Angry Step Dads – Justice for Johnny

Continuing the adventures of John (Ryan Conway) whose poor work attendance was punished, because his stepbrother had told tales on him, to his boss. After that humiliation, John took his angry revenge on the step sibling snitch’s bare bottom. Well, that was not the end of the story, Nemesis is a capricious god, and fate has now turned its attention back to John’s own plump butt cheeks. Which are about to receive another well deserved roasting.

Busy at work, John suddenly gets an unwelcome visitor, his stepdad (Domonic) who is not in a good mood at all. He wants to know what he was doing punishing his step-brother. John tries to defend his actions, by saying he grassed on him to his boss, but stepdad is having none of it and decides to deal with him, right there and then, at his work place.

With the unhappy John bent on the step ladder, first up is a handy piece of wood just right for the job, and he quickly realises that he is in for another painful time, with each, increasingly excruciating crack of the wood!

Which finishes, as justice requires, on his hastily reddening bare backside.

To add further humiliation for a strapping young man, now it’s over the knee for a good hard spanking on his already throbbing ass.

Even his boss spots what is going on and says nothing, being more than pleased to let him learn his lesson, which is pretty sure he has!

However, only time will tell.

Ryan Conway plays the much punished John



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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Angry Step Dads – Justice for Johnny”
  1. “Well, that was not the end of the story, Nemesis is a capricious god, and fate has now turned its attention back to John’s own plump butt cheeks”. Literary genius, worthy of Daniel Defoe! Incidentally Defoe was a spanking aficionado. Have you read “Colonel Jack”?

    1. Thank you, I am pleased you enjoy the text. No, I haven’t read “Colonel Jack”, but I shall add it to my reading list!

      1. Bruce: I also recommend reading “Billy Budd” by Melville & “Two Years Before the Mast” by Dana. The movie versions starring Terence Stamp & Alan Ladd are pretty good, also. Now there’s two that missed their calling by never appearing in “Sting Pictures”. Cheers!

    2. Hola, me gustaría ser spankee otk en vuestras películas

      Translación: Hello, I would like to be a spankee otk in your movies

      1. Hola Juan. El rodaje tiene lugar en la República Checa. Si deseas ser actor, envía algunas fotos recientes a y alguien se comunicará contigo
        Filming takes place in the Czech Republic. If you wish to be an actor, please send some recent photos to and someone will contact you

  2. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen after last release! Sting is reading my mind! Even tho I was hoping for proper belting from stepdad, this scenario is amazing.

  3. Ryan Conway is a good-looking, tall, athletic young man, and his rear end reddens nicely from a spanking. However, his reaction to his punishment was too stoic – not enough grunting, groaning, “ouch!”es, “ow!”s, kicking, squirming, reaching back with his hand, etc. for my taste. He has responded to spankings in a more demonstrative manner in earlier videos. Why this new-found stoicism?

  4. Hi, thanks for another excellent production, featuring Ryan. He is so very spankable ( but also does well as spanker). More of him please

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