Angry Dads: Dad’s Back and He’s Not Happy

Two brothers Nicholas (Leo Wilde) and Jonathan (Tyler Fox) are heading home after a day of skiving off school unaware that dad is waiting with a face on for them to return after receiving a call from the Headmaster to explain their absence from school.


On arriving home Nicholas not in his school uniform is immediately questioned by his dad as to his behaviour. Stumbling on his words through guilt of being caught out his dad tells him the exact reasons and without hesitation pulls out the chair puts him over his legs and starts spanking firmly on the seat of his jeans. 



Not happy with the results dad orders a shocked Nicholas to remove his jeans and brings him back over to continue his much deserved punishment. 



Still not convinced its doing as intended, Nicholas is lifted up and his pants are removed, legs spread the crack of dads hand starts to bring the message home to Nicholas already burning arse cheeks whilst responding to Nicholas begging with harder spanks and a verbal reminder of why he is in that position.