green stinging nettles brush across his already well whipped bare backside poor Nicholas knows what to come. Thwack after thwack with the fresh bundle of nettles produces a pleading Nicolas who will do all he can in future not to encounter such a punishment again!


Here then are two country boys who will no longer be known as The Wine Thieves. 




Damien Drake



and new boy Karl Frazer, who had a really “stinging” introduction to Sting!


Stinging nettles!!


Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – Episode 2 – A Sting in the Woods

Episode 2 of Tales from the Headmaster’s study – A Sting in the Woods stars Damien Drake, together with new actors Corin Fischer and Billy Roham

One of the Heads favourite pastimes is bird watching, birding or ‘twitching’ as it’s known in the USA.

 On this same fine summers afternoon the 5th formers are engaged in a cross country run. All except three lads that is, who decide it’s a great time to bunk off and enjoy a forbidden smoke, the unlucky lads soon get caught …..






 First all three boys receive a hard bare bottom spanking then they are sent into the woods to cuts switches ….
 The naughty trio must endure the burning sting of each other’s chosen switch. The freshly cut whippy instruments are bought down with a swish by the head and each cross country runway feels the biting sting of nature’s very own instrument of correction. As the stripes are laid on they all know if they deviate from the route again whilst on a cross country run they will certainly be in for another sting in the woods.