Approved Education 18 – Part 2 of 2

Approved Education 18

The two naughty lads’ punishment continues ..

After both boys had received a good hard, bare bottom spanking, a taste of the burly Housemaster’s stinging strap will add some extra fire to their backsides.




Ordered to strip and bend over their bunk beds, the boys then receive a good whacking with the strap


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Approved Education 18 (Part 1 of 2)

Approved Education 18

The smooth running of an institution directly involved in the re training of young delinquents requires special attention to daily discipline. The boys sent there have a chance of re shaping their lives but must learn that rules are rules and must be followed.

Horse play is expected but constant misbehaviour, no matter if the lads are just larking about, often needs to be dealt with by a short sharp reminder.

Two such boys (Luke Adams and Ariel Varga) are driving their Housemaster (James Holt) mad with their childish pranks. He’s in hot pursuit and is going to give these two cheeky lads a lesson they won’t quickly forget.

Caught in the dormitory both boys now face a good hard over the knee spanking .. and that’s just the start …



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Approved Education 17 – Part 2 of 2 and Video Preview

Video Preview for Approved Education 17



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube by CLICKING HERE




The next boy to find himself in trouble is Jarvis (Dominik Black) He’s be caught off limits and smoking by Mr Sharpe in a place he should not be. He knows full well what the rules are but continues to flout them. His insolence and cheek need to be confronted! Its time this unruly lad is taught a lesson.



A caning across those tight grey shorts, followed by the belt on the bare bottom should start to instil some discipline back in to young Jarvis. If there is any doubt about that then a good bare bottom spanking after certainly will do the trick!





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Approved School Spanking in “Approved Education 17” (Part 1 of 2)

Approved Education 17

The on going daily routine at Bishopsfield Approved Educational Institution finds the usual suspects up to no good. It sometimes takes a firm dose if discipline to bring them back in to line and the Headmaster is certainly not afraid to use it when necessary.


The first delinquent of the day to be dealt with is Dawson (Robin Palmer) He’s be making thorough nuisance of himself and causing problems between the other boys, which led to as fight in the common room. Its gone on long enough and now the Head is going to take firm action. He sends Dawson to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be severely punished.



Now the Master’s old riding whip to be followed by a good spanking on the bare bottom will almost certainly be the order of the day.







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Approved Education: – Plugged Up!

Even though the lads have been sent to a strict corrective educational
centre they still lapse in to some tomfoolery from time to time.



One such boy, McLaren (Milo Milis) has decided it would be a great joke
to flood the communal bathroom and toilet area.
The Headmaster of course is far from amused and tears a strip off young
McLaren. He must be taught a strong lesson! There is only one way to
do that, a good hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking.



He quickly gets to work pulling the lad over his knee and laying on some
stinging slaps straight over the boys tight white Y fronts.



These are then pulled down to get some real action going. McLaren now bared
bottom starts to turn a burning red. The Head’s hand slaps down
relentlessly causing McLaren to howl.








Plugging up the sink was a foolish and childish thing to do so using the bad
puppy analogy McLaren finds he’s been plugged up too with a tail.




Now he really is a bad puppy and somewhat embarrassed, however now the
cruel hand comes scorching down again and again, rapid fire included. 






What can such a naughty boy expect! The only water flowing now will be
tears from McLaren’s eyes!



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Approved Education 10 – “Senior Boys Suffering” (Part 2)

The second  set of pictures from Sting’s latest release 


You could say Mr Volny is getting to the bottom of things with his older boys! He now deals with another boy in his house, Richards ( New Stinglad Dan Dickinson) 
His cheeky and insolent
attitude just lately has now rightly gained him a good spanking. With
his pyjama bottoms dropped down his pale little bare backside quickly
turns a burning red!



However it’s the housemaster’s belt that really hits the mark. His freshly spanked bottom now becomes painfully raw as the angry strap cracks home.



To close the case of bullying and blackmail by senior boys the Headmaster confronts McDonald (Travis McKinnon) He’s been in league with Williams and now his actions have come home to roost! – and landing where they will do the most good


These senior boys, even up to twenty one, are still made to wear shorts similar to their Borstal equivalents. 
As he’s also seen as the ring leader to further humiliate this boy and to enhance to effectiveness of the punishment to come, he is first shaved by the barber. McDonald doesn’t do spanking pain easily and bucks about wildly as he’s punished across Mr Sharpe’s knee.







However when this warders favourite instrument come in to play, the switch, he really starts to complain! Its biting strokes whip across his muscular bare bottom now blazing and sore from the previous spanking! 



McDonald certainly sets the bench mark for senior boys suffering. 


Sting Classic Focus – Approved Education (Part 2)


This week’s Sting Classic Special focus is on Approved Education (Part 2)


This classic Download was released shortly after Sting’s move to the Czech Republic Featuring five strapping Sting lads three from London and two from Prague, including Brett, Stefanel, Brad,
David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro







Approved Education 2 with the infamous scene featuring Dr Barton dealing with Brett. One of the three separate Spankings Brett receives in this download

















 Young Barry receives a well deserved bare bottom strapping from The Headmaster (played by Dr. Barton)



 Brett’s bare bottom is well and truly toasted by three separate spankings, one by hand, one with the strap and finally Brett is caned by Dr Barton








Brad gets a very hard taste of the strap




  David’s spectacular bare bottom is spanked as we all like to see it!





 Stefanel takes a hand spanking followed by a good whacking with the gym slipper




In  Approved Education 2, popular Sting Star Brett Stevens endures three hard bare bottom spankings

Preview trailer

The Sixth Formers – Knaves and Knives

The impudent sixth formers are up to their old tricks again
 but the staff is having none of it!

Garry Edwards (Gerry Robbins) has got himself in to trouble by sending and underage 4th former to buy cigarettes for him. He knows that cigarettes are banned in any case so this is a double whammy in rule breaking.
The Headmaster dispatches him off to his Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) who quickly gets to work on some disciplinary guidance, of the type best delivered with the palm of a hard hand at the end of a strong arm



Big lad though his is the
punishment starts with a good over the knee spanking leaving Edwards
firm muscular bare bottom red and scolded. 



Unfortunately for him a second onslaught with the strap leaves a deep stinging impact that will surely help to curb his smoking habit!




Paul Robinson (Rudi Vallance) was unlucky enough to have his stash of porn discovered by the cleaner. 
However it’s the presence of two knives in his locker that has really annoyed his​H​ousemaster (Rupert Pendragon editor of Corporal Contacts magazine in a guest appearance)


He too gets a good firm spanking 



However, if Robinson thinks that a mere hand spanking is all the punishment he will receive he’s in for a surprise. His tender bare bottom, and the bare bottom of at least one more sixth former will be glowing a lot redder soon ……!!


After Robinson’s spanking he is ordered over the vaulting horse for a burning dose of the gym slipper.





His bare rounded and muscular bottom is now raw to touch so the swishing sound of the cane now in the master’s hand is no welcome sound at all! 




The cane bites cruelly in to the lads protruding bare buttocks and with it a burning sting drives the message home, behave or else!



Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) is a cocky youth and although a prefect tends to lose his temper. The latest incident in the geography room saw a tirade of expletives being used!


Sent to his Housemaster Mr Volny no time is wasted in to getting this senior boy across his knee in the same manner as would befit ajunior. 




A stinging bare bottom spanking is laid on with relish.


The spanking of course is just a pre cursor for a caning that the boy will hopefully think about next time he decides to let off steam. 


The well-oiled rattan cuts painfully in to this college rugby team member’s bare bottom. The burning stripes will still be visible to his mates as he steps in to the showers later!

preview trailer




Approved Education No: 8 (Part 2) – including preview video

Part 2 of Sting’s latest download Approved Education 8 
(scroll down for the preview video)

In addition to Collin’s  punishment – in scene one of this video, another boy, Roberson (Xander Hollister), in trouble last time for dealing in illicit goods has now been sent to the Headmaster for misbehaving in class. Ordered to bend over and touch his toes the grey shorts his is wearing perfectly hug his globe like backside. The head is selecting a swishy rattan cane to lay on a good twelve strokes, well-earned in his opinion! Robertson grits his teeth and the wicked rattan cracks home.

Twelve red hot strokes later with two extra laid on for good luck, well more that he won’t forget in a hurry really, Robertson is ordered to stand up, believing its over.

Unfortunately with his bottom burning the rebellious lad whispers an expletive quickly picked up by the sharp ears of the head. Not used to such behaviour he orders Roberson to strip off his shorts. This insolent boy in now in for a hell of a spanking!

Now over the knee his curved bare bottom is being scolded by the Head and eventually towards the end a series of rapid fire slaps are laid on! 

Roberson howls but finally it’s going to be the old wooden rice spoon that does the trick, burning his bare bottom to final submission.

No more curses are heard from young Robertson, and with a bottom as sore as that quite rightly so!

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In three definition levels

Approved Education No: 8 (Part 1)

Bishopsfield Institution an Approved Educational centre for young delinquents provides a stable on going sense of discipline in its programme of retraining. Lads are expected to make the grade and if not trouble surely lies ahead.
One lad, Collins (New StingLad Oscar Hart) has been pushing his luck and raided the tuck shop (College store) On being caught red handed ..

…he is sent to his Housemaster (Johan Volny) to be dealt with.
This young housemaster is in no mood to compromise this time and puts the young Collins over his knee for a good long old fashion bare bottom spanking.

His cheeks grows redder and redder as the Housemasters hand cracks down, the stinging palm, relentless in motion, scorching the lads shapely and well raised bare bottom!

Collins is howling but he’ll be howling more as the cane now makes an appearance. Stealing will not be tolerated! Bent over the chair the swishy rattan cuts home, the lads rounded bare bottom now striped, burning and raw!

 Collins is not alone in the line-up of offenders
Coming bext Xander Holister

In three definition levels