Introducing Sting Pictures first venture in to CFNM discipline stories. We had to start
somewhere even in a small way but this college days episode with M.
Cassidy and young Mark Lewis seemed a good place to start.
 WARNING: Sting CFNM features naked and semi naked young men being disciplined by fully clothed women 

Barry Smith (Mark Lewis) has been sent to do detention. It just so happens
that the teacher in charge is Miss Cassidy. Being a hyped up young
lad Barry gets more than just a little bit frisky and starts to play
with himself under the desk hoping he wont be seen. It’s not long
however before the eagle eyed Miss Cassidy sees what’s going on and
the game is up.
Ordered to stand up and report to her he’s now going to get his comeuppance
for such gross misbehaviour!



Embarrassing or not this boys trousers and underwear are coming down! He needs
some firm discipline! First a good bare bottom spanking from the matriarchal Miss.





This is followed by a firm dose of the leather strap. 


Those smooth little rounded cheeks are going to redden up nicely! Is this
boy going to spare his rod in future, probably not if he gets sent to
Miss Cassidy’s detention class again.




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