Bare Bottomed Barry

Barry, photographed here by ClubLads, is another very popular Sting, actor has appeared in a number of Sting Presentations, including both parts of the Sting Double Bill, Instruments of Persuasion Part 2, Approved Education Part 2, African Academy, Banged Up My Borstal Days 2, Reformatory USA and Discipline Download Under.

Matt Mills ClubLads posing pictures

These pictures, taken from a photo shoot which iconic Sting star Matt Mills did for the, sadly now closed, ClubLads studio, were posted to JockSpank yesterday as part of this week’s Saturday Spankables posting.  These pictures are not by Sting, but given Matt’s status as one of the most popular Sting stars, and given the close relationship which Sting had with ClubLads when they were located in the UK, IO feel they are also suitable for posting here.