A Bitter Pill

A drug deal leads to two well deserved spankings!

Gary Bennett (Adam Black) is known to have a supply of illicit drugs should any other college lads what to buy. His latest customer is Billy Clark (Luke Adams)

Unfortunately for Billy, he is caught in possession of them by the college caretaker. Pleading not to be reported to the Principle he agrees to take a punishment in the old fashioned way.

Over the caretaker’s knee he gets a good spanking!

Which soon progresses to his bare bottom!!



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Billy learnt a painful lesson

And it’s not long, however, before his suppler will be brought to book as well!

Gary’s luck soon runs out and he is quickly snared by the PE teacher (Chris Stamp). Taken back up to the changing rooms it’s here that he too that he will be punished.

This time, adding an extra layer of humiliation, his customer Billy will get to look on as a stringing spanking is laid on to Gary’s well rounded bare bottom.







t’ll go further than this of course, as the PE teacher goes off to find his heavy leather strap.


The fiery bands of this devilish instrument will soon have young Gary thinking again and not just him, the watching Billy Clark will be avoiding a meeting with it too in future, for sure!







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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “A Bitter Pill”
  1. Loved the new PE Coach – I hope he makes many more films with your company – but Billy deserved a good paddling from him as well. Love the actor Luke Adams. Like Joey & Travis he is a favorite of mine. He’s a wonderful actor whether he is giving the punishment or taking it. A saucy fellow who always does wonderful work. Always make sure I get everyone of his films as soon as they are released. But director missed a great chance him to give him a VERY “therapeutic” paddling. Yes NO to Drugs or say HELLO to a very sore bottom. Wonderful film as always. Please spend more time on the underpants, and show the Bad Boys’ faces more as they endure they well deserved punishments PLEASE. Also, have you ever considered washing these naughty fellows mouths out with soap? They use such bad language!

  2. This is a fantastic video. Beautifully shot with lots of fuller, wide-angle views of the boys’ legs and feet while they’re being spanked, and wonderful performances from all involved. Luke observing Adam’s comeuppance is the icing on the cake! Pair this with the recent “Clinic 2,” and you’ll know for sure that 2018 is off to a truly great start! Thanks, Sting!

  3. I agree this is an excellent video. Young Adam Black gets better every time. Think he now takes his beatings better than Robin Palmer. Did the second spanker appear in some of the very early Sting shots.

  4. My oh my! What a deliciously punishable duo these two young scallywags make! How well they work together and what a delightful but complementary contrast they are physically: Luke, handsome and muscular and Adam slender and so boyish! A particular turn-on for me (which those of you who are familiar with my particular interests will understand) is seeing both these naughty lads spanked wearing coloured underpants for the first time that I recall that happening to them in any of their roles in a Sting film. The combination of Adam’s well-worn, close—fitting jeans and a good brief pair of coloured boxer briefs and seeing him laid over the knee into the bargain is such a boner-maker, it’s positively painful! The exquisite anguish on his cheeky, impish face as he gets his beautifully pert bottom smacked good and hard – that’s a perfect example of how a boy ought to look when he is being physically disciplined! And what a thrill to see young Luke squirming over the knee as bare as the day he was born, especially after watching him inflict some agonising and humiliating punishment on smaller boys recently – just because he could!

    Highly recommended!!! Two angel twinks brought down out of Spankers’ Heaven for our delight and delectation! Two phenomenally cheeky bottoms, surely fashioned by the gods to be smacked! I really love Sting’s school scenarios but they do these modern ones so brilliantly too! One of the aspects of the modern scenarios I adore is the chance it gives the boys to showcase the contents of their own spankably-stocked pants-drawers, which has offered us a fairly wide range of the exciting styles and colours available for boys to wear. My own naughty boys are very aware of what an important aspect of their discipline regime this is to me when, trembling with anticipation, they have to take their trousers down for a spanking! More, please, Richard and Co – lots more!

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