Angry Step Dads 30

Instead of getting up and on with the construction at home Tim (Tim Ptacek) decided to have a little extra time on his bed.

This soon proved to be a painful mistake as his ever grumpy step dad (Domonic) arrived back earlier than Tim expected, and it’s no surprise he is not happy one bit!

He has had enough of his lazy attitude at deals with him straight away, starting with a good hard spanking

Tim can clearly feel his Step dads stinging hand as he squirms about over his knee!

Next, to really get his point through the angry Step dad then gives him a painful strapping on his already burning backside. Safe to say he will not be slacking with work again!

Tim Ptacek Stars in Angry Step Dads 30



Angry Step Dads 30 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Angry Step Dads 30 – in Standard Definition


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