No Stars – Just More Stripes – Video trailer

Here is the video trailer for the latest Sting download 
Staring Dexter, Eddie Savion, Connor Levi and Rudi Valance

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No Stars Just More Stripes

The second episode of No Stars Just Stripes is No Stars Just More Stripes Staring Dexter, Eddie Savion plus two new and exciting Sting Actors Connor Levi and Rudi Vallance 

The First scene: Young Duane Hanson (new Sting lad Connor Levi) has a short temper. He’s great at him game but intolerant of other players. This gets him in to trouble with his coach (Dexter). Fair play is important and the coach intends to make sure he remembers this. Duane is too tired and arrogant for press ups so it’s over the coach’s knee he goes for a good sound spanking, old style.

After this the legendary holed paddle is is brought down from the locker and begins to imprint its painful crack across poor Duane’s bare butt. It’s his first time and he howls and yelps his way through the punishment desperate to get some cooling cream on his bare butt after the coach thinks he’s had enough.

Second Scene: The team manager is pretty vigilant around the campus and is very annoyed to find his youngest assistant coach (Eddie Savion) drinking beer in the back of the gym store. He’s dealt with him before about rule infringements like this but thinks now perhaps a re match with his right hand and the coaches bare butt might make an improvement in his ways.

Coach McIver gets a really hard spanking turning his rounded pale butt a very bright red. The heavy leather strap is then used to finish of the session. This is equally effective leaving him gasping for breath as he tries to control the intense pain now surging from his burning backside. 

Third Scene: Fresh from his session with Coach McIver the team manager is again annoyed to find his main sports star Donaldson (New Sting Lad Rudi Vallance) trying out a cheroot. Smoking by the young sportsmen is something the manager can’t abide and despatches him off to the Head Coach (Dexter) for suitable punishment. In traditional style Donaldson is soon over the coach’s knee, his right arm descending firmly on the lads very rounded butt cheeks.

This is followed with the lad bent over and pushing out his very curved backside to take some stinging licks of the paddle. It’s his first time and perhaps now smoking whilst he is training to win the championship is not such a good idea. The College needs sports stars but not more stripes however with theses cheeky lads that might prove to be difficult.

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Louie in “Up the Creek With a Paddle”

Up theCreek with a Paddle – directed by Jonathan Fox. Set in a US 60’s College, unruly student Jack McConnighy (Louie Ashby) has finally caused the Principle to take action. Excelling more as a party animal than a diligent student the Principle decides to take some positive action to bring McConnighy round. After a dressing down he leaves him to the tender mercies of faculty head Mr Schwartz who proceeds to administer his polished paddle with relish.

Feeling the punishment has yet to sink in Schwartz now orders McConnighy to take off his jeans and pants off to get another dose other the knee on his bed. His already paddled backsides now begins to buck and twist as it reddens further from the stinging slaps of his determined teacher.
The principle is not so sure that McConnighy won’t reoffend again so he decides that a more ritualistic paddling should follow later in the Gym.
McConnighy arrives late further annoying his teacher. Now ordered to the wall, shorts and pant off, Jack McConnighy will feel the deep biting sting of the holed hickory paddle on his tender bare backside.
Now he’s really up the creek but with the paddle! 

Movie trailer


Sting Raw – Leonardo King in “Curfew”


Sting Raw – Curfew offers a profile shoot for Popular model Leonardo King. Here Leo has displeased his Mentor by continually breaking a curfew imposed due to his constant bunking of college. Two times too many and now he’s going to get dealt with! After stripping off his tracksuit bottoms, it’s straight over the Mentor’s knee for a stinging bare bottom spanking.

The opening shock of this causes quite a stir with the young miscreant. Now he thinks he used to it but that’s not the end! Ordered over the bed the next dose of discipline comes from a heavy rubber soled carpet slipper, snatched up on impulse for the purpose. It’s cruel hard rubber sole on an already tender bottom certainly now reinforces the fact the when rules are made they must be obeyed… And if you are strictly subject to a curfew then curfew means ‘Curfew!’


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Bring Back the Birch – # 2

More images from Bring Back the Birch.  Over an hour long, over two years in the making, and featuring a host of Sting lads, some familiar, and some new, this Sting documentary examinec the use of the birch as a fearsome instrument of punishment.

Sting use authentic birch and hazel branches in their scary looking birches, not easy to find in central London, so maybe they send the bad lads out to the Bohemian woods looking for the switches which will later be used on their bottom?
One thing is for certain, those things really *sting!!*
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Video trailer
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Bring Back the Birch – # 1

The July 2011 release Bring Back the Birch is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including favourites such as Danny, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie, Jason Kingsley, and Carlos. This download also featured the debut appearance of the handsome and popular Leonardo.
Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty, Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

More pictures plus a video trailer to follow

Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

Tales From the HeadMaster’s Study (Episode 4) – Forrester’s Affair – VIDEO TRAILER

Scroll down for the video trailer for Tales from the Headmaster’s study Episode 4 – Forrester’s Affair, staring Luke Radley, Damien Drake and Roland Karlin






The video can be purchased from Sting at the following link

Tales From the HeadMaster‘s Study (Episode 4) – Forrester’s Affair


Tales From the HeadMaster’s Study (Episode 4) – Forrester’s Affair

Staring Luke Radley, Damien Drake and Roland Karlin
A house prefect’s job is to maintain good order and discipline. Forrester (Luke Radley) a newly made up senior does this job fairly well and had recently reported Beecham (Damien Drake) for misconduct. He was dealt with by the Headmaster in a very traditional manner by receiving the cane. His tight grey school trousers did nothing to keep out the biting sting of the swishy rattan cane. In turn Beecham had nothing to thank Forrester for, he wanted revenge – daggers were drawn! ………..




 Forrester had become quite a favourite with the head and his housemaster, as such, he was being asked to do their bidding more often. One such case was his being asked to discipline one unruly student by the name of Gerrard (Roland Karlin) This he did most firmly but found he will now have to swing the cane too…….




Practice may be needed but Gerrards red and well stripped bare backside was soon testament the Forrester’s right arm; proof that he’s be a fast learner when it comes to laying on discipline.



 As a prefect Forester wasn’t always a goody two shoes though and had taken to borrowing the school staff car for the odd run down town. 
Unlucily for Forester he was spotted by Beecham who was still sore from his encounter with the headmasters cane and keen to get his own back on the guy who caused it,so he was more than happy to see Forester out in the car when he clearly shouldn’t have been. A quickly scribbled note to the Head and he would have his revenge… 
 Forrester just didn’t have an answer for taking the car and the Head was furious, how could this boy betray his trust so. Forrester certainly didn’t want his parents informed so accepted his fate. The headmaster decided to turn the clock back to Forrester’s younger days and give him a good spanking. 



 This was pure humiliation for this strapping sixth former and the caning that followed on his scorched well spanked bare bottom stung like a vengeful wasp. He could give the cane, yes but feeling it cut in his thrust out, firm but now defenceless backside was too much to take. He howled, howled like a first year! Better think again before taking the car keys next time!!. 



Tales From the HeadMaster‘s Study (Episode 4) – Forrester’s Affair

Raw Down Under

A June 2011 release, set in Australia in the 1950’s the new Sting Raw Download “Raw Down Under” features Sting favorite Sebastian and New Sting actor Andy Black on the receiving end of two very sore bottoms.  
In his scene Andy Black plays Middleton who reports to the head master to answer for a series of misdemeanors, for which he is punished with a series of implements, first a hard hand spanking, then the leather strap ………..     

and finally the Headmaster’s prized Japanese Rice Spoon first seen in action in Discipline Down Under III


Sebastian (Davies) has also been misbehaving and takes his punishment from junior master Rusty, first a stinging hand spanking

And then the hard shiny surface of a clothes brush is applied to his firm round bare behind

To be continued ……..
Raw Down Under” Download

Name those Bottoms – the Answers

Congratulations to Sonyakumo who correctly identified all four of the bottoms in last weekend’s “Name Those Bottoms” challenge and also named the videos the images came from.
The answers were:

4. Darren in “Discipline Download Under
A special mention to Alferbe who correctly guessed four out of five