These images all come from Sting’s earliest releases The Punishment Book series of six parts.  Initially issued on VHS video tapes but now available as DVD’s or as downloads.  

I recall when I first saw Punishment Book 1 I was completely blown away and realised that Sting was something different and very special.  Made in their original South London studio during the late 80’s and 1990’s it was with the Punishment Book videos that Sting developed their unique and unmatched brand.
Sting have come a long way, but right back in their earliest work their talent and professionalism was evident, and the punishment book series includes any number of classic and highly erotic spanking scenes set in domestic settings, schools, military academies and, of course, reformatories for wayward lads.   (Sorry for rather compressed quality of some of these grabs which were taken in the days before broadband – they are not representative of the quality of the DVDs or downloads)    


By Bruce

7 thoughts on “A feast of Early Sting – Part 1”
  1. That dude with the white shirt bending over that contraption has a hard-on! I’m talking about the one 6 pictures up from these comments! That’s hot! Wish you guys would show more guys with hard-ons while they are being spanked!

    1. The model in question as far as I know is Domonic ( a little known fact is that he is part of Sting pictures) can you work out who it is????

  2. Spanking hard ons more of a possibility
    if the one to be spanked is taken over the knee,
    and only then bare just the fanny
    hold the spankee
    so it has been done to me,
    eventually to my glee,
    but initially,
    pain for gain.

    Hold the bad/glad lad
    yes firm
    but able to squirm.

    with each smack,
    with each whack,
    especially on the ass crack,
    the buttocks’ll bounce, the lad too,
    pain and pleasure, ow, ou, ow, ou, ou.

  3. Done modeling work for a Head master first is me being caned across the seat of my tight navy blue trousers oooh The sound of the cane as it lands neatly and soundly across the seat of my trousers Als been told ive got a nice bottom by the Headmaster

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