Here are the pictures from A Breach of Trust Starring Damien Drake, Joey Whyte and Marco as The Enforcer.  Scroll down to view the video preview.


There’s division in the family and the Don’s not happy. Two of his trusted young couriers have messed up!
Joey (Joey Whyte) was entrusted to deliver a package but got too curious to know what was inside. Things nearly got out of hand which would have resulted in the loss of a great deal of money. The boss thinks he needs to learn a lesson and gives the job to his closest ‘hit’ man and enforcer (Marco)


Getting spanked like a young boy doesn’t go down well with Joey but he knows he has to take his medicine; his Uncle is no man to mess with.





The spanking stings like fire and his muscular rounded butt is burning however when ordered to lie on a bench for a taste of the strap his knows he’s in big trouble. The wicked leather, wielded by the ever efficient Marco, cracks down painfully on to the lads already inflamed rear!






Michael (Damien Drake) another trusted boy has also annoyed his  powerful Uncle. Asked to simply deliver a brief case across town he failed to complete the task successfully. Things went missing but luckily can be recovered with a bit of persuasion! However this failure is unacceptable to the boss especially from a close Nephew


In the best tradition the Godfather decides to punish the lad with a good over the knee spanking. In some ways he’s getting off lightly but this strapping boy really hates to get his ass licked!
The boss’s hardened palm cracks down on to poor Michael’s sensitive bare bottom making the boy hiss and growl at the onslaught!





This he can only just about bear but when he is left in the tender hands of Marco it goes from bad to worse. The strap is out again and it’s scorching! Michael knows he has to take his punishment but the bands of fire are really proving just too much!



By Bruce

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