David had a Bad Day

As one of an occasional series revisiting some of Sting’s earlier DVDs, we meet the popular actor David who among his many roles appeared in Instruments of Persuasion. In a story entitled “All Smoked Out” which runs through the DVD, between other scenes, David is featured in two scenes during which his magnificent bare bottom is punished by two of the various Instruments of persuasion in the title.

The first of these is the cane, which David receives after he and a buddy are caught smoking at school

Later that same day ………..

When David gets home later that day, he is introduced to a second instrument of persuasion the Razor Strop, which his Dad uses on him when he discovers David has been punished at school

David also appears in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2, in which he receives the French Martinete and also a firm hand spanking.


More images from Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

 At 1 hour 05 minutes  in length, Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 includes at least a dozen scenes and a host of favourite Sting Lads

One of the most well known scenes is the infamous nettle birching staring Jay. more images from this scene can be viewed here.

In the first of two figging scenes a young trooper, played by JJ receives  a birching, with the added discomfort of a burning plug of raw ginger inserted in a sensitive orifice!! 

Tigger receives a taste of the riding crop on his bare behind wile perching on a saddle – more images here.

 David makes the second oif three appearances, this time on the stinging end of a military caning

The formidable Dr. Barton sentences Barry to a judicial birching on the Isle of Guernsey, where the birch continued to be used a method of legal punishment well into the 1960’s.  More images from this scene can be viewed here

 A selection of spanking includes scenes featuring David (more images here) …


 and JJ. who is spanked on a recently caned bottom

 The second figging scene features Matt Mills, who receives a sound over the knee, bare bottom spanking, with a stick of raw ginger inserted deep in his tender pucker!!

These instruments of persuasion leave a lot of young men unable to sit down for a long time!

Instruments of Persuasion – the Martinet and Triad Cane Scenes


Instruments of Persuasion (Part 2) examines some of the more exotic and unusual implements used to punish miscreant youths. This posting shows images from scenes focusing on Instruments of Persuasion from two different corners of the earth, starting with the French Martinet.


One of the earlier scenes in IOP II features David as a naughty young “garçon” receiving a sound thrashing with the stinging Martinet, in a period story set in 19th Century France.









Back in the present day, and in a later scene on a visit to the Far East, Vex, falls foul of the local laws and is sentenced to a flogging with the triple rod sting of the cruel Triad Cane










Leaving the bad lad with a lot of Sting to sooth ……..
More images from Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 to follow ………..!

Trailer For Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

 The Instruments of Persuasion DVD cover was illustrated by Jonathan

Here is the trailer for Sting’s brilliant Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

Whereas the also superb Instruments of Persuasion Part 1 was an examination of the more commonly used implements used to inflict punishment on the Male bottom. Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 looked at more exotic and unusual ones.  
This video includes young Tigger as a young soldier receiving a taste of the riding crop, whilst spread legged over a saddle, Matt Mills being “figged” with a fiery plug of raw peeled ginger up his anus before a hard over the knee spanking, David bending over for a dose of the French Martinet, Vex receiving a triple rodded “Triad”caning, Bary and Mark receiving a Guernsey birching and, of course, the infamous nettle birching scene, where handsome Jay ends up with a well “stung” behind, together with more innovative devices and a bonus selection of spankings.       

Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 was nominated for a GAYVN award in 2009.  

A taste of the Birch

A birch rod (often shortened to “birch”) is a bundle of leafless twigs bound together to form an implement for administering corporal punishment, typically applied to the recipient’s bare buttocks, although occasionally to the back and/or shoulders.

The birch was commonly used as a means of domestic discipline, and was used in British and European schools up until the 19th Century. Its use as a form of adult judicial punishment continued into the 20th Century and in the Isle of Man it was still in use up until 1976.

The birch was also used on offending male youths until the mid-1960s on the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

Sting pictures have produced a number of excellent enactments of various judicial birchings, including the superb Guernsey Birching scene from “Instruments of Persuasion Part 2” staring Barry, images from which can be viewed below:

An arrogant young scoundrel.

The just sentence

Not so arrogant now!

He’ll think long and hard before he misbehaves again!


What Shall We Do with the Drunken Soldier?


The old Sea Shanty asks “What shall we do with the drunken Sailor?”. However, in this instance it is a soldier, played by the ever incorrigible Tigger, who gets drunk and misses parade.

So, what shall we do with him? Make the young rascal straddle a saddle and take a good thrashing with a riding crop on his bare, tender, young backside, that is what!

This scene is from “Instruments of Persuasion II” in which Sting examines some of the less common forms of male bottom aimed Corporal Punishment


Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 1)

Jay, the boy with the expressive face

Jay was a regular Sting Actor during what we might call, Sting’s middle years, prior to their move to the Czech Republic, appearing in various DVDs including My Borstal Days, Asian Incident, 1900 House of Correction and memorably on the receiving end of the infamous nettle birching in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 (more of that in part 2 of this post which ,will be posted tomorrow)

A natural blond with a handsome face and good body, Jay was ideal for the role of unlucky bad boy which he took to with relish, and obvious good nature.

Like a many of the British Sting Actors, Jay started modelling career working for ClubLads where he became known for his beaming smile and open expressive face, which became even more evident when he began working for Sting – albeit the expressions were somewhat less cheerful ones.
Jay in a classic ClubLads pose

Bad Boy Jay expresses his opinion of being spanked

Below aew a couple of artistic black and white images

Cute (but still a bad boy)!

Jay poses with Rob in a backstage scene during the making of 1900 House of Correction (From the Sting Double Bill DVD) – That Robert is one lucky guy!

Jay and Tigger let it all hang out

As a regular member of the “Sting Stable”, Jay appeared in some of Sting’s most iconic scenes. For instance, his all too brief appearance at the beginning of Instruments of Persuasion Part 1, dressed as a Roman schoolboy, in a skimpy toga, bending over to take the birch was the stuff of many a fantasy. The Roman scene was only a brief glimpse during the prologue, however, birching fans are well catered for in what is the first of two excellent explorations of the many and various methods of punishing young male bottoms.

One of Jay’s earliest appearances was in My Borstal Days, when in the role of Russell he took a painful bare bottom strapping from a strict headmaster. As ever with Jay when something hurts it shows in his face.

My Borstal Days

Jay also appeared in a number of scenes in Tales from St Datchet’s Academy (Grey Shorts 2) but, for once, escaped taking a spanking himself (many others, in an all star cast including Matt Mills, Tigger, Brett, Barry, Coyote, Harry, Mike, David, Vex. Lee Knight, JJ and Anderson were not so lucky)

Scenes from St Datchet’s Academy

In one of Jay’s various scenes in Asian Incident he took a sound slippering across the gym horse, first over tight white shorts, and then on his bare behind. Again Jay’s expressive face told the story.
Jay feels the “Stinging” rubber on the seat of his problem

To be continued:….


Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 2)

Continuing the two part appreciation of popular sting lad Jay, in a further scene from Asian Incident, we find him naked and sore, at the stinging end of a cruel looking cane, in a very convincing punishment scene.

In the 1900 House of Correction (Part of the Sting Double Bill) Jay, playing a Victorian youth, was back over a vaulting horse receiving another well deserved strapping.

A sore bottom and film star good looks, a perfect combination

Probably Jay’s most famous role was in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 when playing a young French thief he received a bare bottom birching with a bunch of stinging nettles (OUCH!)

A nettle rash like that will have stung for quite a while after the birching was over

As Jays wonderful display of discomfort clearly testified

Further images from the Nettle Birching can be found here

Sadly all boys must grow up, and in Jay’s last role for Sting, in the download Approved Education Part One he switched roles and played a young school master handing out spankings and slipperings to two naughty schoolboys played by Ginger and Harry

Jay gave a very competent performance in an unaccustomed role

However, most of us fondly remember Jay as the nervous young miscreant with the nettle stung bottom!

Jay has not appeared in any recent Sting movies, and may have now moved on to other things in life. However, whatever he is doing, I am sure we all wish him well, as he has given us a great deal of pleasure as one of the most delightful of the Sting Lads.