A Bitter End

Getting on with his college work Louie (Finn Harper) appears to be a smart studious lad. But when Marco asks him to make a cup of coffee things get a little bit out of hand and a prank backfires.

Marco doesn’t quite see the funny side and decides to take revenge. Things are boiling over.




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Louie is taken across his knee and given a bare bottom spanking for his bold actions.




But the tables are turned liberally when Louie finds himself on top of the kitchen table about to get a whacking with the stingy leather quirt!





The coffee might have been both hot and salty but now this boys bare bottom is certainly hot and scorching instead.




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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “A Bitter End”
  1. Christmas has come early.I’m a huge fan of Finn Harper and was hoping he would be in the next update. Looking at the photos this ticks all the boxes for me. Finn’s clothing choice fits him and the scene perfectly. As soon as he is over Marcos knee we are treated to a teasing view of his underwear above the top of his jean shorts. (Great turn on) When the jean shorts are off more viewing pleasure as we get to see Finns tight dark blue underwear showing off his backside perfectly. Huge added pleasure for me is Finn in his Vans black socks and Vans sport shoes/ sneakers/trainers. Thanks for having him keep them on… certainly adds to the excitement. The camera angles are great giving us awesome views of Finn while he is over Marco’s knee. Particularly like the low level view of Finns underwear down by his kness with everything on view from the sports shoes upwards. My preference is OTK hand spanking which from the photos look like its done with Marcos usual passion and expertise.Never heard of a leather quirt but adds a great twist to the second part of the scene. Finn looks amazing draped over the table in his co -ordinating sport shoes socks and sweatshirt.Thanks again for having him keep these items on – all adds to the pleasure for me! Hope you’ll forgive the lengthy review – but wanted those involved to know how much your hard work and attention to detail is appreciated. The details and thought that goes into the production sets Sting apart for me. You do a great job of covering different scenarios and this latest video is a 10 for me. Please keep bringing Finn Harper back in the future! Think I might treat myself to the video before seeing the preview………..thanks once again.

  2. OMG yes! Have to agree with Ethan this is a great scenario with lovely Finn. Some excellent angles of Finn on the table with his naked behind there for all to see. And that shot of those two gleaming red globes stood by the kettle! 🙂

    Finn really is the cutest of Sting’s boys in my humble opinion. His bottom just hugs those tight pants perfectly and I love to see his black socks still pulled up even after the pants are down. Marco certainly is a lucky and he carries out his duty perfectly.

    Would love to know if we’ll be seeing more videos of young Finn at Sting? He seems to be getting more and active online at various sites so fingers crossed…

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