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Here are a collection of preview pictures from forthcoming Sting releases


 in Paint in Red you can guess what part of this young lad will be turning that shade! 




 More Domestic Discipline from those Angry Dads





 Industrial School



 Features the welcome return of Leonardo King who, as the sharp eyed amongst you will notice, has been spending time in the gym!





 the Birching Block





 Another trip to the Antipodes with further episodes of 
Discipline Down Under


 Johann Volny takes some wayward lads in hand


 Into the Great Outdoors with Scouts



 The much anticipated return of Travis McKinnon in Aching Antiques





and as the picture says ..and much, much more!!


Sting CFNM: Don’t Mess with Miss!


Introducing Sting Pictures first venture in to CFNM discipline stories. We had to start
somewhere even in a small way but this college days episode with M.
Cassidy and young Mark Lewis seemed a good place to start.
 WARNING: Sting CFNM features naked and semi naked young men being disciplined by fully clothed women 

Approved Education: – Plugged Up!

Even though the lads have been sent to a strict corrective educational
centre they still lapse in to some tomfoolery from time to time.



One such boy, McLaren (Milo Milis) has decided it would be a great joke
to flood the communal bathroom and toilet area.
The Headmaster of course is far from amused and tears a strip off young
McLaren. He must be taught a strong lesson! There is only one way to
do that, a good hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking.



He quickly gets to work pulling the lad over his knee and laying on some
stinging slaps straight over the boys tight white Y fronts.



These are then pulled down to get some real action going. McLaren now bared
bottom starts to turn a burning red. The Head’s hand slaps down
relentlessly causing McLaren to howl.








Plugging up the sink was a foolish and childish thing to do so using the bad
puppy analogy McLaren finds he’s been plugged up too with a tail.




Now he really is a bad puppy and somewhat embarrassed, however now the
cruel hand comes scorching down again and again, rapid fire included. 






What can such a naughty boy expect! The only water flowing now will be
tears from McLaren’s eyes!



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The Governor’s Choice 6

 The Governor’s Choice 6  

Taking the Governor’s choice is the best option to avoid getting an
unsatisfactory monthly report or worse still lose of remission. This
month two young inmates have chosen that option.


The first is Radcliff (new StingLad Andrew Kitt) he was found searching
through the lockers in the staff area. 


The senior officer Mr Sharpe (Marco) made sure he remembered where he is
supposed to be by administering a good spanking there and then! 






Radcliff, not spanked before by the officer, found himself in three different
positions as Mr Sharpe’s hard hand slapped his tender bare bottom a
burning bright red!


Kiwi College 3


It’s the summer term and three more lads have got themselves in to trouble. For the Headmaster and his staff maintaining discipline is always very much ongoing!



One of the juniors Cougan (Elijah Young) has been stealing merchandise mfrom the tuck shop. 


The Headmaster orders a prefect, Henson (Phil Stone) to deal with him. This begins with a traditional caning over Cougan’s tightly spread grey shorts.
However he doesn’t get of that lightly as immediately after he is ordered to remove his shorts for a bare bottom spanking.



The muscular Henson perches Cougan over his knee then after a good session of stinging slaps changes to a more OTK position.



This is a spanking he won’t forget in a hurry!
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