Sting Premium on Download

Sting decided to close down the original  Premium area in December 2009. However, the various videos which were previously only available for download b Premium members can be purchased as a single download from the Sting PPV area:

The download, which is over 1 hour 48 minutes long includes:

“Home not so Sweet Home” – staring Louie
“Sore times for Sebastian”
Damon in “Not So PC”
“Woodland Vandals” with Rusty, Sebastian and Dexter
“Woodland Spanking” staring Margusta and two unlucky lads
“A Selection of Showers”

A Selection of Showers (screen grabs below) includes various Showering and bathing scenes from Sting videos together with clips from the spankings which preceded or followed them.

JockSpanks postings regarding the Sting Premium content can be viewed by clicking here

Premium content download

Not So PC

One of the various videos which were available to download from the now closed Sting Members area was Not So PC starring Dam0n. The scenario is as follows:
When news of Damon Watson’s bad behaviour at school reached home he was summoned to answer for his mideamors in the bedroom. Seeing this to be an important period of his education Damon’s dad decided to try some of the methods that has certainly worked with him during those similar years of needed direction.

A good spanking and a follow up session with the strap had been most successful for Mr Watson during his teen years. Remembering back and with a feeling of duty that young Damon must not be derailed from his goal he would repeat that time honoured punishment. Not so PC but all done in the sure knowledge it wouldn’t be quickly forgotten and exams would be passed!

When Sting closed the Members area they made all the premium videos, including Not So PC available as a single download available by clicking here